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Zomato Coupon Code: Use Referral Code (KARA1811) to Get Up to Rs 200 OFF in June 2019


Use Zomato Referral Code : KARA1811

(Easy Rs. 200 OFF on your order from Zomato)

Okay, don’t tell me you haven’t heard about Zomato. Zomato has been in the food delivery business well before Swiggy, Food Panda or UberEats came to light.

Over the years they haven’t just limited themselves to food delivery but also upgraded as restaurant menu aggregator and table booking service.

This makes Zomato a multi-purpose app. And in case you didn’t know it yet, you can save a great deal on every booking and order.

Wondering how?

Our team at ProductExpert put together a list of the best working coupons for Zomato users. Whether you are a new user or an existing one, there is a coupon for everyone.

10 Working Zomato Coupon Codes for 2019


Using Zomato for the first time? Well, you won’t be disappointed especially since you can avail Rs 150 OFF on your first order with an order value of Rs 300 or above.


Get 30% OFF up to a whopping Rs 300 on order above Rs 300 and not just once but 3 times in a day (if you ever wished you never had to cook again, guess you just found your genie in a code).

Note: The coupon only works in select cities and restaurants.


This one coupon that is sure to put a smile across any user and here’s why.

Not only do you get up to Rs 100 OFF (40%) + a surprise UPI Cashback that can range from Rs 20 to Rs 250 on order above Rs 99 but get your ZPL prediction right and you can score another 30% OFF (up to Rs 60).


HDFC Users, you guys are in for a treat. You can avail up 25% cashback up to Rs 150 with HDFC Debit Cards

But I have a credit card?

Well, we’ve got you covered as well. Just you the code ZOMATOHDFC25 and you too can get up to Rs 150 OFF.


With this coupon code, you can avail a discount of over Rs 200 on an order of Rs 299 or above (quite the sweet deal, isn’t it?).

But there is a catch. It only works for select users and restaurants but make sure you give it a try. Who knows, luck may be on your side today.

Validity: 30th June 2019


If the above coupon does not work for you, no problem. You can still get Rs 125 OFF on orders above Rs 500 and Rs 100 on order of 400 and above.

The coupon can be used once per day and is valid till 30th June 2019 so feel free to invite your friends over the weekend 😉

Validity: 30th June 2019


PayTM is one of the most widely used wallets in India and for good reason, they always have the best offers.

And now, Zomato users can get Flat 50% OFF up to Rs 150 and another 15% Cashback up to Rs 100 (that’s an offer you really do not want to miss out on).

Validity: 28th June 2019


LazyPay gives you the freedom to make payments at a later date and if you are using it for the first time, this coupon is just perfect.

You can get a maximum discount of Rs 150 i.e. 30% of the total order value and does not require a minimum order value.

Validity: 31st  May 2019


Whether you use an Axis Bank Debit or Credit card here’s your chance to grab 20% OFF up to Rs 100.

Validity: 31st July 2019


Last but not least comes another excellent code that can get you up to Rs 100 (50%) on 3 orders but remember it only works for select restaurants.

Validity: 31st  May 2019


If you are looking to sign up for Zomato Gold and do not have a referral code, you can still avail a discount of 10% and an additional Rs 125 cashback by paying using PayTM.

And in case you are not sure whether you really need Zomato Gold or not, check why we recommend it so highly below in the article.

About Zomato

Zomato is a Haryana-based food delivery app with its headquarters in DLF Phase V, Gurugram. It was founded by Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah in July 2008 and isn’t just limited to India.

Yup, Zomato also extends its services in 24 other countries which includes Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Srilanka and so on (so you can continue to use your Zomato account pretty much anywhere in the worlds).

In total, they have a team of over 2000-3000 employees across these countries and have covered over 1 million restaurants so far.

Not to forget, they continue to conquer new cities across the globe each day. But while those stats are impressive they are not everything.

All we users are concerned about are timely delivered, ease of use, good customer support, etc. so let’s find out how Zomato fairs on those grounds.

Reasons to Choose Zomato

Can’t decide whether you use Zomato or any other app? Well, here are 6 reasons why Zomato makes for the perfect food delivery app.

Zomato Gold

Zomato Gold is one of the prime reasons Zomato has become of the giants in the food industry.

While apps like Swiggy and UberEats focus on giving you offers on online orders, with Zomato, you can even experience fine dining on a budget (your weekend dinners are about to get a whole lot cheaper).

That is because, with Zomato Gold, you can avail either a 1+1 on food or a 2+2 on drinks depending on what the partner restaurant offers.

This means that the drink or food costing lesser will be absolutely free (perfect to take your date to a fancy restaurant).

But what if you are a group of 6-8 friends?

Well, you can still enjoy the benefits of Zomato Gold considering 4 your friends have a Gold membership as more than one member can use their membership.

You can either go for the unlimited plan which will cost you Rs. 1200 for a year and visit as many restaurants as you want.

Or you can take the cheaper Started plan that costs Rs 199 and can be 3 used times at a partner restaurant any time of the year since there is no expiry date.

You can also get an additional 25% off if you use a friend’s referral code.

Offers and Discounts

As you can see already, Zomato has plenty of discounts and offers that will make your weekend special whether you want to spend a quiet evening at home or enjoy some fine dining with your family and friends.

Not just that, on the top of the app, you can also check out all the restaurants offering the biggest discounts eliminating the need for you to scroll around and waste time.

Easy Payments

Making payments will never be an issue with Zomato. Firstly, they save your previous payment method so you can facilitate the payment in a few clicks.

Or you can either save new debit/credit cards or switch to net banking in case you do not have access to the cards for now.

They also accept wallets like PayTM, Mobikwik, Freecharge, or even food cards like Sodexo.

And in case you do not have the funds (just how most month endings are for most of us, right?) you can even choose to pay later using Lazy Pay or Simpl.

Excellent Customer Service

One advantage that Zomato holds over most of the other delivery apps is that they allow you to solve queries via a phone call which adds a personal touch and fastens the process.

But if not that, you can also reach out to them using the chat service or an email. Replies are quick and the staff is quite efficient.

They have experience on their side

Like I mentioned-above, Zomato was founded in 2009 which means they have now an experience of over 11-years and know exactly what goes into making customers happy.

Available in Multiple Countries

Unlike most apps, you can continue to use Zomato is 24 countries which includes some of the most popular tourist destinations like New Zealand, Italy, Philippines, etc. (now order yummy food even on your travels).

Late night orders

Zomato executives work around the clock to ensure whether hunger strikes you 12 in the night or at 3 in the morning, there is yummy food at your doorstep without fail.

Delivery Timing

You want on-time deliveries and Zomato gives you exactly that. Yup, you can argue Swiggy does it even faster but nonetheless, Zomato won’t keep your waiting for too long either with an average delivery time of 50-minutes.

Live Tracking

If there was one feature which was a major missing from the Zomato app or website, it was the live tracking that Swiggy came with.

But like any good brand, even Zomato evolved with time and now offers its customers the ability to track the delivery executives route so you know exactly when he is about to arrive.

You will also be notified when he/she collects the foods from the restaurant. And in case there is any confusion you are provided with their name and mobile number so they can be quickly contacted.

Other Benefits

As you already know, Zomato isn’t your average food delivery app and your account isn’t limited to just ordering, rating and reviews.

Yup, Zomato gives you the chance to find friends, build a following and become an expert in any neighborhood making you a popular figure in the foodie community.

You can check out the places your friends have visited and what they have had to say about it. In its own way, it is the foodie’s social media.

Making Booking

Apart from ordering online, you can also book tables in advance so you never end up waiting for a seat at your favorite restaurant.


  • You can avail tons of discounts while ordering online
  • It allows you to track the delivery executive’s live location
  • You can make payments using debit/credit cards, wallets or net banking
  • And in case you have a food card like Sodexo even those are accepted
  • You can also choose to get food on a credit using Lazy Pay or Simpl
  • Zomato saves your previous payment info for a one-click payment
  • Your queries can be solved via email, chat or even a phone call
  • Feel free to make orders at any time of the night
  • It also allows you to save favorite restaurants and make re-order in a jiffy
  • With Zomato Gold, you can avail 50% off at the restaurant itself
  • You can also book tables online at select restaurants
  • Zomato can be used in 24+ countries
  • They have been in the business for over 10-years and this can be relied upon
  • They operate on a zero commission basis

  • The Red color of the UI is too loud for some users
  • For new users getting a hand of all the features can take time
  • Deliveries are slower when compared to Swiggy
  • There is a minimum order value for deliveries

How to Create an Account on Zomato?

Well, now that you the benefits of using Zomato, here’s how you can get started with it.

1. The first and foremost step would be head over to either the Apple Play store on the Google Play Store (depending on the device you use) and download the Zomato App.

2. Once installed, open the app and the first thing it will ask you is to enter the location.

3. After you enter the location, creating the account is a breeze and they give you the option log-in via Facebook, Gmail or Email.

I would go with Facebook or Gmail as they let you set up the account within a couple of clicks and require no special verification.

And voila, you have just successfully created your Zomato Account in just 3 steps.

Don’t forget to enter a Home and office address for easy ordering and timely deliveries along with your mobile number.

You can also use any of the coupons above and get a bargain deal (plenty of deals there that will appeal to first-time users).


Zomato is more than just a food delivery app and Zomato Gold has been an absolute game changer. It has been one of the major reasons why even with all the growing competition, Zomato has been able to maintain a stronghold in the market.

And hopefully, the coupons and offers here are able to add to the charm and help you grab huge savings to make weekends and special occasions even better with some lip-smacking food.

If you are having trouble redeeming any of the coupons mentioned-above, do write to us regarding it and we will be happy to find you one gets the job done.

And if you been using Zomato for quite some time, feel free to share with us your reviews of the app and what you would like to see change.

Zomato Coupon Code: Use Referral Code (KARA1811) to Get Up to Rs 200 OFF in June 2019

Use Zomato Referral Code : KARA1811 (Easy Rs. 200 OFF on your order from Zomato) Okay, don’t tell me you haven’t heard about Zomato. Zomato has been in the

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