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Cost of Living in Hyderabad for Bachelors, Family, and Students

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students


We always see people making comparisons between Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and other metropolitan cities. And why not, if you’re planning to move to a new city, you’ll definitely want to know- Is that the city a great place to live in? Does the cost of living in the city will fall in your budget?

How will it be suitable for you? And other related stuff. So, if the City of Nawabs is the one you’re planning to move in, you need to see why and what makes Hyderabad the most sorted cities in the country. And I am sure, this beautiful City of Pearls will make you fall in love with it for more than one reason.

So, what is the first thing you’ll look for before moving to any city? Of course, an affordable or luxurious accommodation to stay in. That’s why even I’ll start with the cost of housing in Hyderabad. Just follow my guidelines and decision-making will become a breeze.

Cost of Housing in Hyderabad

A city that once remained a foodie’s paradise has now become an exemplar of comfort for its residents. The city assures a quality and affordable living for its permanent and temporary residents. Price or rent of your house, utility bills, and other related costs will depend on your lifestyle and preferences.

Newbie in the town? Well, for you it might become one of your biggest problems to find an affordable accommodation in the city. Also, the area you want to stay in will decide how much rent you need to pay for your house.

And if you actually want an apartment on rent that should fall in your budget as well, these are some of the best places in Hyderabad you can check.

I’ll be giving you an estimate of prices for a 1BHK apartment that means prices may go up according to your choices and preferences.


Here is one of the most viable locations in the city because of the lowest property prices. You will definitely enjoy a peaceful life here that means no city chaos but yet you can stay connected and that will cost around Rs.6,000- Rs.13,000.

Banjara Hills

This is undoubtedly one of the most populated and ‘Not in everyone’s reach’ residential areas in the city. With the best schools and hospitals at a walking distance, this place is just the perfect option for a family. You need to pay up to Rs.8000- Rs.20,000 (minimum) to have space in Banjara Hills.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 1

Banjara Hills


This is in the South-West part of the city and is considered one of the best commercial hubs because of the accessibility to a number of coaching centers and software training institutes here.

This is by far the best place for the students who want to stay alone. Also, you have an easy access to supermarkets, ATM, malls, and hospitals in Ameerpet. You might need to spend Rs.7,000- Rs.11,000 and that I guess is pretty affordable for a student.


Somajiguda can be your first choice if you’re looking for a relaxed locality in Hyderabad and also, this place is slowly turning into a business center. The area offers a quality infrastructure to its residents.

Living in this area will cost you around Rs.5000- Rs.17,000 which might seem a little expensive than other affordable areas. But this is due to the presence of International IT Companies and some renowned Banking Institutions.


This is the area where you might need to spend around Rs.11,000- Rs.20,000 but then the reason of price hike is also valid because it is the home to top IT firms and MNCs and some top-notch colleges. What else you need when you can get short-term accommodations with a number of rental options.

The reasons why you need a luxurious or spacious house can be- either you’re moving with your family or you earn so well that paying an enormous amount of money on housing is no headache for you. These are some of the posh localities in the city you won’t mind considering.

Jubilee Hills

Jubilee Hills is definitely the largest tech park in the city, which is also 2km away from the HITEC city. Also, a posh locality in the west of the city, a residential area mainly for the business owners, actors, politicians, and other renowned personalities can give you a house of your dreams. Make sure you’re comfortable in spending Rs.6000- Rs18,000 per month.


Gachibowli is another suburb in the city and is the hub of IT professionals is located 5km from the HITEC city. The best thing about the place is that even if you have no vehicle of your own then also traveling is much easier.

If daily morning walks are your first and favorite part of the day, its Athletic Stadium can be your best friend. You might need to spend around Rs.11,000- Rs.22,000 for 1 BHK.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 2



Manikonda is the best option for you if a mixture of a commercial and residential area is your preference. The constantly developing locality in the city is definitely the place where you love to settle in. To book a place for yourself in this area will cost you around Rs.9000- Rs. 20,000.

Apart from the housing cost, utility bills are the next thing that occupies another big section of your monthly budget. Well, the cost will always differ according to your lifestyle but all in all, you might need to pay up to Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 for the basics that include electricity, water, and internet.

Cost of Food in Hyderabad

Talking about food not only means about the taste but the aroma and appearance matters as well. One of the best things that make Hyderabad the best city to live in is the aesthetic taste in food varieties.

The city’s non-veg food is unbeatable but that makes a bit difficult for the vegetarians to get something of the same awesomeness. Hyderabad is home to a number of top-notch restaurants, excellent street food stalls and so on and the food is so tempting that you would want to enjoy every bite of it.

If you’re going to live alone in the city, spending daily on your two meals will not be a good idea otherwise your monthly food expenses will shoot up drastically.

Instead, you can hire a cook or just cook yourself at home and you’ll be able to manage your food budget with great ease where monthly groceries will cost you around Rs.1100 and a maid/cook will also cost you around Rs.1000. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat out.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 3

Hyderabadi Biryani: One of the most popular foods in Hyderabad

Food places like Subhan Bakery, Wich Please, Aama’s, Sardarji’s Dhaba, Ram ki Bandi, and Siddique Kebab Corner are must-try places if (anyhow) you’ve exhausted your salary.

When in Hyderabad, you can’t miss enjoying the flavor of local cuisines and food places like Feast, Bawarchi, chutneys, and Café Bahar and Restaurant can surely become your first choice.

Well, the city not only takes care of those who run out of cash at the month’s end but also, there’s something for those who want moderately priced restaurants and fine dining. Dakshin, Okra, Jewel of Nizam- The Minar, Altitude Lounge Bar, Link Café, and Hard Rock Café can be considered as your first choice.

All in all, giving an approximate idea of how much will it cost on a monthly basis would be slightly difficult because your choices and lifestyle will decide the ‘real cost of food in the city’.

Cost of Transportation in Hyderabad

With some superb leading IT companies and MNCs, Hyderabad has definitely set some standards for the youth to be a part of it.

Not talking about the locals, those who plan to shift to the city always would always be worried about: How they will travel? Which mode of transport will be affordable and convenient for them? and so forth.

Those who were a part of old Hyderabad will always say the ‘Travel was surely an issue’ but now the problem of traffic congestion has been solved to a great extent. The city offers several different options for the daily commuters for traveling.


Using a bus to move within the city is quite cheap. They provide good public transport connectivity with a good frequency.

To commute quickly between two places in the city you can have access to any bus service, be it the Ordinary Service, Veera or Metro Express. The difference between the three of them is:

Ordinary Services: It will stop on every bus-stop that might take some extra time to reach your final destination.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 4

Hyderabad Buses

Veera and Metra Express

They are a luxury and semi-luxury services respectively and will only stop on a few bus-stops. That makes you travel quickly between two places.


No matter how long or short you want to travel, autos are considered the best options for traveling. Unlike Delhi, they run by a meter and will charge you per kilometer. The prices are very reasonable and will start from Rs.10 up to Rs.300 depending on how many Kms you covered.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 5

Hyderabad Autos


Well, taxis are not so common on the roads of Hyderabad. However, you can always book an OLA or UBER to enjoy a solo or a shared ride to your destination. Prices here will always vary according to the area you have picked.

Also, you have the privilege to have access to self-driven and chauffeur-driven cars on rent and that might cost you somewhere from Rs.600- Rs.1000. Check out the best car rental company in your area, give them a call and they will be there to serve you.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 6

Hyderabad taxis


One of the fastest ways to reach your destination point is to use the MMTS trains. On a daily basis, it carries around 75k people and covers the major junctions within the city.

Do not think twice if you’re or going to stay in an area nearby MMTS railway stations. Traveling with the MMTS trains will not cost you more than Rs.300 and in fact, you can get a monthly pass worth Rs. 800 if you’re going to use this mode on a daily basis.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 7

The MMTS Train in Hyderabad


The cost of tickets starting from Rs.10 to Rs.60 makes metro another helpful option to travel within the city. If tolerating daily traffic and dust is not your cup of tea, the metro route can become your best friend for the daily traveling.

If you’re planning to shift to Hyderabad, commuting is not that difficult because of these above options available. However, to avoid any kind of risk, choose your residence location smartly and see whether the place has a good connectivity to public transport or not.

Hyderabad metro

Hyderabad metro

Cost of Entertainment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the cities that carry both traditional and modern culture with an amazing grace, a city which has the second largest film industry, where you can take a walk through the city’s history via museums and other historical places.

In short, apart from the new and advanced Hyderabad, there exists the old city with a pleasant and unique aura of its own. So by choosing any of the following sources, one can go for entertainment and relaxation to release their dog-days’ stress.


A city which was once ruled by the Mughals, Nizams, and Qutub Shahis has a number of museums which are worth visiting. Love to learn about the country’s history?

Salar Jung Museum, Surendrapuri, City Museum, Telangana State Museum, and Birla Science Museum are some of them you can plan to visit and it will not cost you more Rs.100 to explore the beauty inside them.

Historical Places

This city definitely has a rich heritage and royal past. Want to know the history of Hyderabad? Historical monuments like Charminar, Golaconda Fort, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Mecca Masjid, and Chowmahalla Palace are truly the gems of archeology. And visiting these places won’t cost you more than Rs.50. Isn’t that amazing?


Cost of Living in Hyderabad: 2019 Guide for Bachelors, Family, and Students 8

Charminar (a spot for the tourists)

Religious Places

Are you the one who loves experiencing the culture and rituals of a place through temples? Hyderabad is perhaps the right place for you as you’ll get everything from historic mosques to Sufi shrines to temples in the city.

Jagannath Temple, Birla Temple, Mecca Masjid, Moula Ali Dargah, Pedamma Temple, and Venkateswara Swamy Temple are JUST perfect for all those spiritually-inclined folks out there.


Personally, binge shopping is my favorite way of spending weekends. You might feel the absence of modern shopping centers in the city but when it comes shopping in old markets and streets, nothing can beat that happiness.

Places like Laad Bazaar, Antique Market, Char Minar Bazaar, and Koti Sultan Bazaar are must-visit places and the cost will depend on what you want and how much you wish to spend.

Amusement Parks

Shifting with the family and kids comes with a responsibility that you need to care about their fun and entertainment. Amusement parks can be that ultimate stress buster for you and a full package of entertainment for your kids.

Jal Vihar, Ocean Park, Leo Splash, WonderLa, and Escape Water and Adventure Park can be on your list to enjoy holidays and long weekends in the best way possible. Opting for this mode of entertainment will cost you from Rs.150- Rs.1000 as an entry fee.


Not just the City of Nawabs offer you the best Hyderabadi cuisines but once you explore the nightlife here, I am sure it will make you fall in love with the city even more. Some of the pubs and bars which are perfect for the night out are- Bottles and Chimney, 10 Downing Street, Kismet: The Park, Altitude, and Coco’s Bar and Grill. Prices will always vary from place to place.

Also, if you’re not the one who enjoys having beer, parties at a club or not fond of dancing, you can enjoy the light and sound show at Golkonda Fort and Warangal Fort, go for Go-Karting at Shamshabad Go Kart Track which is open till 4 am, a long drive along the Necklace Road, and shopping at Begum Bazaar.

Cost of Healthcare in Hyderabad

The city is not only developing in terms of excellent infrastructure, a hub for startup companies or tourism.

If I talk about the cost of healthcare here, unlike any other city, Hyderabad also offers quality treatment and other medical facilities to its people and is becoming more advanced day-by-day.

In a country like India where the healthcare department is divided into two categories: government and private, their motive remain the same.

Well, both government and private hospitals work for the betterment of their people and ensure that they provide them with quality healthcare. But there always lies some differences when it comes to services, facilities, medical personnel, and cost.

Private Hospitals

Those want the best quality ambiance, highly-qualified doctors, and best facilities and for those arranging an enormous amount for the treatment is no big deal are the ones who prefer private colleges. Hyderabad, definitely have some top-notch private hospitals that offer the most comprehensive healthcare possible.

Some of the best hospitals in the city are KIMS Hospital, Max Cure Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and CARE hospital. Remember, these hospitals might put a hole in your pocket and rest depends on your particular treatments and medicines.

Government Hospitals

The city also takes care of those who cannot afford or arrange a high amount for their treatment. These hospitals will not only charge you less but also provide you with all the amendments.

The city runs some really good government hospitals, which are surely a ray of hope for poor people or those who cannot manage to pay a big amount to private hospitals. Osmania General Hospital, Government Maternity Hospital, ESI Hospital Hyderabad, and Government ENT Hospital are some of the best you can get in the city.

Cost of Education in Hyderabad

Last but definitely not the least, finding a good school or college or coaching institute is yet another important thing one needs to look prior to moving to a new city.

Earlier, it was not the same but today, educating only ONE child is back-breaking. Not just in Hyderabad but in every second metropolitan city parents are forced to do extra elbow grease to meet the needs of schools and colleges. Not only tuition fee but parents are paying extra for extra activities, school trips, annual events and donation of course.

If you’re looking for a good International Primary School, remember it is going to cost you around Rs.1,30,000 for one child. In fact, getting admission for your 3-year old is not easy. If you’re looking for a full day private pre-school it will cost you around Rs.4000 per month.

And in case, you’re looking for the best private college in the city, colleges like International Institute of Information Technology, Deccan College of Medical Science, and Mahindra Ecole Centrale will cost you more than Rs. 1Lac whereas the city is no behind in providing the best education in the government colleges as well.

Osmania Medical College, Government Polytechnic, and City College are some of the best colleges you can check out. Yearly fees of these colleges are definitely low than any other private college.

Fees of any college or school depend on their respective standards, facilities and much more. Please check the exact fees of the college or school you want your/your child’s admission in.

Coaching Institute is the next step and plays an important part of proper guidance. Attending extra or I should say coaching classes come with lots of additional benefits and to gain those benefits, one should have access to the best center in their respective area.

Brothers Education Academy, TIME Institute, TTC Coaching Center, and Chembiosis Coaching Center are some of the examples of best coaching institutes in the city.

Look for the best one in your particular area that is also suitable for your course. And talking about prices: that thing you need to confirm after the selection.

A Final Word….

So, this was all about the gorgeous city, Hyderabad. Juxtaposed to any other metropolitan city, the cost of living in this city is still cost-effective.

The city is consistently growing as one of India’s best IT hubs, which doesn’t affect the cost of property and other resources, making it one of the best cities to hail and work in.

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