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Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India 2021


Refrigerators can turn into your best friends in the summers. From cold water, ice to ensuring your food lasts longer, a refrigerator in a must.

But most of the double door or multi-door refrigerator tend to be smaller and they only allow 150-250 liters of space. So what do you do if you have a large family?

Step in Side by Side Refrigerators.

Not only are these refrigerators large but also some of the most advanced which makes choosing the best side by side refrigerator tough.

But that is why we are here. This buyer’s guide will breakdown each feature so you can buy one that best fits your home and budget.

Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India

LG GC-X247CSAV.ANSQEBN: This 668L fridge maintains coolness and freshness of foods better than most fridges in India mainly because of its Insta-view door, water & ice dispenser, and a touch panel that limits door opening to a minimal. It also has a wine rack, Express Freezing, crisper for veggies and a filtration system that kills all bacteria and foul odor. Not to forget, it is very energy efficient with its inverter compressor.

Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL: This is truly a Next-Gen fridge that has a voice assistant Bixby. You can book cabs, play music, mirror your Samsung TV or mobile, order food, get recipes based on ingredients in the fridge and maintain a shopping list.  You can also view the inside using your mobile or the hub screen. There is also a water and ice dispenser and its cooling and energy efficiency is at par with the LG model.

A Side by Side Refrigerator on a Budget

BPL BRS564H: However, if you are on a budget, the BPL BRS564H is available for less than 50,000 and yet and can keep food cold up to 10 hours in case of a power cut. It also has a quick cool and freezer feature that cools food in minutes.

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Top 3 Side by Side Refrigerators 2021

In-Depth Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

#1: Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL

The Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL is an absolute beast and comes with features that will leave you and your guests in awe of it (trust me, this isn’t your average fridge).

Samsung 810 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(RF28N9780SG/TL, Black, Inverter Compressor)
  • Frost Free, Side-by-Side: Auto defrost to stop ice-build up
  • Capacity 810 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


Did you know that every time you open the fridge it loses up to 50% of its cooling which means the compressor runs longer, in turn, increasing electricity bills?

Well, not anymore. With 3 cameras on the inside, you get a clear view of everything on the inside on the large Screen or even your smartphone.

Furthermore, it also comes with special FlexZone. This zone has 5 pre-set temperatures that best suit wines, cheese, butter, meat, etc.

Its soft freeze eliminates the hassle of defrosting food and maintains the right temperature so it can be cooked right out of the fridge (perfect for storing foods overnight before a party).

The triple cooling system circulates the cool air in all the compartments, removes any foul odor and maintains the right level of humidity so your vegetables and fruits stay fresh for days.

And if you think you need to amp up the cooling a little, the power cool and freeze function will do just that (now, you can have ice ready within 15-20 minutes).

Water and Ice Dispenser

Isn’t it tiring to constantly wash and fill up water bottles in the fridge and all the twisting, turning and banging the ice trays need so you can get some ice?

Well, kiss such problems goodbye.

Getting the water out of the fridge was never this simple thanks to the in-built water dispenser. But it isn’t limited to just that.

It also makes the tedious task of getting ice super easy. Just select between crushed or cube options. Now, push the level with the glass and voila, just like that you’ll have ice.

These features leave you with plenty of room so you can stock up on milk, juices, beer bottle and cans or other cold drinks you prefer (heck, even making lemonade will now take you seconds).

Energy Efficiency and Build

Your fridge is going to be running all day all night and this Samsung fridge does so without costing you big bucks on the electricity as it has an inverter compressor.

That is because these compressors adjust speed as per the temperature set and run at a lower voltage

On the other hand, traditional compressors turn on/off at the slightest difference in temperature at maximum speed and voltage thus drawing more power.

These compressors also run at 1 friction point whereas traditional ones run at 4 friction points which make inverter compressors less noisy and more durable.

It is also Super Smart

It maintains a stock of all the items in the fridge as since their expiration date is tagged, you will know precisely whether the food items are safe to be consumed or need to be replaced.

Every time you run out of an item in the fridge, you can instantly add them to the Shopping List App which can also be later accessed using your smartphone at the supermarket.

Plus, any item that is added or subtracted from the list gets instantly updated on both the mobile app and the family hub screen (so shopping for groceries becomes a breeze).

Other Features (Here’s where it gets really interesting)

Just like Apple has Siri, this fridge has Bixby. This means all setting changes, shopping list edits, pretty much anything and everything can be handled through voice commands.

Confused about what to cook? Well, ask Bixby, who will be happy to give you recipes based on the items in the fridge. You can also set meals planned in advance for each day.

It also allows you to book an Uber, order food online, set reminders or even share photos, memos, etc. via the fridge with a single click.

You will also never have a dull moment in the kitchen as you can play your favorite music, radio and get news updates as well (and the speakers are pretty damn good for a fridge).

And top all that, it can turn into your TV as well as it can mirror anything that currently running on a Samsung TV or mobile via the app.

You can also connect your other compatible smart devices and control them via the Family Hub Screen.


It is also one of the largest fridges you will find in India as it has a capacity of 810L and can fit in pretty much anything.


  • Capacity: 810L
  • Water & Ice Dispenser: Yes
  • Dimensions: 182.5cm (Height), 90.8cm (Width), 87.1cm (Depth)
  • Weight: 168kg
  • Shelves: Toughened Glass
  • Door Alarm: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


Clearly, this fridge isn’t for every household. Its bulky design and weight mean it can only be placed is large kitchens and halls from where it need not be moved regularly.

Also, it costs over 2 lacs so until and unless you have an eye for the fancy, you probably do not need the frills it offers.


  • With 3 cameras in the inside, you can view the items on the screen or smartphone without opening the door
  • The FlexZone temperature can be adjusted to suite wine bottles, meat, cheese, etc.
  • With triple cooling system, the fridge maintains coolness and humidity seamlessly
  • The dispenser makes it easy to get water or ice/crushed ice from the fridge
  • It has a power cool and freezer function when quicker cooling or freezing is needed
  • All settings can be adjusted via voice commands to Bixby (the voice assistant)
  • You can also book cabs, order food, set reminders, etc.
  • It also has an in-built speaker to play songs from the mobile or radio
  • You can also mirror your Samsung TV or smartphone
  • It helps maintain a shopping list and stock of items in the fridge
  • It also adds to the durability and makes the fridge almost noiseless


  • It is only suited for large houses
  • The fridge will cost you over 2 lacs

#2: LG GC-X247CSAV.ANSQEBN 668L Refrigerator

LG 668 L InstaView Door-in-Door Wi-Fi Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-X247CSAV, Noble Steel)
  • Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator
  • Capacity 668 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

If there is one brand that can go toe to toe with Samsung, it is  LG and while the GC-X247CSAV.ANSQEBN may lack a few fancy frills, it sure has got the important stuff right.

Standout Features

Do you constantly find yourself at the fridge in search of food, a beer can, water or your favorite juicer? Well, here’s the problem.

The InstaView Door-in-Door is LG’s answer to the. All you need to do is knock twice and you get an instant view of the inside without opening the door.

It is also equipped with a 5-stage filtration process that removes 99.99% of bacteria and bad odor. So both your food and your fridge remain fresh and clean.

Cooling and Storage

With multiple cooling vents in each part, every corner of the fridge remains cool while the multi-digital sensors ensure even with the little door opening needed, the temperature remains at optimal levels at all times.

And for all your veggies and fruits there is the lattice-patterned crisper which maintains the right amount of humidity giving them the freshness and taste you deserve.

All the shelves are made from toughened glass and thus won’t crack under the weight of the heaviest of utensils.

For all the butter, cheese, canned goods, there is a utility box that maintains the perfect temperature so it is neither too hard nor melts away.

And if you are wine lover, the wine rack stores 4 wine bottles at the perfect temperature and position so it tastes just as good even after months (it is the complete all in one cooling solution).

Freezer and Dispenser

Need ice for the party? Or is it a dessert that needs to set? Either way, you can now freeze stuff faster than ever before thanks to the Express Freezer Technology that gets the job done in minutes.

Another reason why this fridge excels at cooling and freezing is the in-built water & ice dispenser.

It conveniently dispenses water, ice cubes and crushed ice at the press of a button without opening either door further eliminating the need to open either door (and need I even mention that it is super fancy?).

Plus, since it has an in-built plumbing system, you don’t have to place it near taps and do not have to worry about replacing filters as well.

Energy Efficiency

Just like the Samsung, even this LG fridge features an inverter motor and automatically adjusts speed to give you the best cooling without blowing over your electricity bills.

This also makes it less prone to breaking down and it is so silent, you won’t even hear it while standing close to it.


With the SmartThinQ App, you do not need to be around your freezer all the time as it gives you the power to adjust the temperature, express cooling, etc. via your mobile.

Plus, it can diagnose and provide DIY solutions to 86 problems saving you both time and money spent on repairmen.

Other Features

Have kids at home prone to leaving the fridge door open? Not a problem. The door alarm beeps loud enough to ensure it doesn’t remain open for too long.

Also, since all necessary items like water bottles, juices, food, ice, etc. can be placed at the top, no one has to break there back bending (your old parents are going to love you for it).

Lastly, all of the settings like temperature, etc. can also be adjusted using the exterior touch panel while the LED screen shows you the exact settings so there is no guesswork.


  • Capacity: 668L
  • Water & Ice Dispenser: Yes
  • Dimensions: 179cm (Height), 91.1cm (Width), 73.8cm (Depth)
  • Weight: 155kg (Approx)
  • Shelves: Toughened Glass
  • Door Alarm: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


One of few drawbacks here is that its quite a big refrigerator and thus need some space in the kitchen though smaller when compared to the Samsung model above.


  • InstaView Door allows you to see inside without opening the door
  • The 5-stage filtration process removes 99.9% of bacteria and bad odor
  • Multiple cooling vents help maintain temperature even with constant door opening
  • The lattice-patterned crisper keeps veggies and fruits fresh with the right humidity level
  • There is also a wine rack and utility box for butter, cheese, etc.
  • Inverter compressor saves 50% more electricity and is less noisy
  • SmartThinQ App allows you to set temperature, express freezing and diagnose errors via the mobile
  • Express freezing freezes stuff way quicker than other freezers
  • The self-plumbing water and ice dispenser adds to the convenience
  • Door alarm ensure you do not forget to close it
  • Settings can be adjusted via the touch panel while the LED screen shows it all
  • It defrosts automatically


  • The fridge takes up quite a lot of space but smaller than the Samsung
  • It costs over 1 lac

#3: LG GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN (A Cheaper Alternate)

Want to enjoy the benefits that come with the LG fridge without paying a huge price? No problem, this model has got you well-covered.

LG 687 L Frost Free Inverter Linear Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SLUV, Platinum Silver III,...
  • Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator: Premium Refrigerators with auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up
  • Capacity: Suitable for families with 5 or more members
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor (T&C)

A few advantages this LG refrigerator has over its brother is that that it has a higher capacity and is available for almost 20-25k less.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with the inverter motor and express freezing which is a huge bonus.

It also carries over other awesome features like multiple cooling vents, 5-step filtration and multiple sensors that help maintain temperature and keep the food fresh for longer.

Furthermore, the lattice crisper keeps humidity to optimal for green veggies, tomatoes, etc. as all the evaporating moisture gets collected on the lattice rather than creating a puddle around your food.

Similarly, there is also a special vegetable box that works the same giving you additional storage space.

Oh yes, you can control settings and diagnose issues with the SmartThinQ app as well giving you unmatched convenience at a lower price.

All shelves are made from tempered glass for long-lasting durability and can be removed to create more room for the bigger utensils.

You can adjust and view the settings using the exterior panel.

And as far as durability goes, with a steel build and toughened glasses, this will easily last you for years to come so you get your money’s worth.


  • Capacity: 687L
  • Water & Ice Dispenser: Yes
  • Dimensions: 179cm (Height), 91.1cm (Width), 61cm (Depth)
  • Weight: 155kg (Approx)
  • Shelves: Toughened Glass
  • Door Alarm: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor


A few things that this LG refrigerator lacks as compared to its brother is, firstly, the Insta-View door.

This means you will need to open the door more frequently than you should but thankfully the multi digitals sensors to a good job of controlling the temperature

Secondly, it does not have an ice and water dispenser or a wine rack.

Lastly, it almost the same size as the previous LG model which means once again it will take up a lot of space in the kitchen (though its depth is lesser).


  • It ensures no bacteria and odor with the 5-stage filtration process
  • Cooling is controlled by digital sensors and various vents
  • With the lattice-patterned crisper and vegetable box, your veggies and fruits remain fresh longer
  • It is energy efficient and silent in operation as it has an Inverter compressor
  • Adjust the temperature, express freezing and diagnose errors via the mobile with the SmartThinQ App.
  • You can get stuff frozen in quick time with the express freezer
  • The alarm acts as a reminder in case you leave the door open by mistake
  • You do not have to worry about defrosting it either


  • There is no water or ice dispenser
  • It lacks the Insta-View door
  • The large build means it will take a chunk of the space in the kitchen

#4: BPL BRS564H Side by Side Fridge (Budget Pick)

Looking for a more compact side by side refrigerator? Or are you on a tight budget? Either way, the BPL BRS564H  still packs quite the punch with its impressive features.

BPL 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(BRS564H, Steel)
  • Frost Free, Side-by-Side: Auto defrost to stop ice-build up with toughened glass shelf
  • Capacity 564 L: Suitable for families with 5 or more members, External cold water dispenser
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Best Features

What makes this BPL refrigerator so effective is that fact that it also comes with multi-air flow system which is very similar to that of the LG.

With numerous vents all around the fridge, the fridge cools food even in the farthest corner of the of shelves.

And that coolness need not be disturbed too often as the fridge comes with a water dispenser which eliminates the need to open the door (a feature you will rarely find in cheaper side by side refrigerators).

In case you need something cooled of frozen on the double, there is also the Quick Cool and Quick Freeze Functions.

This means you can set your pies, jelly, custards, ice creams or even ice or your drinks in a matter of minutes.

But that’s not all 

There are multiple pull-out drawers the bottom that provides you with all the storage you will need your favorite everyday vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, etc.

It will ensure they maintain their freshness for more than just a couple of days by adjusting humidity levels.

And in case I didn’t tell you, there is also a super duper AI Mode.

Well, in case you are confused about what would the right temperature be for the load you have, just turn to the AI mode and the fridge automatically finds the optimal settings (hassle-free usage, just the way a fridge was meant to be).

Similarly, it automatically takes care of any frost build up on its own without you having to press even a button.

Not just the compartments and drawers, even the freezer is pretty large at 177L so you can chill your beer, ice, and even meat all at the same time.

And the stuff remains cool in the freezer for up to 10 hours in case of a power cut


As for the build, toughened glass once again ensures your load is safe as house inside the fridge.

Furthermore, it also functions without disturbing your sleep as its silent technology keeps the noise to a minimal.

All the settings like temperature can be changed in an instant with the quick-touch LED buttons on the outside. And this also plays its part in helping the fridge maintain coolness.

The contemporary finish makes it eye-catching and since it is more compact compared to the LG models, it takes up lesser space.


  • Freezer Capacity: 177L
  • Net Fridge Capacity: 337L
  • Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Weight: 107kg
  • Dimensions: 178cm (Height), 91cm (Width), 64cm (Depth)
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor


While the fridge does not take up a lot of room, moving it can be really challenging as it weighs around 107kgs.

It also isn’t as advanced as the LG models and lacks features like an inverter compressor which means it draws more electricity.

Also, BPL does not have the best customer service. But luckily, you won’t be needing them anytime soon.

But nonetheless, when you can get a durable, stylish and pretty efficient side by side refrigerator for less than 50k, there is hardly a reason to complain.


  • It is the best side by side refrigerator for budget buyers
  • The multi-air flow system maintains a constant stream of cold air to keep the coolness
  • It has a cold water dispenser which eliminates the need to constantly open the door
  • The AI mode automatically sets the temperature, etc. based on the load
  • It has a Quick Cool and Quick Freeze Function for cooling and freezing good in minutes
  • The pull-out drawers maintain humidity levels so you can store your veggies there
  • Frost removal is automatic
  • Food in the freezer remains cool up to 10 hours in case of a power cut
  • Changes to settings can be made via the LED one-touch panel
  • It is quite silent
  • The toughened glass shelves can withstand all kinds of utensils


  • It isn’t as energy efficient as the LG models
  • The fridge weighs over 100kgs and thus difficult to move around
  • BPL customer service is poor
  • There is no door alarm


I am sure by now you know why choosing a side by side refrigerator can be so tough. Not only will they cost you higher but they are also feature-rich and thus can often cause a dilemma as to which one is the best.

But with this buyer’s guide, we are sure you will it pretty easy to get a side by side refrigerator that does not burn a hole in your pocket and also caters to the needs of the family.

In case you still have doubts, get in touch with us by commenting below and if you have been using a side by side fridge, do share your list of pros and cons to help other buyer’s make an informed buying decision.

Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India 2021
Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India 2021 1

Refrigerators can turn into your best friends in the summers. From cold water, ice to ensuring your food lasts longer, a refrigerator in a must. But most o

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