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The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 1

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors


If you have never been to Delhi or if you are planning to settle here, one thing I would surely love to say about the city that it can seem chaotic and overwhelming at times, clubbed with diverse ideologies, rich culture, history and much more.

And to get settled in a city like Delhi or any other place, we wish that city to have affordable housing, job opportunities, top-notch schools, good marketplaces, high-quality healthcare etc. and Delhi, definitely have all these elements to make your living experience much better.

Not just this, there’s some unique kind of charm in the city because it blends old with the new with great ease. Talking about ‘the real cost of living in Delhi’, it varies from person to person and place to place.

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Cost of Housing in Delhi

Well, the cost of housing in Delhi is normally inexpensive and the rest depends on where you want to stay, with how many people you want to stay or you just want it for yourself.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 2

A Housing Complex in East Delhi

For Bachelors

Even though the rents in Delhi are quite expensive but for a student or a bachelor, getting a small and cozy apartment within the range from Rs. 5000- Rs. 7000 on accommodation is no headache.

One can enjoy a comfortable living with just the basics without investing too much in the furniture. If you want, you can even split the costs. Just look for a ROOMMATE:)

For Families

Well, the city is no different than any other city and accommodates all economic classes of society. Your lifestyle and number of members in the family decides the cost of housing in the city. One can easily get a 1 bedroom apartment for around Rs. 9,000 outside the city.

In contrast, one can even get a 3 bedroom apartment within the metropolitan city but that would cost you Rs. 22,000 –Rs. 42,000 per month. And these high prices generally include luxurious amenities, mostly furnished rooms, and fantastic views.

If you are capable of or want to buy your own dream house in Delhi, here are some approximate prices of the houses in different areas which your bank accounts should have

North Delhi

Looking for a house in North Delhi? You can get a 1BHK house starting from 19 Lac to 65 Lac depending on the area and what facilities you want in it.

If you’re moving with your family and looking for a 2BHK house, it will cost you up to 22 Lac up to 1.4 Cr and a 3BHK house will cost you up to 30 Lac to 2 Cr.

East Delhi

Getting your own house in East Delhi might not be a huge problem especially for those who need a 1BHK house because it will cost you around 14 Lac to 77 Lac.

But a 2BHK house might ask you to take your budget a little high because it is going to cost you 23 Lac- 1.7 Cr. And if comfort is your priority and money is not an issue, you can get a 3BHK house for 1 Cr- 3.78 Cr.

West Delhi

This is one of the areas where you can easily find a 1BHK house for around 8 Lac- 33 Lac. Getting a 2BHK house in the range from 17Lac to 95Lac is no pain if West Delhi is the place you are looking for.

If a spacious house was always your priority and paying a good amount will not shake your budget then you can easily get a 3BHK house for 24 Lac- 2.75 Cr.

South Delhi

Getting your dream house in South Delhi is something everyone cannot afford because 1BHK house/ farmhouse is going to cost you from 13 Lac- 4 Cr, while a 2BHK house/ farmhouse will cost you 19 Lac- 33 Cr. Wait, the story doesn’t end here because a 3BHK house/ farmhouse can cost you somewhere between 45.5 Lac- 4.15 Cr.

Well, the cost of housing not only includes rent or fantastic views, but utility bills are also a part of this, which might cost you around Rs.4000 per month with an addition of Rs. 900 if you’re having access to the internet.

Cost of Food in Delhi

It’s the end of the month, your pockets are empty and your stomach is growling, I know who you are? A college-going student or perhaps a bachelor, who has spent all his precious money (maybe) on unnecessary things. If this story sounds like your every month’s story, check this out.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 3

Street Food at India Gate

Food prices in Delhi are much less if you have no problem with the street food, fast-food joints, and local restaurant, which are easily available at every corner. Try not to spend more than 2,500 per month for the food unless you want to try any expensive fine-dines. Otherwise, the cheapest way would be to buy your own groceries for around 2k per month and cook at home.

On the other hand, Delhi could skyrocket if you go for gourmet restaurant food or bars and breweries. That again depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

Where eating outlets in Chandni Chowk, Dilli Haat, and GTB Nagar will fall into your budget, on the same side, outlets in South Delhi, Khan Market, and Cyber Hub will make you think twice and may not be convenient for a middle-class family to visit frequently.

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Cost of Transportation in Delhi

If I have to say anything about the transportation then I would say local transportation is the lifeline of the city. Almost every single person is dependent on DTC buses, taxis, shuttle cab services, autos, and especially metro.


Easiest and the cheapest mode, which can easily take you from one corner of the city to the other. Get a monthly pass worth Rs. 1000 and forget about the daily irritating traffic. Prices may go up or down depending on how often you use metro and where you go.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 4

A glimpse of the Delhi Metro

Local Buses

If you don’t feel like traveling in the metro, DTC buses are the next option. These buses provide frequent services, which will cost you just Rs. 25-30 (one-way ticket).

You can even get a monthly pass if you wish to use this mode daily. Students even get special discounts on their monthly passes, which make it even more convenient for them.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 5

AC buses in Delhi

Taxis/ Cabs

Now, who is not familiar with the services of OLA and UBER cab? If you put comfort on the top of your priority list and hate being squeezed in a crowded public transport, hire a taxi or book a cab. They will pick you up from the outside of your home and will drop you safely at your destination.

Prices start from Rs. 12/km and the final price vary according to the destination. Taking a taxi or cab on a daily basis is never a great idea especially if have to travel on a long route.

E-Rickshaws/ Auto-Rickshaws

If you wish to visit a place in your surrounding area, nothing would be better than these modes of transportation. Where an E-rickshaw will ask for Rs. 10 for one way, getting an auto-rickshaw will cost you Rs.30- any number depending on where are you going.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 6

CNG Autos: The ideal mode for short-distance travel

In a nutshell, the real cost of transportation in Delhi for one month can be roughly estimated anywhere from Rs.1000- Rs.3000, depending on how frequent you use it and where you go.

Cost of Healthcare in Delhi

No matter in which city you are, healthcare department is divided among private and government-run facilities. Well, you may find healthcare inexpensive in smaller cities but in Delhi, it is quite costly.

Private Hospitals

There are a number of private hospitals that meet all the world-class facilities in terms of sanitation, hygiene, well-qualified medical professionals and treatment.

Private hospitals like Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and Max Super Specialty Hospital even have an easy access to medicines in the pharmacies built within the hospital and on every street corner as well. But talking about the expenses, these hospitals might not be in the reach or budget of every middle-class family.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 7

BLK: One of the best super specialty hospitals in India

Government Hospitals

And on the other hand, government hospitals like AIIMS, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, and Safdarjung Hospital might be the cheapest option for healthcare but lacks when it comes to comfort, security, and general care.

They say cheap isn’t always the best, so always think of a backup option and make necessary arrangements in case of no ambulance services or other emergencies.

You may get the medicines and other treatments done on low prices but on the same side, you may need to wait for long to make that appointment successful.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 8

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Cost of Entertainment in Delhi

Undoubtedly, Delhi has been one of the vibrant cities with a number of entertainment spots to choose from. The city is full of entertainment places like pubs, hotels, recreational centers and world-class multiplexes like DT cinema, PVR, and Fun cinema.

Nightlife in Delhi is full of bars, restaurants, and clubs where you can experience the world-class ambiance with top-notch services. You can even enjoy some of these other sources of entertainment:

Museums and Monuments in Delhi

Delhi is not just about history and monuments, its museums are no behind in attracting the visitors who want to learn about the heritage and history of Delhi.

Make your weekends ‘Worth spending’ at Gandhi Smriti Museum or National Rail Museum, National Science Center Museum, or Craft Museum. And the best part is you don’t have to pay more than Rs. 50 as an entry fee.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 9

Humayun’s Tomb

Art Galleries

If not museums, art galleries can be your next choice. National Art Gallery of Modern Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, Art Heritage, or LTG Gallery can be visited, which provides you everything from abstract art to somber studies of urban life. Again, by spending no more than Rs. 50 you can make the most of your day.

Children’s Entertainment

If you have any kids at your home then take them to places like National Zoological Park, Bal Bhawan, Fun & Food Village, Doll Museum or even the Kingdom of Dreams (covered in the video below).

These places are not only fun and entertaining but some of the places even conduct workshops on theatre, music, and painting for the kids that ultimately help them grow. And all this will cost you from Rs. 100- Rs.1000.

Pubs and Clubs

Student life or a bachelor life is the period when we want to try every new thing, be it adventure sports, spending time with friends or colleagues, short trips with them, or spending weekends at the area’s best club.

Al Capone The Village Bistro, Fahrenheit, Amber, Bacchus are some of the clubs from the list you can give a try too. Prices may differ from place to place and how many members are there. Check out the prices before you choose the place.

Other Entertainment Spots

Beside this, there’s an ample number of things you can try out in the city. You might get tired at some point but the city won’t stop itself in bringing something new for you, whether it’s Rahgiri for every Sunday, Food Festivals, Comic Shows, Trade fair and the list goes on.

Also, you need not think much about spending long weekends because snow-capped destinations are a few hours ride from the city. Damn! What else would anyone need then?

Check out these 10 off-beat destinations around Delhi

Cost of Education in Delhi

Buying a high-end Merc or bringing up a child is one and the same thing. Well, that might sound little weird to you but that’s the truth.

There’s no doubt in it that the cost of education is touching the sky in almost every metropolitan city but Delhi is definitely setting some next-level-goals in looting or burning a big hole in the pocket of Delhi parents.

Private Schools

If you’re planning to look out for the best private school in the town, it would be best if you have an overall amount in your mind and then set your annual and monthly targets.

Communication in English, extra-curricular activities, tuition fee, books and stationery, school trips, coaching and much more is going to cost you Rs. 1,45,000 and above per year (International Primary School) and around Rs. 5000 per month, if you are looking for a full-day private preschool for your child.


Study hard (or I should say hardest), get the highest %age you can attain and you’ll see that Delhi University or any other government college will give you a warm welcome.

Why I am saying this because this is the only option where education is given at a sensible price or else parents need to empty their bank accounts or savings in private colleges.

The Real Cost of Living in Delhi for Family, Couples & Bachelors 10

Delhi University Head Office


Extra studies and coaching are the two really crucial things you need to do besides your school or college’s syllabus. And for that, you need a good coaching center, which should be affordable, near your place, and offers a good education. Well, getting all the qualities together can be quite difficult.

But there are some places in Delhi, which are a hub for such coaching centers and offering some really good training for different courses. Laxmi Nagar, GTB Nagar, Janakpuri, Tilak Nagar, Kohat Enclave and many more are the places where you find top-notch coaching for your courses.

Note: Before selecting any coaching center, make sure that you first contact with them because prices and facilities will always differ according to the places.

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