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Best Trimmer for Men in India 2019 (The Ultimate Grooming Guide)


Who does not have a beard these days, right? A beard not only protects you from tons of skin problems, sunlight, etc. but more importantly, gives you looks the ladies will kill for.

But that is only if you have a beard that is well-maintained and truth be told, that is easier said than done until and unless you have the best trimmer for men in India.

Wondering which brand, model, features, etc. should you be looking for so you can get one without overspending? We have got all the covered and more in our in-depth buyer’s guide so you can make an informed buying decision.

Best Trimmer for Men in India

Philips MG7715/15: If you need a complete grooming kit for your body, ear, nose, beard, and hair, this is just what you have been looking for. With 120-minutes of runtime, waterproof build and tons of combs, maintaining the perfect look does not get any easier.

A Trimmer on a Budget

Philips QT4001/15: On a tight budget? The Philips QT4001/15 comes with a 10 zoom-wheel settings, self-sharpening blades that last long, an easy to clean detachable head and ergonomic design so you never go wrong with your beard.

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Best Trimmer Reviews in India for 2019

In-Depth Trimmer Reviews

#1: Philips MG7715/15 Multi-Groomer Trimmer

The Philips MG7715/15 is everything a man needs in his armory of grooming tools and here is why we rate so highly.

Philips Hair Clipper (Gray)
  • Brand: Philips
  • Colour: Gray
  • Package content: 1 trimmer

With 13 tools, no matter where you wanted to get rid of unwanted hair or just needed a trim, the Philips MG7715/15 has got you well covered (be it your nose, ear, beard, hair or even the whole body, the trimmer gets the job done quickly and smoothly).

So here’s what these special tools are.

Trimming and Combs

With the 2 stubble combs (1,2 mm) and the 1 adjustable beard comb (3-7 mm), no trimming job is too big or too difficult (you want your beard to be of a precise length, that is exactly what you get irrespective of how thick or thin your beard is)

And once you are done adjusting the beard length, switch to the metal trimmer without combs to give you those sexy sharp lines around the neckline and beard.

But however perfect, a beard alone would not cut it, you need an equally perfect hairstyle as well to get the ladies looking. This is why you also get 3 hair combs of 9,12 and 16 mm.

And in case you expect the night to end well after your date, the 2 body combs (3,5 mm) is just what you need to show off those abs and chest muscles.

With special skin protector system, shaving the more sensitive parts of your body just got a whole lot easier and pain-free (say goodbye to nicks and cuts cheaper trimmer leave).

But if you shave your chest, underarms, etc. regularly, I would suggest you take a serious look at the best epilator in India as they remove hair from the root which means it grows back slower compared to a trimmer.

Lastly, there is the nose and ear trimmer attachment, because trust me, nose and ear hair just make you seem lazy and unattractive.

Battery Runtime

Not only does the trimmer deliver 120-hours of runtime on a single charge.

But in case you do run out of battery in the middle of your trim (oh, the horror), a 5-minute quick charge gives you at least another 20-minutes of runtime.

And you can have back to full battery in just an hour during which the trimmer can be used. But how do you know the battery is low?

For this, the trimmer has a battery low and even charging indicator (so nothing is ever left to chance or guesswork).

Build and Blades

The compact and sleek design means the trimmer easily fits into your hand.

But if you happen to be as clumsy as me, you will be happy to know that there is a rubber grip to prevent any slips and give you better control.

The DualCult technology ensures the blade faintly brush against each other. So whether you are using the trimmer for the first time or the 100th time, they remain just as sharp.


Whether it is the combs or the entire trimmer itself, cleaning it all is pretty hassle-free as the trimmer and attachments are water-resistant.

This means it does not rust and since I am pretty sure you will now be cleaning it after every use, it will also last you longer.

Warranty: 2 Years


The only small drawback of an otherwise top-notch trimmer is the high price.


  • Comes with multiple combs to give you the perfect stubble, beard, and hairstyle
  • Metal trimmer helps you get the perfect cuts and sharp line near the neckline and beard
  • Skin protector system ensures it works on the body without causing cuts and nicks
  • Nose and ear attachments remove hair within seconds
  • The battery has a 120-minute runtime
  • A 5-minute quick charge is perfect for one trim
  • Take only 1 hour to charge fully
  • There is a low battery and charging indicator as well
  • Trimmer and attachments are all water-resistant and thus easy to clean
  • Self-sharpening blades remain sharp even after years of use
  • Rubber grip prevents slips and gives better control


  • It will cost you over 3,000

Yup, I know it is on the expensive side, but if you are serious about your looks, this sure is worth the investment and will turn you into the lady’s man with both finesse and power.

#2: Braun MGK3060 Multi-Grooming Kit

If there is one brand that can go toe to toe with Philips on grooming products, it is Braun and their Braun MGK3060 is one of their most in-demand grooming kits for good reason.

No products found.


Just like the Philips, the Braun also gives you utmost control over every inch of your facial hair with multiple attachments and combs.

The 4 combs give you 13 lengths varying from 0.5-21mm. So whether you like your bear long, short or just a stubble, you have all the power to keep it just the way you want it.

For those precise contoured edges at the end of the neck and beard, you can either use the blade without combs or go with the even finer precision trimmer (because at times, even the tiniest of details matter).

You can also use the 13-21mm comb to style your hair while for cleaning shaving you get a Gillett blade absolutely FREE.

And not just any blade, one that is equipped with FlexBall technology so you can reach every corner of your face without risking cuts and nicks.

Then there is also the nose and ear hair trimming attachments that let you remove the hair without the agony of having to pull it out with tweezers etc.


The 60-minute run time is pretty good and will easily give you 2-3 trims on a single charge.

Plus, with the LED light, you know exactly when the trimmer needs charging (because a half trimmed beard is the absolute worst nightmare).

The light also notifies you if the charging is on or not.


The all waterproof blade head means you can easily clean the blades and the other attachments under running water in minutes.

This also means, the trimmer blades do not rust and will easily last you for the entire lifetime of the trimmer.

Blades and Build

Even after years of use, the self-sharpening blades will keep cutting through thick and thin hair or beard with the same amount of precision they displayed on the very first day without any pull or tug (it really does, take our word for it).

Warranty: 2 Years


On the downsides, the trimmer takes about 8-10 hours for a full charge and does not have a quick charge option like the Philips. So if you run out of battery, well, you are in trouble.

Also, compared to the Philips, it is not suitable for use in the shower or on the body.


  • The trimmer comes with 4 combs for stubbles, long beards, and short beards
  • These combs vary in size giving you 13 lengths (0.5-21mm) for the perfect look
  • With precision blades, getting contoured edges is easy peasy
  • The 13-21mm Hair Clipper is great for hair styling
  • For a clean shave, you get a Gillette FlexBall Blade FREE
  • The nose and ear trimmer is quick and easy to use as well
  • Gives a runtime of 60-minutes on a single charge
  • LED light notifies you of low battery and charging status
  • Blade head and attachments can be cleaned in running water
  • The blades are rustproof
  • Self-sharpening blades are long-lasting and cut through all types of blades with precision


  • Cannot be used on the body
  • Takes about 8-10 hours for a full charge and does not come with a quick-charge option
  • It cannot be used in the show unlike the Philips

Not the beast the Philips Grooming Kit is but nonetheless, it does perform really well and also costs way lesser.

#3: Philips QT4001/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer (Best Bang for Your Buck)

In a market full of high-end products, the QT4001/15 has managed to build itself quite the reputation turning it into Amazon’s best-selling trimmer

Yes, it does cost significantly lower but then there is plenty more to like about it as well.

Philips QT4001/15 cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer - 10 length settings
  • Up to 45 minutes of cordless use after 10 hours charging
  • 10 lock-in length settings, 1- 10mm with 1mm precision
  • Easy to use: Cordless use ; Wattage, Volatge & Frequency: 2W, 100-240V, 50-60Hz


The Zoom Wheel makes it super convenient to dial in your preferred length. It has 10 lock-in settings (1-10) which can be increased/decreased in increments of 1mm with the simple twist of the wheel.

Once you have set the length all you need to do is attach the comb and you are good to go or you can leave it off and get a 0.5mm shave or precise contours on the edge of the beard and the neckline.


The batteries deliver excellent speed and power for a continuous 45-minute trim which is ample time to get that sexy beard right or maybe even 2 if you are a pro at trimming by now.

And so you know that the charger has been connected correctly, there is an indicator in the front that turns green (you really want to ensure it is green as charging takes a really long time).


Remove the blade head after every trim and give it a wash under a running tap to get rid of remaining hair. A clean blade stays sharp and also is also more accurate when it comes to trimming.

Similarly, the comb is also fully washable.

Build and Blades

The compact ergonomic design of the trimmer not only gives a strong grip but also makes it easy to put away when into a drawer etc. when not in use.

But in case you are still worried about it slipping, the rugged texture makes it anti-slip.

As for the blades, they are one of the defining features of the trimmer. With rounded of edges, you no longer have to suffer through rashes or irritation on the skin.

The blades continue to brush against each other so they do not lose their sharpness and can seamlessly cut through a medium to thin beard even with regular use.

Warranty: 2 Years

You can also score an additional year on the warranty at no cost. All you need to do is register the trimmer on the official Philips website (yup, that is all it takes).


One of the major drawbacks with this trimmer is that you can never know when the battery is low since it does not come with any low battery indicator.

Your safest bet is to simply put it to charge after every use but then even that takes about 10 hours and there is no quick charge either.

Also, it cannot be used when connected to the power point so only leave it uncharged at your own risk.

Lastly, the trimmer has steel blades and though they perform quite well they are not as durable as titanium blades the higher trimmers come with.


  • With the Zoom Wheel, you can quickly dial in the required length with a simple twist
  • There are 10 lock-in settings available in increments of 1mm (1-10) which is adequate
  • You also get one comb attachment for the same
  • While for the precise contours or a 0.5mm shave, remove the comb and directly trim with the blades.
  • It delivers 45-minutes of runtime
  • The green indicator lets you know of charging status (on/off)
  • Blade head and comb can be easily removed and washed under running water
  • Compact design for easy storage and convenient use
  • The rugged texture makes it anti-slip
  • Self-sharpening blades last you for years
  • Rounded of blade edges prevent irritation and rashes on the skin
  • Warranty can be extended by registering the trimmer on the Philips website


  • Cannot be used while on charging
  • Takes about 10 hours to get fully charged and does not quick charge
  • There is no low battery indicator
  • It has steel blades that lack durability

The downsides aside, at less than Rs. 1,500, this trimmer hands down offers you the best value for money and is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a medium beard to even a stubble.

#4: Philips QT4011/15  (A Better Alternate)

Philips QT4011/15 corded & cordless Titanium blade Beard Trimmer with Fast charge, 20 length...
  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless use after 1 hour charging
  • 27 lock-in length settings, 0.5 - 10mm with 0.5mm precision
  • Easy to use: Corded and Cordless usage, Titanium coated blades remain as sharp as on day one

The Philips QT4011/15 is just like the  QT4001/15 in terms of design and build but better when it comes to features (you can call it the elder brother).

First and foremost, it has more lock-in settings i.e. 27 length settings (0.5 – 10mm) that can be adjusted in 0.5mm increments giving you greater control over the trimming.

You can also get a clean 0 shave as well in case you are no mood to keep a stubble.

It also gives you better battery life as it can run for 90-minutes on a single charge and takes just 1-hour to charge back unlike the 10-hours the QT4001/15 takes.

Another important difference between the two is that you can use this model while it is connected to the charger so in case you do run out of battery, you do not have to wait in order to use it again.

But you won’t likely need to use it while charging since it has a low battery indicator that gives you ample time to have it charged before your next use.

It also features more durable titanium blades and since they are self-sharpening, each trim feels like the first trim even after 100s of trims.

As far as cleaning, design, etc. go, the trimmer very similar and the only drawback comparatively is that this trimmer costs you much higher. A price that I believe is well-justified considering its features.

#5: Philips BT3221/15 

The Philips BT3221/15 is another power-packed trimmer from Philips and well worth the consideration if you a smooth and quick trim. Here’s why

Philips Men's grooming combo - Trimmer (Durapower) & Dryer (Blue)
  • Durapower technology, last 6 times longer with 2 plus 1 Year warranty after registration
  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless use after 1 hours charging
  • 20 lock-in length settings, 0.5 - 10mm with 0.5mm precision

(You can also go for the Trimmer alone)


One of the standout features of this trimmer is the Lift and Cut Technology. This makes the entire trimming process painless as you experience no pulling and tugging of the beard.

That is because the trimmer lifts the flat lying hair trimming it making it one of the most efficient trimmers especially if you have sensitive skin.

Apart from that, it comes with 20 lock-in length settings that can be adjusted from 0.5 to 10mm in increments of 0.5mm using the zoom wheel which is pretty much all that you need.

For a 0 trim around the edges, just use the trimmer by removing the comb.

Battery and Charging

The trimmer runs for a solid 90-minutes  which means you can easily get multiple trims without the need to recharge and eliminating any guesswork out of when you need to recharge is the low battery indicator.

And when it is charging, you can still comfortably use the trimmer so even if you get a last minute call from your girlfriend or friends, you should be ready to impress within minutes.

Charging takes just an hour and that is the least amount of time most high-end trimmers take so that is pretty good.

Cleaning and Blade quality

As far as cleaning the trimmer goes, just like others, the blade can be removed and washed. That is because the blades are titanium blades and thus non-corrosive for longer durability.

They also brush against each other that helps them retain their sharpness for a longer period.

Furthermore, there is also a cleaning brush using which you can remove any residual hair that may hamper the trimming quality of the blades.

Other Features

You also get a free travel pouch so you can carry the trimmer anywhere and maintain your beard just right so you always get the best of pics on your holidays.


While the trimmer itself has top of the line features and a good build and design, the travel pouch is of low-quality and tends to wear out quickly if used regularly.

And just to be a little nit-picky, I would have loved to have a USB charging option for this one.

Apart from that, there really isn’t much to complain.


  • The Lift & Cut Technology makes the trimmer painless and quicker as there no tugging and pulling
  • It comes with 20 lock settings that can be increased in 0.5mm increments
  • It has an excellent 90-minute runtime and charges in just 1-hour
  • With a low-battery indicator, you will know exactly when to charge
  • It can be used while on charge
  • It also gives a 0 trim when used without the comb
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and removable head for easy cleaning
  • Titanium blades and very durable and remains sharp for years
  • The travel pouch makes it easy to carry it around without exposing it to dust and dirt
  • With a simple registration the Philips website, you get an additional 1-year warranty for free


  • USB charging option would have been ideal
  • The travel pouch is of average quality

Alternatively, you can also go for the Philips BT1215/15 which is one of the best trimmers around the Rs 1000 range.

And its top feature is that you can even charge it using a USB through your laptop or power bank, unlike any other trimmer on the list.

#6: Panasonic ER-307 

Panasonic ER307 Men's Trimmer
  • Japanes blade technology
  • Rechargable
  • No need to worry about charging - Cord/Cordless use


With one comb and 13 lock-in settings, there are plenty of lengths available for you to find one that best suits your face and style.

The dial allows you to go from 0.5 to 18mm in increments of 0.5mm with rather ease to give your beard a point-perfect trim.


40-minutes is the average runtime that most mid-range trimmers come and that is exactly what the ER-207 delivers as well but charging is slow so do not be lazy when it comes to charging the trimmer.

With the charging light indicator, you will know whether the charger has been correctly connected or not so do keep an eye on it while it charges.


To clean the ER-207 you can use the cleaning brush and rid it of any hair caked up on the blades and the comb before you room the blade head and give it a rinse under tap water.

Once the cleaning is done, lubricating the blade with oil (included in the package) will keep it operating at optimum power for a smooth shave without any tugging and pulling.

Build and Blades

The stainless steel blades are built to last and even though there is no mention of them being self-sharpening, they can easily last you about 2 years without needing any change.

Ergonomically designed, it fits well in the palm and lets you easily maneuver to even the most difficult of areas.

Warranty: 2-Years


One of the main problems here is that there is no low battery indicator. To be on the safe side, I would say you charge this after every use as charging can take 10-12 hours.

Also, since the blades are not self-sharpening they tend to lose their sharpness over time.

Lastly, while trimmer weighs just 499g, the charger is bulkier so carrying it around isn’t the easiest especially if you happen to travel a lot and prefer not carrying a large backpack.


  • Comes with 13 lock-in settings so you have plenty of adjustable lengths
  • Lengths can be easily adjusted using the zoom wheel in increments of 0.5mm
  • For contoured edges, just switch to directly using the blade
  • It has a 45-minute runtime and charges rather quickly
  • Charging indicator lets you know if the charger has been connected correctly
  • Cleaning brush and lubricating oil is free with the trimmer
  • Blade head and comb can be tap washed
  • Stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant
  • The trimmer is ergonomically designed and fits well in the palm for easy use


  • Does not have a low battery indicator and charging is slow as it takes 12-hours
  • Blades lose sharpness with regular use
  • The charger is bulkier than that of the Philips or Braun models and adds to the weight

#7: Nova NHT-1045 Cordless Trimmer (Best Trimmer in India Under 500)

What if I told you, you can up your style game for less than Rs.500 (because not all good things are expensive)? But then that is not the whole reason to buy the Nova NHT-1045, there is more to the simple looking trimmer.

Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men (Black)
  • The product should be charged for uninterrupted 8 hours before initial use
  • insert the battery in the slot and charge it accordingly .This product is not suitable for direct plug and use
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery and the product can be charged only with Charging Cable, Washable attachments with charging cable


Even for a cheap trimmer, the Nova offers enough versatility to give you a beard with a precision that is sure to leave you impressed.

And this mainly comes down to the 2 combs that have a lock-in setting of 9mm and 6mm for medium to short beards respectively.

Plus, to finish off your trim with the perfect edges, just remove the combs and let the blade work its magic.


On a full charge, the Nova can churn out 30-minutes of uninterrupted trimming. Yup, that is comparatively lesser but if you ask me, it only takes 15-minutes 20 tops to trim a beard.

There is also a LED charge indicator which to let you know whether the trimmer is charging right or not.


Just remove the blade and the combs so you can rinse them in running water for a quick and easy clean once you are done with all the trimming.

But before you rinse anything I would suggest using the free cleaning brush to remove leftover hair particles from the blades and combs so you do not have to drain down any of it (nobody wants clogged gutters now, right?)


The stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and skin-friendly as they come with rounded edges.

This means they are easy on the skin and rough on the beard to give you the perfect trim while ensuring you do not up with any cuts or irritation.

The self-sharpening blades are pretty good but for longevity, you should oil them regularly using the cleaning/oiling brush (BTW, you do get the oil for free as well).


As for the trimmer itself, the build is average but sleek enough for comfortable use.

Also, it easily fits into the pouch provided with the purchase so you can not only store it safely but also carry it around in your backpack during your travels.

Warranty: 1 Year (For a product that cheap, that is one pleasant surprise).


We would have loved a rugged texture for a better grip but its sleek profile means you should still be able to hold it tight enough so it does not slip and break.

More importantly, it comes with a runtime of 30-minutes. While that is decent runtime, charging it takes about 8-10 hours which is plenty of time considering the lower runtime.

There is no low battery indicator and cannot be used while on charging either.

Also, the trimmer lacks the power or sharpness to work on thicker beards and hairs and cannot give you a zero shave. For that, either go with any of the trimmers above or if you prefer a wet shave, these electric shavers are perfect.


  • It is the most pocket-friendly and sleekest trimmer on the list
  • Comes with 2 combs that tend to medium and short beards
  • The combs have a lock-in setting of 9mm and 6mm
  • For a precise or zero trim do not put on the comb
  • Trimmer head and combs are waterproof for easy rinsing
  • Cleaning brush helps get rid of bigger hair particles
  • The same brush can also be used for oiling the trimmer
  • Oil and brush are free with the purchase
  • Stainless steel blades are skin friendly and do not cause irritation
  • The blades are self-sharpening for better longevity
  • It has a 30-minute runtime which is great for short trims and cuts
  • Comes with a pouch for easy storing and carrying
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • No low battery indicator
  • Charging takes about 8-10 hours
  • No anti-skid texture but nonetheless compact enough for a good grip
  • It does not have the power or sharpness for a thick beard or a 0 trim

No frills but never mind, as long as it gets the job done for less than 500, there is nothing much to complain about. Not to forget all the free stuff you get with it.

#8: Philips Norelco 7200 Combo (Best Vacuum Trimmer in India)

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200, Vacuum trimmer with 20 built-in length settings,...
  • Original product imported directly from USA the integrated vacuum system catches up to 90% of cut hair for less mess
  • The high-velocity motor and fan system creates powerful suction to lift and capture hairs
  • With innovative lift & trim technology, the trimmer effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut

Last but not least is the Philips Norelco and the reason I feel it deserves a mention on the list is because of its special vacuum technology.

Do you see how with the other trimmers on the list you will always need to spread out newspapers or cloth in order to prevent all the hair from scattering over after trimming?

And if you don’t, let’s not even talk about the painstaking work of having to mop and broom later.

But not with the Philips Nocelo 7200.

That is because it has the trimmer has a high-velocity motor and fan system with suction so strong that it easily lifts and stores all the hair within it and can be emptied out after the trim (easy peasy, isn’t it?).

It is also equipped with the Lift and Trim technology that gives you a faster trim without any pain.

Apart from that, it comes with all the other features you would expect in a high-end trimmer like titanium self-sharpening blades, a quick charge, low battery indicator and more importantly, 20 lock-in and easy to adjust settings.

It can be used both corded and cordless and is super easy to clean as well. Though keep in mind that this comfort comes at a really heavy price as the trimmer costs around 9k.

But if comfort was your priority, trust me, this is a buy you will not regret.

Trimmer Buying Guide for Men in India

Below is a list of features that simply put, are a must in any trimmer if you want to get value out of your investment.


Most trimmers come with a runtime of 45-minutes which is good enough to give you at least 2 round of trimming. But if you are willing to go for a high-end model like the Philips MG7715/15, a runtime of 120-minutes sure does remove the hassle from beard trimming.

Other models offer about 60-minutes which is pretty good but if you want something cheaper, let’s say less than Rs. 500, then runtime can go to as low as 30 minutes which can give you about one full trim.

And believe it or not, battery runtime is one of the most important specs when it comes to cordless trimmers because you really do not want the trimmer to turn off while you are still in the middle of your trimming.


Trimmer batteries can take up 8-10 hours to get fully charged while some can get to full charge for in as low as 5-6 hours.

Irrespective of that, when you get a new charger, it is recommended to charge it 8 hours before use.

Battery level and charge indicator

The best trimmers in India come with a low battery indicator and quick charge which can be a lifesaver in dire situations.

But if yours does not come with an indicator I would recommend charging it after ever 1-2 trims.

Irrespective of what trimmer you get, there is always an indicator to let you know if the battery is getting charged or not.


The combs are one of the most important factors as they often define the preciseness with which you can trim your beard or hair. In this case, the more the merrier as you get greater control over the trimming.

Some Trimmers come with only one comb and a Zoom Wheel that lets you adjusts trimming length in increments on 1mm to 0.5mm.


Not exactly a big deal but the design does have significance and not only from a looks point of view but functionality as well. This is because a trimmer should have an ergonomic design so it is easy to hold and move around your face, head body, etc. so you can easily get every inch of hair.

Plus, compact design will also make it easier to store when you are not using it as it will fit into a shelf or drawer in the bathroom with ease.


Not all trimmers are equal. If you go in for a grooming kit like the Braun, you can also use the trimmer for nose and ear hair. While a trimmer like the Philips works not just on the nose and hair but also has attachments to take of your body hair without causing any cuts or irritation (perfect for a manscaping project).

But remember, these kits cost significantly higher compared to a simple beard trimmer. In the end, this comes down to your needs.

Similarly, some trimmers can also be used for wet shaving


Got a thick beard? Then I would recommend opting for a trimmer with stainless steel blades as they do not rust and also hold up better against thick beards.

But if you have a small and thin beard, carbon steel blades would the ideal pick as they are the sharpest of blades. The only problem? They are prone to rust.

To get the best of both worlds, you can keep an eye out for carbon steel blades that come with titanium coating.

Another important feature is whether the blades are self-sharpening or not? The blades rub against each other in order to stay sharp for longer which means you do not have to worry about changing blades even after 4-5 years of use.

Cordless vs Corded

When it comes to corded or cordless trimmers, my choice is pretty clear. I hate being tethered to a wall when trimming. Yes, corded trimmers give you more power but cordless trimmers, nonetheless, are still pretty efficient and can easily cut through any type of beard or even hair.

Some cordless trimmers allow you usage even when connected to the power source which again is a win-win situation as you do not have to worry about the battery running out.


For cleaning, the trimmers usually have a removable blade head which can then be washed under running tap water. Apart from that, most combs and attachments are also waterproof.

Not all trimmers are fully waterproof so make sure to read the manual beforehand.

The waterproof trimmers are easier to clean and can also be used in the shower or for wet shaving as well.

Also, some trimmers come with a vacuum system. This means you no longer have to go through the trouble of clearing hair from the sink as it is conveniently sucked into a special compartment which can be emptied out after you are done.

But remember trimmer with vacuums are expensive and can easily cost more than 2-3k. Once again, you have to make the choice between convenience or budget.

Beard Trimmer VS Hair Clipper

A question we get asked quite often is whether I can use a hair clipper to trim the beards. Well, there is a reason both clipper and trimmer exist in the market.

Trimmers come with thinner blades which makes them ideal for the more intricate work which often the case with beards whereas hair clippers come with larger blades which work well on larger and thicker hair.

Even the attachments hair clippers come with tend to be larger to those a trimmer would come with.

In short, if you already have a clipper, I would recommend you keep it and use when the beard becomes really long and thick. Shorten it with the clipper and then use the trimmer to work its magic around the neckline and beard edge.


Whether you intend on growing that best possible beard or just want to be able to shave anytime and save on the expensive barbers, you now have all the tools and knowledge needed to find yourself the best trimmer for in India because a good looking you, is a confident you.

Best Trimmer for Men in India 2019 (The Ultimate Grooming Guide)
Best Trimmer for Men in India 2019 (The Ultimate Grooming Guide) 1

Who does not have a beard these days, right? A beard not only protects you from tons of skin problems, sunlight, etc. but more importantly, gives you looks

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