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Best Treadmill in India 2021 (In-Depth Reviews for Home & Gyms)


Nobody is saying buying a treadmill is going to be cheap but from personal experience, I can tell you that your health is always worth the investment (after all, the best things in life never come cheap). Plus, haven’t you heard the quote.


So let’s stay healthy, wealthy, and wise in 2021 with the best treadmills in India for both commercial and home use.

Heavy Duty Treadmill for Gyms in India

Powermax Fitness TDA-330: Looking for the perfect treadmill for your gym? The TDA-330 is an absolute beast. With buttons that help you change speed and incline on the go, an energy-efficient 3.0HP motor capable of hitting a top speed of 18Km/H and unmatched durability, this one is sure to have customers coming back for more each day. Not to forget, it is super easy to fold and unfold whenever need be.

The Perfect Treadmill for Homes in India

Powermax Fitness TDA-125: This Powermax treadmill too comes with an energy-efficient 2.0Hp motor and easy to adjust incline and speed settings to help you enjoy a variety of workouts. But where it really stands is with the automatic lubrication. So you not only eat a heart-pumping workout but are saved from the tedious task for lubricating your treadmill on a regular basis with just the press of a button.

A Treadmill on a Budget

Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe: While this Lifeline treadmill may lack the fancy frills of the Powermax treadmill, at less than 10,000, this manual treadmill has all the basic features like adjustable incline and twister to help you kick-start your weight loss resolution this year right from the very comfort of your home. And when not in use, just fold it and put it away anywhere.

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Best Treadmill in India for 2021

In-Depth Treadmill Reviews

#1: Powermax Fitness TDA-330 (Best Treadmill for Gyms in India)

Are you looking for a commercial-grade treadmill for your gym or even your home? The PowerMax Fitness TDA-330 is an absolute powerhouse and here is what makes it a professional’s favorite.

PowerMax Fitness TDA-330 Series (3.0HP) DC Motorised, Electric Treadmill (FREE INSTALLATION)【Auto...
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 3.0HP DC GREEN Efficient Motor
  • 15-Level Auto Incline for intense workout

Motor and Speed

The Treadmill comes with a 3.0HP energy-efficient motor which consumes only 1 unit per hour so your electricity bills won’t burn a hole in your monthly budget.

Plus, backed by such a powerful motor, the treadmill can hit a top speed of 18.8Km/H. Want to walk, jog or are you into hardcore running? Well, the treadmill is perfect for it all.

Dimensions and Capacity

The TDA-330 has a 54.3” wide so you do not feel like you are running in a cramped up area. And the 20” length provides enough room for taller people or for those practicing taking longer strides.

Also, most of the people hitting the treadmill are likely to be overweight. Thus, you would be happy to know that the TD-330 has a weight capacity of 130Kgs (yup, this one can take a beating).


Adjusting the speed and incline are as easy as they can get. Both can be adjusted via separate dials on either side. But if that isn’t convenient enough, you also have joysticks on either side with controls or the shortcut keys with fixed numbers or even easier on the go adjustment.

With such versatility and resistance training, whether you want to lose weight, train for a marathon or love high-intensity training, there is nothing you cannot do.

Display and Pre-set Workouts

To give you all the info related to your workouts like the time elapsed, distance, calories, speed the treadmill has large 5.5-inch LED display readable even from a fair distance.

The grip on the handles allows one to track their heartbeat with pin-point accurate readings. Not to forget, there is also a Body Mass Index calculator (because in exercise there is simply no guesswork).

There are 12 pre-set programs. So whether you are a newbie or a professional, there is a workout for everyone.

Safety Features

Running can take its toll on the knees and other joints. Thus, to reduce strain and help you run longer and more efficiently, the treadmill has been equipped with ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System which absorbs shocks and provides a softer landing each time.

Furthermore, the multi-layer polyester build of the running belt makes it anti-skid. There is also a safety clip to be hooked to the dress that will auto-stop the treadmill in case you slip.


When not in use, the treadmill can be easily folded and put away which, in turn, saves you plenty of space and also makes it easy to clean the gym or home.

And when you need to use it again, the hydraulic soft drop system sets up the treadmill in minutes without any noise with a simple kick of the yellow tube at the bottom.


The heavy-duty steel frame with 3-layers of paint makes the body rust-free.

The steel crowned rollers keep the belt centered, in turn, providing you smoother movement and long-lasting belt and ball bearings (you want your treadmill to last you for years, the TDA-330 has been built for just that).


To give you peace of mind while you bust your back on the treadmill, Powermax gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3-year motor warranty, and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

Other Features

Lastly, the 68dB noise level is perfect for any commercial gym as it lets you work out and enjoy your music rather than listen to the treadmill’s noise at each step.

Most of the treadmill comes assembled with in-depth videos to guides to help you finish up the rest. And in case you hit a snag or have any other trouble, a customer service representative will reach onsite within 48 hours of your complaint.

Also, the treadmill comes with an AUX input or USB pen drive so you can listen your favorite set of songs (after all, nothing gets the juices flowing in the body like good music, right?).


The treadmill does not come with auto-lubrication and thus lubricating the parts can be time-consuming.

It is also on the expensive side and for any gym owner, its high-end features and safety precautions, make it an ideal treadmill for a happy workout.


  • The green motor makes it an energy-efficient treadmill
  • With a 3.0HP motor, the treadmill can reach a top speed of 18km/h
  • The speed variation and motor make the treadmill ideal for running, walking or even jogging
  • The 54.3” wide and 20” long deck can accommodate the tallest or heaviest of people
  • It has a weight capacity of 130Kgs and thus perfect for heavy users
  • Speed and incline can be adjusted via separate dials, joystick buttons or shortcut keys
  • The 5.5-inch LED display gives you workout info like pulse, time, distance, calories burned and so on.
  • You can also check your body mass index
  • The grips on the handle also let you track your heart rate
  • The treadmill can be easily folded and unfolded using the soft drop system
  • With the shock-absorbing system and anti-skid build belt, the treadmill goes easy on the joints
  • Its heavy-duty steel frame is rust-free
  • Adding to the durability is the steel crowned rollers which keep the belt centered
  • Allows you to connect an AUX or USB so you can listen to your favorite songs during workouts
  • Features an emergency button stop in case of any trouble during a run
  • Stops automatically if any user slips if the safety slip is attached to the clothes


  • Lubrication needs to be done manually
  • It is on the expensive side

#2: Powermax Fitness TDA-125 (Best Treadmill for Home use in India)

Need something cheaper for your home? Well, Powermax makes not just commercial-grade but also top-notch treadmills for every home.

PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 SERIES (4.0HP Peak) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill【LCD Display |...
  • Dual Shock Spring with ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System. Mobile & Tablet Holder for safe keeping your smart devices while running. Hydraulic Softdrop System(HSS) for Easy Folding & UnfoldingRunning Surface (L X W) – 1260 x 420mm / 49.6 x 16.5 inches. Auto Lubrication for Easy Maintenance. Wheels for Easy Transportation. .

Motor and Speed

Just like the previous model, this 2.0Hp motor too is a Green Efficient Motor consuming only 1 unit per hour (so your fears of the exorbitant electricity bills can be put to rest).

From 0.8km/h to 14km/h, its varying speed let you walk, jog or run making it the ideal treadmill for your kids and even your old parents wanting a stroll.


Auto incline lets you adjust it between from 0-18-degrees with the press of + and – button on the console or you can even use shortcut keys for quick adjustment.

Similarly, you can also adjust the speed or even choose any of the 12 pre-set programs for a variety of workouts based on your fitness goals.

Running Deck and capacity

The TDA-125 has a 49.6” wide and 16.5” long, running deck which in tandem with its 115Kg capacity makes the treadmill ideal for people of all shapes and sizes (tall or fat, there is no stopping you now).


The blue backlit 5.5-inch LCD display gives you all the required details like calories burned, time, distance, speed, incline to help you track your progress and stay motivated.

The pulse sensor on the console lets you track your heart rate (especially helpful for those with heart issues in the past) by simply placing your thumb on it. You also have the option of checking your body mass index.

And with the Smart Run Function, you can replay your previous settings with the press of a single button in case you are on a strict training regime.

It also records stats so you can make timely changes in the work out where need be for better results (because in the end, it is all about good results)

Folding and Transportation

Don’t want your treadmill to take up tons of space in your home? Well, thankfully, it can be folded and put away when not needed and set up in minutes effortlessly with the soft drop hydraulic system.

There are also transport wheels that make it easy to move the treadmill around for cleaning and other purposes (you won’t be needing the hulk to push this one around).

 Safety features

Remember I told you even your old parents and kids can use this? That is also because the treadmill goes easy on the vulnerable joints like the ankles and knees due to the shock spring which increases comfort by 25-30% than other treadmills.

There is also an emergency stop button and an automatic stop feature that comes into play in case of a slip or an abnormal backward drift to prevent serious injuries (just don’t forget to attach the safety clip to your dress).

But you just simply slip at every step because of the multi-layer anti-skid polyester build of the running belt that further softens the impact on your joints as well.


This model too has a steel frame built with 3 layers of paint to keep away corrosion from eating into your investment

Once again, the steel crowned rollers help keep the belt balanced and centered for smooth movement and greater durability of the ball bearings

Oh and did I mention, lubrication is effortless with the auto lubrication feature? Fill the tank up with lubricant and let the machine handle it for you (maintaining a treadmill hardly gets any easier than this).


Backing up the promise of the durable and sturdy treadmill is a lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor Warranty, and 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor.

Other Features

Music is an important aspect of any workout (the better the music, the better the workout). Thus the TDA-125 is equipped with decent speakers or you can also connect your mobile via AUX or USB to listen to your preferred playlist anytime.

Here too 85%-90% of the treadmill will be delivered assembled with detailed guides and videos to complete the rest. Or else you can also check-in with the customer care and have it done for you within 48 hours.


The treadmill features an LCD display over an LED display. While not much of a concern, LED display and better.

The 68db noise level may not ideal for morning workouts in a home set up as you might wake up children or your partner (no disturbing the neighbors though).


  • No high electricity bills with the green motor as it consume only 1 unit per hour
  • Backed by a 2.0Hp motor, it has a top speed of 14km/h ideal for high-speed running
  • The 49.6” wide and 16.5” long long deck can is perfect for even tall users
  • It has a weight capacity of 115Kgs so even heavy users can make the most of it
  • Speed and incline can be adjusted shortcut keys or + and – buttons for more intense training
  • The 5.5-inch LCD display gives details like pulse, time, distance, calories burned
  • Lets you check your body mass index too
  • The Heart rate sensor gives accurate details by just placing your thumb on it
  • Folding and unfolding is hassle-free with the soft drop system
  • The shock-absorbing spring and multi-layer anti-skid belt provide a cushioned landing
  • The heavy-duty steel frame is rust-free
  • You can connect an AUX or USB to listen to your favorite songs during workouts
  • Stop the treadmill is jiffy with the emergency stop button
  • Hook the safety clip onto your clothes for an auto-stop in case you slip
  • Auto-lubrication makes maintenance hassle-free


  • The LCD display is not as good as an LED display
  • 68dB noise level can be disturbing for people at home, especially early morning.

#3: Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill (Treadmill on a Budget)

Just because you are on a budget, you do not have to compromise with your health. At less than 10,000, this treadmill is everything you could have asked for.

Lifeline 4 in 1 3 Level Inclination Manual Treadmill with Twister & Stepper (Multicolor)
  • Material: Other
  • In-Box Contents: 1 x 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill With Twister, Stepper & 3 Level Inclination
  • Display type: led | beautiful console display speed, distance, calories, time and pulse.


One of the standout features of the treadmill is the compact design and foldable build which makes it easy to store when not in use.

Since it is lightweight, compact and has wheels, even moving it from one room to the next requires minimal effort.

Multi-purpose Treadmill

Apart from being a regular treadmill, it also comes with attachments that let you also use it as a stepper while the twister in the front helps you tone those hips and waist

Right next to the twister are also push-up handles to tone up your back and chest as well (Nah, this isn’t your average cheap treadmill).


The electronic display though a little smaller, more importantly, gives you the required details about your session like the Speed, Calories, distance covered.

Plus, you also get to monitor your heart rate which is done using the sensors fitted into the handle and guess what?

You do not even have to run to get the reading. Just place your hands on the handle and you could also get your resting heart rate and pulse.


To help you take your workout up a notch or let you practice trail running, it comes with 3 incline levels but you will need to adjust them manually so have done before you begin.

As for the speed, since this is a manual treadmill, the speed will vary as per your running capability (fast, slow, a jog or even walk, it is all on you).


For a cheaper treadmill, it is also surprisingly durable which I believe is mainly down to its steel frame and the use of robust metals rods that can take some pounding.

The build also justifies its 110Kg capacity which allows even heavy users to get up and get running without having to miss out on their favorite TV show or even Netflix.


From adjusting the incline to even speed, everything needs to be done manually which means it needs a little more effort on your part.

It also has a slightly smaller running deck which may make taller or heavier users feel a little cramped up.

Lastly, it comes with only a 6-month warranty and needs to be installed from scratch though there are plenty of videos and a handy guide to help you with it (not bad for a little Sunday afternoon DIY I guess).


  • It is foldable and comes with transport wheels which makes it easy to store or move
  • Also, the treadmill is more lightweight and compact than others
  • Yet, its steel build is strong enough to last you for at least 2-3 years (if used right)
  • Adding to the durability is the use of sturdy metals rods
  • Comes with 3 incline levels to help you modify your workouts
  • Helping you tone other parts of the body are the stepper, twister and push-up handles
  • The display shows you details like Speed, Calories, distance covered, etc.
  • It has a user capacity of 110Kgs making it ideal for heavier users
  • The speed of the treadmill is adjusted manually and thus can be used to walk, run or just jog
  • The heart rate sensors provide you accurate readings even when you are not running


  • Comes with just a 6-month warranty period
  • Needs to be installed from scratch
  • Running deck is slightly smaller so bigger or taller users might feel cramped up
  • Incline, speed, etc. all need to be adjusted manually

#4: Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill

Going toe to toe with Powermax is another popular fitness brand known as Fitkit and there is much to like about their FT200 Treadmill.

Fitkit FT200 Series (4.5HP Peak) DC-Motorized Treadmill (Inclination: Auto, Max Weight: 110 Kg )...
  • Motor Horsepower: 4.5HP || Motor Type: DC-Motorized || Belt size: 1240*420 MM || Speed: 1-16 km/hr || Max Weight support: 110 Kgs || Lubrication: Auto
  • Inclination Type: Auto || Inclination Level: 15 || Pre-set Programs: 12 || Foldable: Hydraulic || Massager: Present || Transportation Wheels: Present
  • Avail exclusive offer by OneFitPlus in association with cult.fit. Enjoy a free 30 day cult BLACK pass allowing you to get Unlimited access to all cult centres, gyms and live workouts.( To redeem this voucher offer, please contact our toll-free 1800-572-6402 / 1800-572-6303).

Motor and Speed

The Fitkit FT200 comes with a 2.25HP motor that can peak to 4.5HP so you can reach speeds of 16Km/h. So whether you want to run like the flash, jog or just want a good early morning walk, it can accommodate all needs.

And yeah, you won’t be spending big on electricity either because the FT200 also features a green efficient motor that consumes minimal energy even when used for hours.

Incline and Speed Adjustment

Want to improve your trail running? With 12 incline levels, you can do just that. Plus, adjusting the incline levels takes mere seconds with the + and – keys on the console or the shortcut keys.

And if really want to turn the heat on, there are similar controls for amping up the speed as well.

But in case you wanted an even closer and easier option to adjust the settings, you can find controls on the handlebar.


The LCD display is big enough and comes with a blue backlight for clear viewing in the dark. It gives you details like calories burned, distance, speed, time, etc.

And the heart rate sensor on the handles helps you keep track your heart rate as well (always handy when you are new to training).

For newbies looking to jump-start training, there are also 12 pre-set workout modes just the press of a button away and once you are more accustomed to the treadmill, feel free to have your own modes.


To prevent injuries to muscles and joints like the hip, ankle, etc. there are springs on the bottom that soften the blow, so each landing is well-cushioned.

And as long you have the safety clip connected to you and console, the treadmill will turn off automatically in case of a severe pushback or even a slip. The emergency stop button comes in handy too in case you can reach it.

Folding and Transportation

The FT-200 too folds up into a compact treadmill when not in use and the hydraulics system ensures it opens up quickly and quietly without scratching the floor.

And in case you wanted to move the treadmill around, the transportation wheels help you do that with little effort (because your workout should only be on the treadmill).

Running Deck and Capacity

Also, since the FT200 has a 48×16-inches running deck and a weight capacity of 110, your size and height do not hinder the comfort of running (long strides, short strides, run as you want to).

Multi-Purpose Treadmill

The treadmill also comes with a twister to help you get a flab-free waist and tone the hips as well (so you are beach ready, always) while the massager is perfect for relaxing those tired muscles.

Also, it features a small dumbbell rack in the front where you can store 1-2kg dumbbells and sit-up bars (after all, an effective workout is not just about running).

And, in case, things get too uncomfortable during summers, the cooling fan is the perfect addition to help you calm things down and take a breather.

Other Features

If you are not listening to head-banging music while working out are you really doing it right? Believe it or not, music helps to stay motivated and this is why the FT200 lets you connect AUX or USB Drive for non-stop music.

Also, the headache of installation is not yours to take as FitKit provides you with free installation service. All you need to do is get in touch with the company after delivery and they will have a representative over ASAP.

Warranty: 3-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts and manufacture defects


On the downsides, the warranty of the FT200 is lower than that of any Powermax (not bad in itself though).

And an LED display instead of an LCD display would have been better. Plus, it also is a little noisy so you do not want to be working out at night or at 5 am.


  • The 2.25HP motor can peak at 4.25HP giving you a top speed of 16km/h
  • The versatility of the motor allows you to run, jog or even walk on the treadmill
  • The green motor is energy efficient
  • You can adjust speed and incline levels using the + and – keys and controls on the handlebar
  • The backlit LCD display shows calories burned, heart rate, speed, time, etc.
  • 12-workout programs help you get started with the push of a button
  • You can also set your own custom modes
  • The running deck of 48×16-inches is ideal for all body types
  • It has a weight capacity of 110kgs
  • Twister helps tone your waist
  • The massager is great for relaxing tired muscles
  • Comes with a dumbbell rack to store 1-2kg dumbbells or sit up bar
  • Hydraulic system ensures the treadmill opens up smoothly
  • Wheels make it easy to move the treadmill around once folded
  • Spring bottom reduces stress on joints by providing cushioning
  • You get free installation
  • Power up your workouts with good music via USB or AUX
  • There is also a cooling fan that is perfect for working out in the summers


  • Lower warranty than Powermax Fitness models
  • Comes with an LCD display over an LED
  • It can be a little noisy

#5: Cockatoo Velocity Steel Treadmill

Not the fanciest, but Cockatoo sure does know its way around manufacturing treadmills easy to use and effective treadmills.

Cockatoo Velocity Series 1.25 HP (2.5 HP Peak) & 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill
  • Warranty details: 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty and lifetime frame warranty
  • Technical feature: Time, speed, distance, calorie, pulse, fat measure
  • Running surface(l x b): 14. 5-inch w x 41-inch, motor power: 1.25 Hp, display: 5-inch LCD display

Motor and Speed

You slim down and your electricity bills grow bigger, well, that is not the reason you bought a treadmill for, right? Luckily, the Cockatoo DC motor is designed to work on little energy.

But that does not mean the 1.25HP motor can’t pack a punch. It can peak to about 2.25HP delivering a top speed of 12km/h allowing you a variety of exercises.

Incline and Speed Adjustment

The 3 incline levels need to be adjusted manually and while that may not be as comfortable as automatic inclination, it sure does help you add variety to your workout for better results.

But adjusting speed remains just as easy thanks to the button on both the panel and the handlebars.


The 5” LCD display comes with a good backlight so you can view it clearly even during the night. It shows all important details like the calories burned, speed, distance time (everything you need to know for improved results).

The heart rate sensors on the handles give accurate details of the heart rate making it usable even for those with cardiac issues in need of a comfortable walk.

And in case you just want to hop on and get going, feel free to choose any of the 12 pre-set workout programs.


In case you do happen to slip, the treadmill automatically shuts off as it detects any usual pushback considering you have the safety clip attached.

You can also use the emergency stop button in case of any discomfort. The giant red button has been placed right in front so it can be easily reached and instantly stops the treadmill.

But that is not all, the belt is composed of 5 layers each designed with comfort and durability in mind. The first layer prevents quick wear and tear of the belt even with everyday use.

The second layer helps keep things silent while the third layer absorbs shocks so your joints do not end up with aching or sore up.

Furthermore, also aiding this are the fourth and fifth layers that act as compression and avoidance layer (because there is never any compromising with safety in fitness).

Folding and Transportation

To save some space around the house and to ensure the treadmill is no hindrance while cleaning, you can fold it and put it away into the storage or any corner of the room.

And when you need to use, it the soft drop system takes care that the unfolding is quick and without any hassle and noise.

Running Deck and Capacity

If you are over overweight, there 2 things you will need. Firstly a good weight capacity and also a comfortable running deck and that is just what you get.

The treadmill has a 100Kg capacity and that a running deck that is 14. 5″ Wide x 41″ long so you should fit in just fine

Other Features

Well, there simply is no working out without music and this is why the treadmill comes with an AUX that lets you listen to your favorite songs (after all, that is where the motivation comes from).

Warranty: 3 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty & Lifetime Frame Warranty


On the downsides, the deck is not long enough for tall people so if you happen to be 6feet or more, Powermax would be a better option.

Also, the incline needs to be adjusted manually with which means you will have to stop your workout to make any adjustments.


  • 1.25HP motor peaks at 2.25HP to give you a top speed of 12km/h
  • This means you can walk, run or even jog with great comfort
  • The motor is designed to be energy efficient
  • 3 manual incline levels help add resistance to the workout for better results
  • You can also adjust the speed via panel button or the handlebar keys
  • 5” LCD display shows all the relevant information regarding the run
  • Comes with 12 pre-set workouts for a quick hassle-free workout
  • Automatically detects a fall and shuts down if safety clip is attached
  • The emergency button is conveniently located
  • Belt has been designed to absorb both noise and shocks so it goes easy on the joints
  • It can be easily folded while the hydraulics system ensures smooth unfolding
  • The weight capacity is 100kg thus ideal for heavy users
  • And the 14. 5″ Wide x 41″ in length running deck ensures there is ample room
  • Allows you to connect your favorite music via AUX


  • Not suitable for taller people (6feet or more)
  • It comes with a manual incline

Treadmill Buying Guide for Indians

Before you buy a product you need to consider a few factors. But with a treadmill, it’s different. You need to be clear with some other stuff.

First, you should think about your fitness objectives. Whether you want it for rehabilitation, general health, and fitness or athletic performance? And that way, you can easily identify the type of model you need.

Then look out for your budget. It depends on you whether you want the latest and the best piece or you’re satisfied with the less expensive and regular one.

First, try then buy:

  • It would be much better if you try a treadmill in person.
  • Try spending at least 10 minutes of every treadmill.
  • Ensure that it is quiet and it doesn’t shake even while running.
  • See if your feet hit the motor housing while walking or running.
  • Is the display monitor easy to read?
  • Can you easily operate or reach the controls?


77 inches long by 35 inches wide, on an average, this is the footprint most of the treadmills have. If you’re buying a folding treadmill, remember it will be half its length when stored. You need to have the right amount of space around your treadmill for the safety purpose.


Not just the size of the treadmill but the size of the running deck is important as well. A running deck so be big enough to fit in the tallest and the bulkiest of users without making them claustrophobic especially if you intend on buying a treadmill for a gym.

High-Tech Features

If you have planned to get a treadmill for yourself then why to go for the basic one. Treadmills with docks for iPods, USB ports, and wireless internet connectivity are some of the standard features that come with the latest model.


With most of the treadmills, you’ll find top speeds between 10- 12 mph, and some of the other will go faster. This mainly comes down to your treadmills horsepower. Most treadmills have around 1.25HP to 2.25HP whereas the ones that can go up to 18-20kmph are usually 4.25HP.

In the end, that choice comes down to your needs. For a gym, versatility is important so more horsepower is always welcome but for home use, a 1.25HP treadmill should be enough too as it has a bearing on the cost as well.

For your information, the treadmills mainly incline between 10-15 % grades still some offer an increased gradient. The inline can be manually or automatically adjusted via keys on the panel or the handlebar.

The only problem with a manual incline is that you need to stop your workout in order to adjust it but these treadmills tend to be cheaper as well.

Weight and Assembly

You surely HAVE to ask for the delivery because they are really very heavy. Just make sure that assembly is available or included at an extra cost.

But even if not or you do not want to spend the extra bucks, you can also watch an online video or check out the manual to help you do so.


It is no secret that treadmills are risky. This is why most of the high-end treadmills come with a special safety clip which needs to be attached to your clothes.

So in case you do happen to fall, the clip sends a signal to the treadmill which automatically stops preventing any serious damage.

Furthermore,  your treadmill should also have a large emergency button which can be easily reached to immediately shut down the treadmill in case you are experiencing any discomfort.

The Types of Treadmills You Can Buy

You must be aware of the motorized treadmills. They work on the same fundamental design premise i.e. they are powered by an electric motor and have a moving belt. But with different designs available in the market with different prices, treadmills are mainly divided into three types. Let’s see what are those types?

Budget Folding Treadmills

This type of treadmill is a perfect option for the walkers because it comes with a shorter running belt. The machine also has a display for speed, time, distance, and even show how many calories you have burned, and a shelf with water-bottle holders. But remember that these models usually don’t have a chest strap heart-rate monitor or heart-rate control programs.


  • If you’ve included only walking in your main exercise, these low-priced model would work for you.


  • Since they are budget models, thus, are made of lighter materials.
  • They tend to feel less stable and won’t work for a runner because their decks might be too short for them.

Folding Treadmills

If you’re not satisfied with the features of budget folding treadmills, go with these models because they provide you with more exercise programs along with heart-rate controlled setups. Also, some even come with a chest strap heart-rate monitor.


  • These models are much stronger and better suited for casual running.


  • You would still find some models with short decks with longer stride for the runners.

Non-Folding Treadmills

Well, here comes the treadmill that offers a stronger deck and a longer running belt. And the best part is these treadmills have a larger running surface.


  • If running is your primary exercise this is the best choice.
  • They are constructed with heavier and more powerful materials.
  • Usually, they come with integrated heart-rate control programs, higher max speeds, and steeper max inclines.
  • Recommended for heavier people and have the longest warranty.


  • It might sound strange but these expensive models have fewer built-in programs.
  • You need to have a good enough space to bring this baby at home.

Best Treadmill Brands in India

Well, it is true that a good brand also matters when you’re on your way to getting a new product. Some of the famous brands you should consider before buying a treadmill for you are:

  1. PowerMax Fitness
  2. FitKit
  3. LifeLine
  4. Healthgenie
  5. Cockatoo 

Check and compare which one will be the most suitable and match your preferences.


So here was your guide to buying the right and best treadmill. Remember that exercise can feel a chore and getting a treadmill can make your workout even more convenient. And since the product is not an everyday purchase, just remember this guide and make the purchase.

Best Treadmill in India 2021 (In-Depth Reviews for Home & Gyms)
Best Treadmill in India 2021 (In-Depth Reviews for Home & Gyms) 1

Nobody is saying buying a treadmill is going to be cheap but from personal experience, I can tell you that your health is always worth the investment (afte

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