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HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019)


Are you in need of 100% real and working HostGator India Coupons to get your new website or blog up and running at the right price? Then you are in the right place.

HostGator has been one of the most recommended hosting sites and for good reason. They are reliable and yet pocket-friendly and have plans to for every need.

Whether it is shared, dedicator or reseller hosting you are looking, you have multiple options to choose from and these coupons are just the icing on the cake one needs.

So here are a few HostGator Coupons for 2019 you DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON.

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HostGator Coupons India

1. HostGator Shared Hosting Coupons

Just starting out with your website and need a hosting plan on the cheap? The following coupons guarantee you one of the cheapest hosting plans you will ever find.

2. HostGator Reseller Hosting

Planning to launch your own web hosting services? These reseller coupons are just what the doctor ordered for.

3. HostGator VPS Hosting

Is your website not able to handle those rare traffic spikes resulting in unwanted loses? Just apply any of the given coupons below and upgrade to the VPS Plan TODAY.

4. WordPress Hosting

For anyone wanting to strictly stick to WordPress for their website, these plans are designed just for you and with the coupons, you can save big on them as well 😉 .

5. Dedicated Hosting

If you like to be in charge of the server management and monitoring and need a plan for a massive amount of traffic, these dedicated coupons should help you get the ideal dedicated plan on the cheap.

6. Cloud Hosting Coupons

Cloud hosting makes any website lightning quick and is 4x easier to scale than a shared hosting plan. So if speed and performance are a priority for you, use these coupons below and order your Cloud Hosting service right now (you DO NOT want to miss out on this).

7. SSL Certificate, Security Sitelock, and Codeguard

SSL certificates have become more important than ever while Codeguard and Sitelock will ensure your site is well protected for malware and hacks making these a must.

8. Domain Name Deals

Looking to purchase your first domain? Nothing adds to the thrill of making your first purchase than a bargain price and these coupons will help you get just that.


How To Use The HostGator Coupons?

Using the HostGator does not require a genius. It is pretty straightforward but just to give you a helping hand, here is how to redeem your code.

Let’s just assume you opt for the shared service Starter Plan for 1-year so here is what you need to next

Just hit the Buy Now button to move to the next step.

HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019) 1

Enter the domain you want to host and press the Continue button

HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019) 2

On the order summary page, you will find the space for the coupon code on the right-hand side of the screen.

HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019) 3

Enter the code and the price reduces automatically.

You can also choose to uncheck add-on services like CodeGuard, SiteLock, etc.

Just complete the purchase by making the payment and voila, you would have successfully hosted your website on HostGator.

Why HostGator

If you haven’t yet made up your mind about HostGator services here are pros and cons that will help you make up your mind.

There is a plan for everyone

Whether you are just starting out with your travel blog or want to take your online business to the next level, HostGator’s got a plan for all needs with their array of Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud Hosting and even Reseller Hosting Plans. Want to know more about these plans? Click here.

Apart from that, they also offer services like Domain Registrations, a website builder so your website looks just the way you want it to.

With expertise in shared hosting and plans revered by millions of users across the globe, HostGator is the perfect hosting platform to help you scale your business and enter the world of Dedicated and VPS hosting.

Customer Service at its best

If there is one thing most hosting services in India fail at it is customer support. Late responses, lack of proper solution and knowledge are only a few of the problems but HostGator isn’t your average hosting company.

They have been in the game for years and thus understand the importance of good backend support. This is why their team is available 24*7 every day of the week, yup even the holidays (because the customers deserve the very best).

They can be reached out via chat, email, phone call or a ticket based system and response times are pretty quick. For quick solutions to common doubts and problems, you can also visit their detailed online knowledgebase.

Tons of free stuff

Who doesn’t love it when they are pampered with freebies, right? Well, that is exactly what you get with HostGator. From unlimited disk space, bandwidth, a free website builder to even templates to get the job done right and free domain transfers, each plan comes with plenty of freebies to put a smile on every user’s face.

You can also install open source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. without any additional cost and takes a mere couple of clicks and about a minute for it.

Excellent Uptime

So what exactly defines an excellent uptime? 80%? 90%? Well, how about 99.9%? While this is standard in case of most of the top hosting services, with HostGator you also have the option of choosing a higher uptime rate though that will cost you a few extra bucks.

But if you ask me its totally worth it, as nothing turns away customers and results in a dip in sales like a website facing downtime.

Control Panel options

With the HostGator, you get access to the latest cPanel software. So whether you wanted to set up eCommerce Shopping Carts or install plugins and themes, create an FTP account, etc. the cPanel makes everything easy peasy.

With user experience in mind, from the website builder to the recognizable cPanel interface, HostGator does its utmost best to simplify the most complicated of tasks.

Just simple drag and drop makes setting up websites a breeze and the large clearly marked icons are ideal for first-time users. And when you do have a doubt, just start a quick chat for on-hand solutions.

Money Back Guarantee

Last but not least, HostGator plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee. So in case you did have any doubts, you have ample time to check out the services, customer support, etc. and make a decision about whether the company can really support your needs or not. (in truth, they rarely ever disappoint).

This money back guarantee does not just put the fears of the new users to rest but also shows the faith and trust the company puts into its services.


  • You get a 99.9% uptime with every plan
  • The customer service team is easy to reach through email, call chat or even the ticket system
  • Response time is within 24 hours or faster and thorough
  • The online knowledgebase helps get solutions even faster
  • There are multiple plans and coupons to cater to every need
  • The plans can be easily upgraded and downgraded when need be
  • Each plan comes with a lot of freebies
  • There is a 45-day money back guarantee with most plans
  • The Cpanel and Plesk are easy to understand and use
  • The plans allow one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, and other such platforms


  • You do not get a free domain when signing up for hosting services
  • Services you may not need are checked during purchase and thus don’t forget to reviews before paying

If HostGator isn’t your first preference, then you should check out Bluehost India Coupon. They are pretty damn good as well.

HostGator Plans – An In-Depth Look

If you are confused about which plans is best for your business and blog lets take a deeper look at each plan and the benefits they provide.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most affordable hosting plans HostGator has to offer making it the perfect plan for beginner bloggers and business owners with a low amount of traffic.

It is available in two categories, Linux Based Shared Hosting and Windows Based Shared Hosting. More about them below.

Linux Shared Hosting Plans offers the following 3 options

  • Starter Plan (the cheapest of the plans)
  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

Windows Based Shared Hosting Plans Include:

  • Personal Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Few benefits you can enjoy with the shared hosting plans are:

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • An upgraded cPanel
  • Unlimited Emails and Domain Transfers
  • Install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal for FREE
  • Free Dedicated IP and SSL Certificate (with Enterprise and Business Plan)
  • 24*7 Access to their customer team via Chat, Phone or Ticket System

VPS Hosting

One of the main reasons for one to upgrade from a shared hosting plan to a VPS in because with VPS hosting you get absolute control over software installation and server management. This means you can install custom software without any restrictions.

It takes mere minutes to get the server into action and you are not charged single rupee as set up fee.

The VPS Plans are available in 2 categories. You can either go for a pre-installed cPanel VPS Hosting or Plesk VPS hosting. So what is the difference?

Well, Plesk is ideal for newbies as it has a better user interface which makes it easy to use and is also the cheaper option.

On the downsides, Plesk is slower than cPanel but both are equally secure and aim to provide the same features and tools to the user.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

If you have a business with tons of incoming traffic or are expecting a huge spike in the near future, then it is right time for you to switch to a dedicated server from a VPS or Shared Hosting (because if there is one thing users hate, it is a slow website).

Dedicated Hosting is also available as either Linux based Dedicated Servers or Windows Based Dedicated Servers.

The biggest benefit that comes with using a dedicated server is that you get utmost control over the server with root access. Not to forget you also get powerful processors and tons of space and bandwidth.

Few other benefits of a dedicated hosting plan are:

  • Automatic configuration of a strong firewall to keep your site protected
  • Easy scheduling of backups
  • 1GBPS bandwidth and 1TB Hard Drive which can be expanded further if need be
  • 24*7 support from an award-winning customer service team
  • Cpanel with WHM Control Panel
  • Allows you to host multiple websites

In case you prefer a dedicated plan but do not want the hassle of having to manage it yourself or lack the technical expertise, you can also opt for the Managed Dedicated Hosting Plan.

Here, all the day to day tasks related to the hardware and support are taken care of by the HostGator team itself.

That means you do not have to dedicate your limited resources to server management and maintenance and can remain fully focused on growing and developing your business.

But do you still get root access? Yes, absolutely so you are still free to install any software you need with a hassle.

And in case you have any questions or doubts, you can always raise a quick ticket or get in touch with the support team through phone or chat.

Cloud Hosting

Don’t you just hate it when a website takes ages to load? And it only gets worse when the website is yours, right?

Cloud Hosting is a great alternative to shared hosting and has the potential to turbo-charge your website through a cloud hosting server but that is not all.

It is also 4x more scalable and thus can handle the occasional traffic spikes like a pro (so your customers have the best browsing experience at all times).

Also, the user-friendly dashboard gives you real-time updates on the site’s speed, server uptime and so on so you know the exact issues with any drop in traffic or sales.

You also get a free SSL certificate and full access to their customer service team and knowledgebase for quick solutions to queries.

Plus, an automatic failover system kicks in where the website switches to a different cloud server in case of a hardware failure.

Also, ensuring full safety of all your data is the Data Mirroring process. That means your data is mirrored 3 times across various servers

The servers are fully managed so you do not have to worry about the tiny bits and remains focused on your business completely. And just like with shared hosting, hereto, you get a cPanel that is very easy to use for anyone and everyone.

To top that all off, HostGator’s Cloud Hosting plans are way cheaper than most other competitors. Add to that any of the gives discount coupons and you sure won’t be disappointed.

There are 3 major Cloud Hosting Plans available to the customer:

  • Hatchling Cloud
  • Baby Cloud
  • Business Cloud (Unlimited Domains, Free SSL and Dedicated IP)

Reseller Hosting

If you are intent on starting your own web hosting services reseller hosting plans are tailor-made for you. Why?

From a free billing software, unlimited MySQL Databases with PHP MyAdmin Access and MSSQL Databases to unlimited domains emails, 99% uptime, 45-day money back guarantee and super easy panel, there is everything you could have asked for

Reseller Plans are also available as either Linux Based Reseller Hosting Plans or Windows Based Reseller Hosting Plans.

WordPress Hosting

Whether you are new to blogging or plan on starting an affiliate site it is most likely that you are looking to install the WordPress Platform, right?

After all, it is one of the biggest blogging platforms in the online world and thus it comes as no surprise that HostGator has plans designed for just WordPress based sites.

Benefits of using WordPress Hosting are:

  • All WordPress updates are automatically installed keeping your site safe and secure
  • If you use the Jetpack plugin, you will be happy to know that it comes pre-installed
  • Most-visited pages will load at twice the speed
  • Advanced caching techniques further add to the speed without any configurations
  • Upgrade RAM, CPU, etc. with a few clicks in case of traffic spikes
  • Automatic backup helps recover site with ease
  • 24*7 backend support

There are 4 WordPress Hosting Plans available:

  • Starter
  • Performance
  • Business
  • Professional

Note: The RAM, CPU, storage, and the number of WordPress installations each grow as you move from the Starter to the Professional Plan.


As you can already see, HostGator is hands down one of the leading hosting services in India and rightly so. With a variety of plans, an award-winning customer service team, 99.9% uptime and even money back guarantee with most plans, this is definitely the hosting service you and your business needs.

Plus, you also have a bucket load of coupons to go with all your HostGator purchases now saving you a quick buck.

In case you have used a coupon that works and isn’t listed here or tried a coupon that does not work then do tell us about it in the comments below.

You can also leave in reviews about your experience with HostGator’s services to help other potential customers make an informed buying decision.

HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019)
HostGator Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in August/September 2019) 4

Are you in need of 100% real and working HostGator India Coupons to get your new website or blog up and running at the right price? Then you are in the rig

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