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Best Voice Over Artist in Delhi for 2019 1

Best Voice Over Artist in Delhi for 2019


Have you ever considered watching your favorite TV show or movie without sound or with poor audio quality?

Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Even horror movies rely on sound effects to give to the jitters. That is how much of an influence a good voice and sound can have on a listener or viewer.

And that matters, even more so, when you are advertising on platforms that rely solely on voice such as the Radio or through Jingles. Find the right voice for it and your sales could be soaring, get it wrong and well, you know the rest.

Now, that you know how important the voice and music are, the question arises, where do you find the best voice over artist, post-production studio, etc. in Delhi?

And even if you do, there is also the script and recordings that you need to think about.

Sounds like quite the hassle, right?

What if I told you once place can handle it all for you? Yup, it is Audona.in to the rescue. And the best part is that they are not even very expensive especially when compared to other similar services in India.

Here’s more about Audona.

Why Audona is the Best?

If you aren’t convinced already, let’s take an in-depth look at the reason we love them so much and so will you.

1. They do it all for you

As I mentioned above, the challenge isn’t just finding the best voice over artist in Delhi, you also need to prepare a script, get the recordings done and so on (trust me, the list is much bigger than you think).

Hiring Audona makes these painstaking tasks easy. Why? Because they do it all for you.

Not only will they find the right artist based on your project and ideas but you can also have them ready the script, handle the recordings and even edit the final draft (it is as we call, a complete end to end service).

But if you can handle the script and recording and only needs an artist, they will even do the tiny bits for you.

2. It is Budget-friendly

You do not want to break the bank over a 1 or 2-minute jingle or a voice over for radio and you do not have to either with Audona. They are one of the cheapest brands in the market as you can get their voice over services for as low as Rs. 2,999

3. Other Services

If you already have a voice-over artist and only need the script or want to rent a recording studio for a day to two, Audona is the go-to place.

Yup, rather than wasting time calling up studios, booking appointments, getting the script edited you can now focus on other aspects of your business.

Not just that, they will find you Royalty-Free music for you in case you have a YouTube channel and constantly need free music to go along with it.


Audona’s main goal is to make advertising easy and help you reach out to a larger customer base in the fastest possible manner.

Make sure you check out the voice samples on their website in case you still have doubts over their quality and get in touch with the customer care for more details.

Best Voice Over Artist in Delhi for 2019
Best Voice Over Artist in Delhi for 2019 2

Have you ever considered watching your favorite TV show or movie without sound or with poor audio quality? Sounds boring, doesn't it? Even horror movies re

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