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The Real Cost of Living in Bangalore

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors


Who wouldn’t love to shift to a city which is considered as the most progressive and developed cities in the country while it stays true to its roots? I am talking about Bangalore (now Bengaluru), a city which has gradually evolved from being a garden city to the Silicon Valley of India, and a city which is THE perfect example of peaceful coexistence with all-year-round pleasant climate and is one of the best IT hubs for the nation.

And now, when you have a rough idea about the city, I am sure you’ll undeniably want to know the cost of living in such a wonderful city. Don’t you? Well, you made a wish and here it comes true. I’ll be giving you every possible detail so that before you plan to shift here, you’ll have an idea of what is required to be a part of the city.

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Cost of Housing in Bangalore

Cost of housing is the most crucial thing that you need to manage in your budget list in the first place. Whether you want to have your own house or you’re comfortable with paying rents, prices will always differ depending on the area. Usually, people choose accommodation after getting the job to avoid the traffic headaches.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 1

Affordable Housing in Bangalore

North Bangalore

If North Bangalore is the area where you want to stay, 1BHK will cost you around Rs. 2,500- Rs. 5,00,000 whereas you might to from Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 15,00,000 for a 2BHK.

Moving with your family? And want a spacious house for them? Get ready to pay somewhere from Rs. 8,000- Rs. 30,00,000 for a 3BHK house.

South Bangalore

If South Bangalore is the area where you want to stay, you might need to pay around Rs. 2,500- Rs.5,00,000 and on the other hand, a 2BHK might cost you from Rs.3,000- Rs.15,00,000.

Also, if you need a spacious house i.e. 3BHK house for the family then you might need to pay somewhere from Rs. 8,000- Rs. 30,00,000.

Bagmane Tech Park

Looking for an area with top tech parks? This one can be a perfect choice for you due to the reason that this huge property is there with a number of companies like Lenovo, Oracle, Cognizant and more.

CV Raman Nagar, where this tech park is located in one of the inexpensive localities and need not have to pay more than Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 18,000 for a 1BHK house.


Another top tech park or I should say the oldest tech park in Bangalore is located in Whitefield and the best part is that you need to pay around Rs.10,000- Rs.15,000 for 1BHK.

Manyata Tech Park

And we are still not done with the tech parks. This one is located on the outer ring road with a number of areas in and around this place. Hennur is one example/area you can have access to and the place is even close to the airport. You might need to spend somewhere between Rs.6,000- Rs.14,000 for 1BHK.

Besides the cost of housing, there are some other bills you need to pay on a regular basis. Well, these bills are not going to leave you soon. Utility bills are another thing that takes a large part of your monthly budget. Cost of electricity bill, the cost of internet and telephone services etc will vary according to your lifestyles.

Due to the brilliant weather in the city, the cost of electricity is quite reasonable and you would be amazed or shocked to know that fir 1BHk you just need to pay Rs 250- 500. Isn’t that really amazing?

Cost of Food in Bangalore

The cost of food is another crucial part, which you can’t neglect adding in the cost of living. Bangalore is one such city that is popular for its number of different food joints and of course, the roaring nightlife.

If you wish to have a typical breakfast from a typical restaurant, idli, dosa, filter coffee, and South India’s staple food will always be on the top of their menu card.

All the foodies especially street food lovers, please pay attention. If you’ve shifted to the city recently or planning to do so, good news for you: you’re going to have a gala time in the streets of Bangalore.

You may not get a luxurious feel over there or no proper seating arrangements but the quality food served there will definitely leave you in awe. Some of the best places you can have street food in Bangalore are:

  • V V Puram Food Street Bangalore
  • Brahmin’s Coffee Bar- Basavanagudi
  • Hari’s Sandwich Zone- Jayanagar
  • Central Tiffin Room- Malleshwaram
  • Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall- Jayanagar
  • Sri Sairam’s Chaats and Juice- Malleshwaram
  • Puchka’s – Marathahalli
  • Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls: Indiranagar
  • Karnataka Bhel House: Basavanagudi
  • Shahi Darbar- Yeshawanthpur

Not just these amazing and popular street food joints, Bangalore also provide its citizen some superb places for fine dining like Saffron, Dublin, Alto Vino, and Kebabs and Kurries.

And for local cuisine, you can definitely give a try to places like Karavalli and Cubbon Pavilion. And those who want a moderately priced place don’t get disheartened because places like Hype, Whitefield Baking Company, or Byg Brewski Brewing Company is a must-try for you people.

All-in-all, spending weekends or dinner with families or friends will not put a hole in your pocket because it will cost you somewhere from Rs.250- Rs. 1,500.

Wow! I mean what else you can ask for. And wait there’s great news for bachelors as well that Bangalore’s nightlife can be very well enjoyed with a domestic Indian beer for Rs. 120- 300.

Also, Bangalore is the city that comprises of many young professionals and maximum of them need a cook or maid. Not to worry because the cost of a cook per person per month is going to cost you Rs. 2000 and a maid for 1 BHK will cost you Rs.1200 per month.

Cost of Transportation in Bangalore

If you have planned to shift to a new city, it is always better to know about the modes of transportation there beforehand. One can have an easy access to everything from reasonable buses to expensive taxi rides.


The main and most common mode of transport in Bangalore is an auto that always runs by the meter. And in case, the meter is not working, you can deal with the Auto-Wala for a decent price in advance.

In general, for up to 2km you need to pay Rs.25 and around Rs. 260 for every 20km and which is reasonable enough. But remember, auto fares at the night time will always differ like you need to pay Rs. 38 for 2 km and around Rs.400 for 20km.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 2

An auto on the streets of Bangalore


No matter in which city you are, the metro is always considered as the safest and convenient option by the locals and tourists as well. With the Namma Metro (Bangalore Metro Train) one can cover a large distance without any hassle.

The Minimum price of a metro train ticket will cost you Rs.10 and Rs. 60 as the maximum price. To avoid the daily struggle one can even get the monthly pass for multiple journeys.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 3

Bangalore Metro


If you ever wish to commute within the city, hire a taxi and enjoy a comfortable journey. However, this mode can be very expensive and is only advisable if a group of members if traveling. Generally, taxis run by the meter but in case, it’s not working, you can fix the amount in advance.


If you have made your mind that you’ll be taking a bus for the daily travel then a get a daily pass. That way, you can definitely enjoy the most economical and hassle-free traveling in BMTC buses in Bangalore. Fares for different BMTC buses are as follows:

  • Monthly pass cost for Ordinary City Services: 825
  • Monthly pass cost for all Non-AC services: 1050
  • Volvo monthly pass cost with BMTC ID: 2250
  • Volvo monthly pass cost with Govt. ID: 2300
  • Students Volvo monthly pass: 1500
  • Vayu Vajra Airport Volvo monthly pass cost: 3350


Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 4

Bus Service in Bangalore

Cost of Healthcare in Bangalore

Move to any new city and you should first be aware of all the government and private hospitals near your locality because no medical or health problem comes with an invitation.

So, you just need to make the right choice that should be based on several parameters like technology, facilities, infrastructure, expenses and many more.

Government Hospitals

One can definitely get a few advantages from a government hospital over a private hospital that makes it better and convenient for the folks. Also, those who cannot afford expensive treatments, government hospitals are the option for them.

Some of best government hospitals in Bangalore are Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Daicon Hospital, Victoria Hospital, Vani Vilas Women and Children Hospital, and Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Whitefield.

Private Hospitals

And when it comes to private hospitals, the city has surely made huge advances in healthcare and is considered the most recommended destinations for healthcare in the country. Private hospitals in Bangalore have everything from well-equipped facilities, top-notch infrastructure, advanced equipment, and best medical practitioners.

Some of best hospitals one can go for in the city are: Fortis Hospital, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Apollo Hospital, St. John Medical Hospital, and Mallya Hospital but remember you may need to pay a huge amount to get all the luxuries.

Cost of Entertainment in Bangalore

Choose whatever city you want, everyone wants the best entertainment in life and why not, you always need a break from your stressful and sometimes boring life.

And Bangalore is one of the cities that is definitely blessed with some rich culture, lush greenery, numerous parks, pubs, museums and much more. Here’s what you can/should try whenever you become a part of the Bangalore family.


Museums are the only place or institution where you can find a number of different preserved objects and materials of cultural, religious, and historical importance and the city has also done it very amazing. Museums like the National Gallery of Modern Art, Karnataka Folk Museum, Gandhi Bhavan, and Government Museum is a must-watch.

Religious Places

When you start exploring the city, you’ll definitely come across a number of beautiful divine shrines there. Bull Temple, Kempfort Shiva Temple, Ranganathaswamy Temple, St. Mary’s Basilica, and some other places will definitely give a peaceful, pleasing and a feeling of religious Bangalore.


Since the city is blessed with such wonderful climatic conditions, one cannot afford to miss the beauty of places like Dodda Alada Mara, Nandi Hills, Lakes in Bangalore, Bugle Rock, Kaivara etc. Nothing can make your weekends more happening than giving a visit to any of this beauty.

Nandi Hills: A loom at one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bangalore


Any fauna lover here? You would be really happy to know that Bangalore also has a few beauties that’ll surely leave you spellbound. Bannerghatta National Park, Butterfly Park, Bangalore Aquarium, and Birds at Hebbal Lake are those few places that can make your day worth spending it.


Who doesn’t love shopping? Well, I can do that twice in a week if I had such amazing shopping spots like the Bangalore people have. Brigade Road, Commercial Street, Chickpet, UB City, and MG Road are must-try places to satisfy your shopping binge.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 5

UB City in Bangalore

Amusement Parks

Living with the family? Have any kids? If yes, there comes another responsibility to care of your children’s entertainment and the city definitely has this superb Lumbini Gardens, Wonderla, Flight 4 Fantasy, Innovative Film City, Snow City and much more for them. Take them out and enjoy that most precious and amazing time with them.

Got a long weekend? Or planning to have a short trip with the family, these weekend getaways are just perfect to heal your exhausted soul. Explore the beauty of Mysore, Munnar, Ooty, Coorg, Coonoor, Kodaikanal, and Tirupati. Trust me you’ll love it.

Cost of Education in Bangalore

After food, shelter, and clothing, EDUCATION is the fourth most important thing in anyone’s life. But as we all know that today this term has become a business asset in almost every city. And Bangalore also has a number of schools with a number of students and the fee structure depends on their respective standards, coaching, facilities and much more.


Are you ready to pay an enormous amount of money? Because if you want to get the best private school for your child, its fees will burn deep holes in your pocket (not talking about the millionaire clubs).

Where it will cost you Rs.7,000 per month for the education of your child in a private pre-school, on the other hand, you may need to pay around Rs. 1,80,000 for one child in an International Primary School.

Please check the exact prices and do a comparison before you select any school or college for your child.


And in case, you’re looking for the best college in the city, colleges like Christ University, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, IISc, and Lowry Memorial College and Group of Institutions offers you good quality education and there you need not pay more than Rs.1lac.

Whereas studying in colleges like Azim Premji University, Wisdom School of Management, and IIM Bangalore will cost you more than Rs.1 lac.

Cost of Living in Bangalore for a Family, Couples and Bachelors 6

The famous Christ University of Bangalore

Coaching Centers

Coaching centers are the next thing you need after your school and college. So, here are some of the best coaching centers in the city that you might take into consideration.

Jayanagar: Edugate Academy, Universal Academy, DCT Academy, Ideal Centre of Educare, and Achievers IAS Academy.

Indiranagar: Akash Bengaluru, Jamboree Education, Extramarks Indiranagar Bengaluru, GLOBALFTI Pvt. Ltd.

JP Nagar: Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials, Merit Class, Eon Education, Avigna Learning Academy.

Note: There are a number of other options available in the city. Google those ‘Other’ options before to go with the right one. And prices will always differ according to your course, area, and facilities provided by them.

A Final Word

So, this was everything (almost) you need to know about this wonderful city. Bangalore is one such place you can have the best and peaceful years of your life.

The Silicon Valley of India will welcome you with a large heart. Survival is no struggle if you’re shifting to Bangalore and in fact, you can make the most of your life here.  Happy Living.

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