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Best Smartphone Under Rs. 10,000 in India 2021


A couple of days back I realized, the first time I bought a mobile it cost me around 10,000. And even at that price it was durable, had a great camera, good battery backup etc.

Curious as I was, I decided to roll back time and once again look for mobiles under 10k, because do I always have to spend 35k to 70k for a good phone? Or could I still get something respectable for under 10k?

Guess what? Here’s a list of the best smartphones under 10000 in India that will change the way you think about budget mobiles

Best Smartphone Under 10000 in India

Redmi Y2 (Best Camera): From food, our pets to even the new shoes you got yesterday, for many of us, social media is life and for most of those snaps and story uploads we use our mobile. This why it is important your mobile comes with a top-notch camera but Redmi Y2 goes above and beyond that with a powerful processor for gaming, ample memory & storage, and a classy design.

Lenovo K8 Note (Best Battery): Hate carrying your mobile charger everywhere with you? Luckily, the with K8 Note, you won’t have to. The 4000 mAH battery will last you the entire day and you won’t even have to cut down on the music, movies or gaming hours.

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Top 3 Smartphones Under 10,000 in India for 2021

In-Depth Smartphone Under 10,000 Reviews

#1: Redmi Y2 (Best Camera Smartphone Under 10000 in India)

With, even the Economic Times describing it as a ‘compelling mobile for selfie lovers at this price range’ this one you DO NOT WANT MISS OUT ON.

Redmi Y2 (Black, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage)
  • Camera: 12+5 MP Dual rear camera | 16 MP front camera
  • Display: 15.21 centimeters (5.99-inch) HD+ full screen capacitive touchscreen display with 1440x720 pixels, 269 ppi pixel density and 18:9 aspect ratio
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 3GB RAM | 32GB storage expandable up to 256GB with dedicated slot | Dual nano SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)

What we like

It comes with a 12MP + 5MP dual rear camera and a 16MP front selfie camera but that is not all that goes into defining a good camera. What really ups the ante here is the pixel binning technology.

This lowers noise and captures more light giving crisp and sharp images even with low light. Then there is also the soft-toned selfie light and an automatic HDR (it is like walking with a mini photo studio in your pocket).

But the Y2 isn’t limited to just its camera. With a 2.0GHz Qualcomm 625 Snapdragon Octa-core processor, it gives you the power to multi-task on the go.

Plus, with a 3GB RAM and Adreno 506 GPU, you can enjoy lag-free gaming even with all the heavy apps running in the background (PUBG or Asphalt, there is no stopping you).

And giving you good colors and clarity during those games or movies is the Full-HD 6-inch screen. All those games, movies and photos will also need a lot of storage.

While 32GB is sure to be not enough, with a dedicated Micro SD slot you can upgrade it to 256GB. Lastly, it supports dual Nano Sims (both 4G) and uses both facial recognition and fingerprint scanner for unlocking.


On the downsides, the 3080 battery life is a little disappointing and in with heavy use, its runtime is about 5-6 hours and there is no fast charging either.

Also, while the selfie camera is excellent, the rear camera struggles to match up to it in low light.


  • The selfie camera is one of the best in this price range
  • That is mainly because of the pixel binning technology that captures light and colors better
  • Further adding to that are the soft-touch selfie light and HDR
  • 0GHz Qualcomm 625 Snapdragon Octa-core processor allows multi-tasking
  • The 3GB RAM and the Adreno 506 GPU let you enjoy lag-free gaming
  • Its 6-inch Full-HD display gives excellent colors and brightness for clear viewing
  • You can expand the storage to 256GB with a dedicated Micro SD slot
  • Stay connected to high-speed internet with dual 4G Sims
  • Unlocks quickly using fingerprint scanner or face unlock


  • Low battery life
  • No fast charging
  • The rear camera is average in low light

#2: Lenovo K8 Note (Best Smartphone Under 10000 in India with Good Battery Backup)

If there is one thing I hate about some mobiles, it is having to carry the mobile charger everywhere. But with Lenovo K8 Note, you won’t have to either.

Lenovo K8 Note (Venom Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) with New System Update
  • Camera: 13+5 MP Dual rear camera | 13 MP front camera with party flash
  • Display: 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) Full HD IPS touchscreen display with 1920x1080 pixels
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 4GB RAM | 64GB storage expandable up to 128GB | Dual nano SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)

What we like

You know a battery is good enough when it can last you all day even when you are binge watching Narcos on Netflix or going all out for the win in PUBG.

Well, that is just what the 400mAH battery delivers. Plus, it will fast charge which means you will never be too far away from your beloved mobile.

Another thing I like about this is the 2.3GHz Helio X23 10-core processor and the 4GB RAM. This means it seamlessly handles running 4-5 apps at once and lets you navigate between them in a jiffy.

Though a little smaller, the 5.5-inch screen Full-HD display gives the sharp colors, brightness, and graphics you would want while playing games or watching a movie. And so you don’t break it easily, it is well-protected by the Gorilla Glass 3.

And for those all games and movies, you will need fast internet. For that, you can insert dual 4G Sims without sacrificing additional storage as the Micro SD slot is a dedicated one.

You will love the party flash of the 13MP front camera (you the get great photos even in low light). There is also a 13MP+5MP rear camera which provides good depth and crisp photos in daylight.

Unlocking the phone is easy with the fingerprint scanner which also ensures utmost safety. Lastly, the storage can be upgraded to 128GB.


Also, it can easily handle running tons of apps but can heat up slightly during heavy gaming like PUBG, though nothing I would be too worried about.

The Rear camera is below par in low light and the mobile does not feature a face unlock.


  • It has the highest battery backup in this price range
  • 4000mAH battery can also be fast charged
  • The Helios X23 10-core processor and 4GB RAM allow for smooth and quick operation
  • Micro SD slot is a dedicated one and can be used in tandem with the two 4G Sims.
  • Comes with the most internal storage on the list with 64GB
  • The 5.5-Inch Full-HD display is bright and clear ideal for gaming and movies
  • 13MP front camera features a party flash for better images in low lighting
  • 13MP+5MP dual rear camera provides great depth and quality during daylight shoots
  • Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen from breaking easily


  • Rear Camera is below par in low light
  • Does not come with a face unlock
  • It can heat when playing PUBG etc. for long hours

#3: Moto E5 Plus (The 5000mAH Alternative)

If you need something with even more juice, the Moto E5 is a great alternative to the Lenovo K8 Note.

Moto E5 Plus (Black, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage)
  • Camera: 12 MP Rear camera with Laser auto focus and LED flash | 5 MP front camera with flash
  • Display: 15.21 cm (6-inches) HD+ Max Vision IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display with 720x1440 pixels and 18:9 aspect ratio
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 3GB RAM | 32GB storage expandable up to 128GB with dedicated slot | Dual nano SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)

It comes with a whopping 5000mAH battery (this bad boy can easily last you about 1 to 1.5 days on a single charge).

Not just that, when it does finally run out of battery, you can it up and running at full charge in about an hour thanks to the rapid charging.

The only reason we rate the K8 higher than E5 is that it comes with a better processor, camera specs and better RAM.

More About it

The E5 is equipped with a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 Octa-core Processor and a 3GB RAM which is great for day to day tasks. In tandem with the Adreno 308 GPU, it can also handle most of your gaming needs

You will always have ample room for all your videos, movies and TV Series with the 32GB in-built memory which can be expanded to up to 128GB (because what is life without these, right?).

And if you like to keep your office life separate from friends and family, you have option dual standby 4G Sims.

To help you capture the beautiful moments in life, the mobile has a 12MP Rear camera and a 5MP front camera which are equipped with Laser Auto Focus, Selfie Flash and an Auto HDR Mode to capture more details.

Lastly, the Moto Gesture and Special Actions, taking screenshots, putting it on silent, or keeping the display on etc. become hassle-free.

For example, you can now take screenshots by placing just 3 fingers on the screen and screen never turns off as long as you keep looking at it. (fancy, ain’t it?).


On the downsides, the display of the E5 is not very bright so reading it during bright sunny days can be a little tough. Plus, it is not full-HD either which is quite a surprise

It also heats up during long hours of gaming especially with games like PUBG.


  • It has the best battery life on the list with a 5000mAH battery
  • Charging does not take long either since it supports quick charging
  • Supports most apps and games thanks to its Adreno 308 GPU
  • The 1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 Octa-core Processor and a 3GB RAM are ideal for day to day use
  • Allows you dual 4G Sims on standby
  • The 12MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera are decent for daylight shots
  • The camera has been equipped with Laser Auto Focus, Selfie Flash and an Auto HDR Mode to capture more details.
  • Moto Gesture and Special Actions make using the smartphone even more convenient


  • Does not have a Full-HD display
  • Display lacks brightness so viewing in sunlight can be tough
  • Heats up after an hour of continuous gaming

#4: Redmi 6A (Budget Pick)

Do you want something more pocket-friendlier? For mobile that will cost you less than 7000, even I was quite surprised by the features of the Redmi 6A (no wonder it is an Amazon Best-Seller).

No products found.

What we like

The display is one of the standouts for the 6A. Its upgraded design gives it a higher body to screen ratio so you have more viewing area. And because watching movies is only awesome in HD, the 5.45-inch screen is Full-HD with great colors and brightness.

Both the 13MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera are just like you would expect from any top smartphone in daylight. Plus, they also come with advanced features like HDR, Bokeh effect, Portrait Mode, Burst Mode etc. so you have all the power you will want over the clicks.

The Helio A22, 2.0Ghz Quad-core processor is better than even some of the more expensive mobiles makes browsing, multi-tasking smooth.

With the dedicated Micro SD slot, you can take the meager 16GB of internal storage to 256GB (because all those movies, games, and apps will need room).

The dual sim slots are 4G compatible so all your video calls, Netflix streaming etc. all can be done at super-speed and further improving that experience is noise canceling mic.

And lastly, you can unlock the screen in seconds with the Face lock which is quite accurate even for a cheaper mobile.


The 2GB RAM is quite low which means the mobile will heat up and even lag in case you heavy use like with PUBG or other similar games.

Charging the 3000mAH battery can also take longer than you would like because it does not support fast charging.

Cameras aren’t the best in low light and there is no fingerprint scanner for unlocking.

Lastly, the display is not protected by gorilla glass and the plastic build means you do not want to drop this one too often.


  • 45-inch Full-HD display has a higher body to screen ratio for a better viewing experience
  • 13MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera are quite good in daylight
  • Cameras also have features like portrait mode, Bokeh, burst mode etc.
  • The Helio A22, 2.0Ghz Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM are decent for everyday use
  • Dedicated MicroSD slot helps expand storage to 256GB
  • There are slots for Dual 4G Sims for fast and reliable internet connection
  • Face unlock is quick and accurate
  • Noise-canceling mic makes is perfect for your marathon calls


  • No fast charging
  • 2GB RAM is low for high-end gaming
  • Cameras aren’t great in low light
  • Plastic build and no gorilla glass protection means it is prone to breaking
  • It does not have a fingerprint scanner for unlocking

#5: Honor 7C

Honor has managed to build a strong following in the lower to the mid-range mobile market in India and Honor 7C shows just why.

No products found.

What we like

While you will find a lot of the 7C features are at power with the Redmi Y2, the one place Honor 7C out does Redmi with almost every mobile is the design.

Slim and sexy, that is what Honor went for and they have nailed it in this price range. The feel of the mobile is just like one of those expensive mobiles (compliments coming your way in 5,4,3,2,1….)

A mobile’s only selling point cannot be its looks, its utility matters as well and if there is one thing that matters most these days, it is gaming.

This is why the 7C is fitted with an Adreno 506 GPU and a special gaming mode (no calls, no messages, will spoil game-time anymore).

Similar to the game mode is also the Ride Mode, one-hand mode etc. that further add to the comfort of using the Honor 7C.

The 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa-core processor and 3GB RAM lets you power through every day work like calling, messaging, browsing, movies etc. without a hitch.

You can rev up the 32GB Storage to 256GB with the dedicated Micro SD slot so won’t be running out of space anytime soon.

This also means you can also use two 4G Sims at the same time. And if you ever need to recharge those Sims or make other payments using PayTM, it is now just a touch away.

Pre-assign a finger on the sensor and it will directly take you to the payment page (making payments on the go, just got a whole lot easier).

You can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at once. This means you now have your speakers and wireless headset both connected at the same time.

And lastly, it features a 13+2 MP Dual rear camera and 8MP front camera to give you pretty good photos in daylight.


The 3000mAH battery life a is pretty low but you can always keep it charged with our range of the best power banks in India.

The cameras do not perform that well in low light.


  • Comes with a metallic design that sure to turn a few heads
  • Adreno 506 GPU is ideal for all sorts of games
  • Further, there is also a gaming mode which prevents calls, messages etc.
  • There are also Ride Mode and One Hand Mode which adds to the convenience
  • 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa-core processor and 3GB RAM are ideal for multi-tasking
  • Storage can be upgraded to 256GB
  • You can access mobile using both fingerprint scanner and facial recognition
  • Fits in dual 4G Sims
  • You can assign finger for quick access to PayTM payment page
  • Allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth devices at once
  • The 13+2 MP Dual rear camera and 8MP front camera perform well in daylight


  • Cameras do not perform well in low light
  • Low battery life

#6: Samsung On7 Pro

Next up, comes a budget pick from one India largest and popular smartphone brand, Samsung and there is plenty to like about the On7 Pro as well.

Samsung On7 Pro (Gold, 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage)
  • Camera: 13 MP Rear camera with Auto mode, Beauty face, Continuous shot, Interval shot, Panorama mode | 5 MP front camera with Palm gesture selfie and 120 Degree selfie mode
  • Display: 13.86 centimeters (5.5-inch) HD TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 720x1280 pixels
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 2GB RAM | 16GB storage expandable up to 128GB | Dual micro SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)

What we like

The On7 Pro makes clicking selfies a breeze with the Palm Gesture and since it can capture up to 120-degrees with the Wide Selfie Mode, you never have to leave anyone out again.

And if you wanted to add a touch of beauty to your selfies, the Beauty Shot Mode is meant for just that (no makeup? No problem). But are the cameras good?

Well, Samsung cameras usually never really disappoint and neither will the 13 MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera of the 7 Pro either.

Well, 1.5GB in a day is never really enough, right? So when you are running low, the Ultra Data Saving mode can be a lifesaver as it can save you 50% more data (now shop, stream music or stream Netflix longer).

Further, supporting those activities are the 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor and the 2GB RAM.

Similarly, the 5.5-inch display of the 7 Pro is bright and clear as well. Not Full-HD as we would have liked but nonetheless performs quite well even in sunlight.

And lastly, the dedicated MicroSD slot that lets you upgrade storage to 128GB and gives you the freedom to have dual 4G standby SIMS.

Oh, before I forget,  if you prefer to use speakers over headphones, this one comes with better sound quality compared to most other mobiles in the same price range.


Well, the Pro7 is surely not the most powerful mobile on the list I really would not recommend you play too many heavy games on it as it can hang and overheat.

Secondly, the display is not Full-HD and also smaller than most of the other picks.

And lastly, the design did not impress us much either and the same can be said of the battery life.


  • Palm Gesture removes the hassle from clicking selfies
  • It can take selfies up to 120-degrees wide
  • Beauty Mode lets you beautify photos with the click of a button
  • Both the 13 MP Rear camera and 5MP front camera are decent in low light
  • Quad-Core Processor and 2GB RAM is a fair amount of hardware for browsing, streaming etc.
  • Display quality is quite good for a low budget mobile
  • It comes with a dedicated MicroSD slot that helps extend storage to 128GB
  • Comes with slots for dual 4G SIMS (standby)
  • It also has very good sound


  • Average design
  • Does not have a full-HD display
  • Not powerful enough to support heavy games as it can overheat or hang
  • Low battery life and does not support fast charging either

#7: OPPO A3s

Last up not the least is the OPPO A3s and with its battery life, design to even camera, it is no surprise and OPP A3s has rating over 4-stars.

OPPO A3s (Red, 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage)
  • Camera: 13+2 MP Dual rear camera | 8 MP front camera
  • Display: 15.74 centimeters (6.2-inch) HD+ capacitive touchscreen display with 1520x720 pixels and 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 2GB RAM | 16GB storage expandable up to 64GB | Dual nano SIM with dual standby (4G+4G)

What we like

The first talking point of the OPPO A3s is the battery life. I know we talked about the Lenovo K8 and Moto E5 above but it never hearts to have another option.

With 4230mAH battery, your phone will last you the whole day and you do not have to sacrifice on game time or music.

Talking about games, it OPPO comes loaded with the Adreno 506 GPU and a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa Core Processor. So most the games you so love should run smoothly.

Both the Dual Rear Camera (13+2MP) and Front Camera (8MP) will give you excellent photos in daylight and even low light.

And to further ensure that, you always bank on the AI Beauty 2.0 which works differently on everybody’s face which makes it ideal even for group images.

The face unlock is quick so unlocking the phone will take you no more than 2-3 seconds and there is also a fingerprint scanner if need be.


One of the few issues with the mobile is that charging takes a really long time. To be precise, it can take you around 3-4 hours.

The display is dull in bright sunlight and there is only 2GB RAM so the phone can lag or even hang when using multiple applications

The storage is also expandable to 64GB which lesser compared to other phones on the list.


  • Offer an excellent battery life of 24-32 hours as it has a 4230mAH battery
  • Gaming is smooth with the Adreno 506 GPU and a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa Core Processor
  • Cameras perform well in almost every lighting condition
  • The phone has a 13+2MP Dual Rear Camera and 8MP Front Camera
  • AI Beauty 2.0 works on group images as it adapts to each face to give you improved images
  • Face unlock is very quick
  • The phone can also be unlocked using the fingerprint scanner
  • Comes with Dual 4G standby SIMS


  • Take 3-4 hours to charge fully
  • The display is dull in bright sunlight
  • Comes with only 2GB RAM
  • Storage can be expanded to only 64GB


Best Smartphone Under Rs. 10,000 in India 2021
Best Smartphone Under Rs. 10,000 in India 2021 1

A couple of days back I realized, the first time I bought a mobile it cost me around 10,000. And even at that price it was durable, had a great camera, goo

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