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Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019)


If there is one thing I do not like missing out on it is a good discount or offer on things I want and today, we have got something special for those looking for hosting services in India.

BlueHost has been a mainstay in the Indian web hosting market for years now and since their overhaul, they are definitely right up there amongst the top 2 with HostGator.

So if you are looking at BlueHost for web hosting services, here are some Bluehost India coupons that help you get a bargain deal you crave.

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Bluehost Coupons India

1. Bluehost Shared Hosting

For anyone who is new to the world of blogging or just starting out with an online business, the shared plans are perfect for your needs as they are cheap and yet reliable. And with these coupons, you sure can grab a jaw-dropping deal.

2. Bluehost Reseller Hosting

If you are interested in launching your own web hosting services, these Reseller plan coupons are tailor-made for your needs.

3. Bluehost VPS Hosting Coupons

Does your website get the occasional traffic spikes that shared hosting server cannot handle? It is time for an upgrade and these VPS Hosting coupons you can score yourself huge savings TODAY.

4. WordPress Hosting Discount codes

Known as the official WordPress Host, for anyone that loves to blog via the WordPress platform, these hosting coupons are exactly what you have been looking for.

5. Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Would you like to have full control over the hosting server and want something powerful and fast enough to handle millions of readers and buyers every day? Get a dedicated plan right away with the awesome coupons listed below.

6. BlueHost Cloud Hosting

Are you looking for a slightly faster alternative to shared hosting so those occasional traffic spikes don’t kill your sales? Say hello to Cloud Hosting which can boost the speed of your site by about 4x. So if speed your priority, this plan will come as a blessing in disguise.

7. Bluehost Coupon for SSL Certificate, Security Sitelock, and Codeguard

The importance of SSL Certificates has grown over the last few years and if you need one for your website, we have some coupon in store for you as well.

And if you want to beef up the security of your website in order to protect it from malware, you can also opt for CodeGuard and SiteLock (there are coupons for those as well).

8. Bluehost Coupons for Domain Purchase

Are you interested in a new domain? There is no feeling better than getting a new domain at a bargain price and here is your chance to get as well (for new bloggers this is really the icing on the cake).


How to Use Bluehost Coupon codes

Whether you have used BlueHost plans in the past or not applying any of the coupons is a cake walk. Just in case you are opting for a new shared plan, here is how to go about it.

Once you have decided on the shared plan that best suits your needs click on the ‘Buy Now’.

Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019) 1

Next, it will ask you whether you want an existing domain or not. Click on yes and a window like the one in the picture below will open up.

Enter your domain and hit the Continue Button.

You can also opt out of buying SitelLock and CodeGuard for now. Though these help beef up the security of the website, they can be purchased later as well as and when the traffic grows.


Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019) 2

You will now come to the checkout window and the place to enter the coupon is present on the left-hand side of the window.

Enter the coupon code and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Also, don’t forget to change the number of years you want the hosting service (for the serious bloggers and businessmen, 5 years is perfect and increases savings).

Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019) 3

Once done, the price will reduce automatically as per the coupon. Now, just make the payment and congratulations, you have now successfully hosted your website (your time to build your empire begins now).


Why BlueHost

Not sure why you should be opting for BlueHost over other hosting services? These benefits sure will help you make up your mind.

An impressive Uptime

Nothing kills a business like a downtime especially if you solely rely on online traffic and this is why uptime is one of the most crucial aspects of any hosting service.

Thankfully, BlueHost guarantees you an impressive uptime of 99.9% so you can put to bed your fears of any long downtimes.

In fact, in the last 10 months, BlueHost has gives a 100% uptime for a whopping 8 months with it being 99.9% for the other two (like I said, impressive 😉 ).

Great loading speed

Apart from downtime, another thing that is a huge turn off for any potential buyer is a slow website. Imagine having to wait 2-3 minutes just for the checkout page to load, irritating right?

So how quick are they? How about an average load-time of about 420ms? This definitely puts BlueHost amongst the top 3 fastest web hosts in India and thus worth a consideration.

Plans for everyone

Whether you have a big-time business or just getting started with blogging with BlueHost, there is a plan for everyone with benefits sure to keep you and your readers smiling, always.

The cheapest of the plans i.e. the Shared hosting plan will cost you just Rs. 209 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth and trust me, that is pretty cheap. Why?

That is because all of the plans are accompanied by a very good customer service about which we will cover below.

If you are still not sure about Bluehost, you should definitely check out HostGator India Coupons as well.


Yes, Bluehost has had their issues in the past but with time and various upgrades, they have certainly taken their services up a notch are now amongst the very best in India.

With an uptime of 99.9%, a very dependable customer service team and plans for everyone, BlueHost sure has some tricks up their sleeves and now, you have coupons as well to grab big discounts.

If you have used BlueHost in the past and would like to share your experience, do share with us using in the comments below.

Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019)
Bluehost Coupon India (Get up to 50% off in July 2019) 4

If there is one thing I do not like missing out on it is a good discount or offer on things I want and today, we have got something special for those looki

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