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Best Mattress in India 2021 (A MUST READ Buyer’s Guide)


Planning to buy your next mattress? Read our expert reviews and comparisons of the best mattresses in India for 2021 before you purchase your next mattress.

Best Mattress in India for Back Pain

SleepyCat Plus: Is back pain giving you sleepless nights? By contouring the mattress to your body’s shape which, in turn, keeps the back and neck well aligned and providing the ideal firmness, the SleepyCat Plus is a no-brainer and worth every penny. Not to forget, with the smart zipper cover, maintaining it is hassle-free and its king-size means it can easily fit in 2 people.

A Comfortable Sleep on a Budget

WakeFit Orthopaedic Mattress: Need a comfortable mattress on a budget? With its memory foam that offers medium-firmness ideal for both back and neck and cost-effectiveness, the WakeFit Mattress ensures a cozy and restful deep sleep all night long.

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Best Mattress Reviews in India for 2021

In-Depth Mattress Reviews

#1: Sleepy Cat Plus 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress (Best Mattress in India for Back Pain)

Does your back-breaking work schedule have you dying for a restful deep sleep? Or is a niggling back pain that makes you want to change your old mattress? Irrespective, the SleepyCat Plus is just the mattress you need and here’s why.

SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King Bed Size, Medium Soft (78x72x8 Inches)
  • GEL MEMORY FOAM: The top 2-inches is the comfort layer – designed for a plush feel, and full support.
  • BASE: The premium high-density foam, all 6 inches of it, ensures durability and strength.
  • COVER: Washable 2-part Smart Zipper Cover is made from GSM spun knitted fabric for added softness.

What we like

Nothing beats the comfort a memory foam mattress can offer. But why is that?

For those who do not know, the specialty of a 2-inch Gel memory foam is that it contours to the body shape evenly distributing the body’s weight all around.

This helps maintain the ideal posture, especially for side sleepers relieving you of back and neck pain and in tandem with the 6-inch high-density base foam, gives the bed a medium firmness ideal for backaches.

But that’s not all the base foam does. Its primary role is to add a structure to the mattress which, in turn, increase strength and durability (this one will easily last you for 8-10 years or more).

Oh, and does the constant twisting and turning of your partner disturb your sleep? Well, not anymore. Memory foam mattress restricts motion transfer by sinking in the users a little (so you love your partner equally in the morning as well :P).

Unlike most memory foam mattresses, this one does not have any toxic emissions. How do we know that?

Because this is one of the very few memory foam mattresses in India to come with a Certi-PUR-US certification which makes it ideal even for your toddlers (because no one deserves a restful more than our sweet angels).

Furthermore, the inner netted cover allows for good airflow throughout the mattress which keeps it smelling fresh and free from dust and mold.

Lastly, the Smart Zipper Cover makes maintenance easy peasy. You can spot clean it or simply remove it chuck it into the washing for a deep clean in case you happened to spill wine of juicer on it.


There isn’t much to fault about the mattress except that it is on the expensive side.


  • The medium firmness makes it the perfect mattress for people with back pain
  • Plus, the memory foam keeps the body perfectly aligned by evenly distributing weight
  • Your partner’s movements won’t disturb you as memory foam restricts motion transfer
  • Cooling gems ensure you don’t turn into a sweaty mess in summers
  • It has a Certi-PUR-US certification which makes it toxins free thus even suitable for child use
  • The high-density foam adds durability and strength to the mattress
  • The inner netted cover supports good airflow to keep the mattress smelling fresh and mold-free
  • Smart Zipper cover keeps the mattress clean and can be machine-washed


  • It is expensive but worth the high price

If you have the budget and comfort is a priority for you, the Sleepy Cat Plus is the orthopedics choice of mattress for back pain.

But even if you do not have back pain, the mattress still remains an ideal pick (after all, a good night’s sleep is something we all crave).

#2: SleepyHead 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Very similar to the SleepyCat, SleepyHead Memory Foam is just the mattress the sleepy head you will need every night for blissful pain-free sleep.

Sleepyhead Original - 3 Layered Medium Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, 78x60x6 inches (Queen...
  • Layers: Comfort Foam for that cocoon- like feeling, Pressure Relieving Memory Foam for even weight distribution, High-Density HR Foam for Orthopedic Support, High GSM Breathable Fabric
  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Primary Dimensions: Length (198.1 cm) , Width (152.4 cm) , Height (15.2 cm)

What we like

With memory foam and a high-density foam below it, the mattress has just the right amount of firmness to sleep in any direction (side, on the back or stomach, now sleep just the way you want to).

Adding to the that is the perfect bounciness of the memory foam which sinks you in just enough so you do not feel the partner’s movement at night and vice versa. But at the same time, not so much that it feels like drowning into it.

The additional Comfort Foam and Breathable Fabric on top don’t just add to the comfort but also the durability of the mattress by giving it a solid structure (it is a mattress for the long haul).

The memory foam will also contour to the body’s shape which will help maintain a posture which is crucial to avoid back pain or a sore neck in the morning.

All the layers are well spaced to allow ventilation between them so you don’t end up with a smelly bed or worse, a mattress with mold.

And to keep the mattress safe from spills, there is the outer cover which can be machine-washed. This means maintaining the mattress needs your minimal attention (the occasional washing of the cover or sun-drying the mattress should do).

Lastly, in case you still have your doubts, Sleepyhead gives you a 100-night trial period and if you still don’t like it, you can have your money back (trust me, there’s no way you will want to give this baby away).


On the downsides, it does not verify whether it has the Certi-PUR-US Certification and thus not safe for children as it may contain a slight trace of toxins (common with memory foam mattresses and nothing too serious).


  • Lets you sleep in any direction with the right amount of firmness and cushioning
  • The Bounciness of the bed ensures you sink in enough to not feel your partner’s movements at night
  • It contours to the body’s shape which helps maintain a good posture all night
  • The Comfort Foam and Breathable Fabric add to the comfort and durability
  • It has the right amount of ventilation between the layers to prevent mold growth
  • Keeping the mattress safe from spills is the high-quality cover
  • The cover is machine-washable
  • If you do not like the bed after 100 nights, you can return it for a full refund


  • It does not have the Certi-PUR-US Certification
  • This means it is not suitable for children as it may have certain toxins

But for adults especially couples, the Queen size of the SleepyHead is a great alternative pick as in most respects, it is just as good as the SleepyCat Mattress.

#3: Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress (Budget Pick)

What if I told you a can grab most benefits of a memory foam mattress for less than Rs. 10,000? Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a small gift for you.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam 5-Inch Single Size Mattress (72x36x5 Inches, Medium Firm, White)
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 183 cm (length) x 91 cm (width) x 12.7 cm (height) / 72 x 36 x 5 inches / 6 x 3 x 0.42 feet
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Mattress: Next-Gen Memory Foam, 7 Pressure Zone Foam, High Resilience Foam | Cover Material: Breathable Premium Fabric

What We Like

Since it a memory foam mattress, we bet it is super comfortable especially for those with slight back or neck issues.

Why? That is because it will give you a good sleeping posture by perfectly contouring around your body and thus alleviating the stress on the pressure points.

With a foam base at the bottom, it has a medium-firmness that most doctors recommend to help heal backaches and neck pain. And the foam base also makes the mattress highly durability by giving it a sturdy base.

So the mattress remains clean even with everyday use, there is a high-quality cotton cover. And in case you do spill your early morning bed tea on it, a quick machine wash is just what the cover needs.

You also want your bed to be smelling nice and fresh every time you get on it and that is why the mattress cells have gaps in between them that encourage good airflow.

This also helps regulate the temperature in summers, in turn, keeping you cooler than a spring or coir mattress would.


One of the few drawbacks with this mattress is that it too does not have a Certi-PUR-US Certification so we cannot say if it is 100% toxin free (let’s not make the kiddos sleep on it).

Also, while better than most other mattresses, movement of the bed isn’t as restricted as the previous picks which can be little disturbing especially if you are a light sleeper.


  • Contours to the person’s body which helps which lowers the stress on pressure points
  • Maintains good temperature because of the large cell gaps between the foam
  • It also supports airflow so the mattress remains mold-free
  • The foam base adds to the sturdiness and provides good support to the spine
  • With cotton fabric cover, keeping the mattress clean is not a problem
  • The cover can be easily washed in a machine when needed


  • No Certi-PUR-US Certification and thus not ideal for children
  • Movement isn’t as restricted as with high-end memory foam mattresses

Forget the cons, simply put, if your hands are tied because of a budget this by far the best mattress in India for comfortable sleep while keeping your back and neck protected from more excruciating pain.

#4: WakeFit Dual Comfort Mattress (The Dual-Sided Alternate)

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft, King Bed Size (78x72x5)
  • Length (78 Inches), Width (72 Inches), Height (5 Inches)
  • Color : White , Mattress Feel : Medium Firm & Medium Soft on Different Sides
  • Warranty : 7 Years Manufacturer warranty.

The WakeFit is a regular foam mattress that combines the best of both worlds by providing you medium firmness on one side and Medium Soft firmness on the other side.

Tip: Use the softer side in summers and the harder side in winters for the best possible sleeping temperature.

Also, there is no doubt about the exceptional durability and comfort it can provide compared to other foam mattresses which mainly comes down to the top-notch base foam.

This base also helps keep the back and neck aligned right while sleeping to minimize the risk of strains and kinds of problems that can cause acute pain.

Like the Wakefit Orthopaedic, it too has great ventilation due to the larger cells which keeps it mold-free and fresh. Plus, the Polyester cover means it won’t soak up water quickly and is very easy to clean and maintain.


Keep in mind, this mattress lacks the comfort of a memory foam mattress and thus there is more motion transfer which is sure to be disturbing.

Also, it isn’t the ideal mattress for those with serious back pain but nonetheless, won’t be the cause of the problem either.


  • Both sides of the mattress can be used and provide different firmness
  • The soft side is ideal for summers as it helps you stay cooler
  • The medium firm side provides a comfortable sleep in winters by keeping you warm
  • The durability of the mattress is exceptional
  • The foam base provides good support to the back
  • It’s the ideal mattress for children as it contains no toxins and has dual firmness
  • Large spaced cells provide good ventilation the mattress
  • A polyester cover keeps the mattress well-protected from daily dirt and spills


  • Not suitable for people with backaches
  • Lacks the high-end comfort features of a memory foam mattress

All in all, it is a great pick for a fit person who isn’t sure what kind of firmness best suits them (simple, get them both). Its dual firmness and no toxins also make it a great mattress for children.

#5: Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress (Best Spring Mattress in India)

Spring mattresses are the most common types of mattresses in India because they are lightweight, cost-effective and also offer reasonably good comfort.

So if a spring mattress is what you prefer, here is everything you need to know about the best one available.

What We Like

What helps Comforto stand out in the long line of spring mattresses is the minimal motion transfer attribute of the mattress. But how does it minimize this common problem?

That is done with individually pocketed springs. Confused?

Well, in simple terms, each individual spring is enclosed inside a piece of fabric and are slightly distanced from each other which helps with even distribution of the body weight for a night restful sleep.

This special placements also provide your back and neck with good stability and alignment when compared to cheaper spring mattresses.

Also, it is on the softer side (medium-soft firmness) and thus ideal for children.

Furthermore, setting this mattress apart is its exceptional durability as the springs undergo rigorous heat tempering technique and also have supportive foam so it will last you well beyond the warranty period if maintained well.

Lastly, to top it all off, there is the plush quilted cover which not only makes sleeping on it really comfortable but also gives it a smoother, neater feel adding to the overall decor (not going back to sleep just got a whole lot more difficult 😉 ).


What we did not like about the mattress is that the quilted cover can get dirty quickly and is not the easiest to clean as it needs to be hand-washed.

Also, its medium soft firmness means it cannot be used by people with back or neck pain.


  • Pocketed springs ensure little to no motion transfer for a sound sleep
  • It also helps with equal distribution of bodyweight throughout the mattress
  • Medium soft firmness makes it a great mattress for children
  • Not to forget, it has no toxins
  • Heat tempered springs and supportive foam give the mattress good durability
  • The quilted cover adds to the comfort and décor.


  • Not suitable for users with back or neck pain
  • Quilted cover gets dirty easily and can only be hand-washed

#6: Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Coir Mattress (Best Coir Mattress in India)

Need a mattress for the guest room? This coir mattress is just what you have been looking for and is by far the cheapest on the list.

What we like

One of the best things about a coir mattress is that it does not have any motion transfer. So a little side change etc. won’t disturb you or your guests anymore.

Also, since the mattress comes with a firmer base support, it is ideal for people who love to sleep on their stomach.

And like I have already said above, it extremely cheap which makes a great choice for occasional use.


Coir mattresses like this one use coconut coir which means it won’t last you for long if used regularly.

Secondly, it’s firm base means if you have back pain, this mattress is a big no.

Lastly, this firmer base also makes it a bad choice for side sleepers as their night can be really uncomfortable.


  • It is the cheapest mattress on the list
  • No motion transfer means movement on the bed will not disturb you
  • It is perfect for guest bedrooms or occasional use
  • Also, people who love to sleep on their stomach might prefer this mattress


  • Use of coconut coir means it is not very durable
  • It cannot be used by people with back pain
  • Not the ideal mattress for side sleepers as well due to the firmness

Buying Guide

Performance of any product works in the best way when you choose the product wisely. And for that, not just your priorities matter but also you need to consider a few things. So, to buy the right mattress, take some of these factors into consideration and make the correct choice.


The first factor you need to consider is the size of the mattress. And most of them are available in 6 standard size- Full/double, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, and California King.

Also, you can try some models that are available in additional sizes like Short Queen and Full XL. Not just this, but there are other sizes available like the king, split queen, and California sizes that include two separate mattresses and can be pushed together or separated.


Another factor you need to consider before buying any mattress is the thickness or height of the mattress. Usually, most of the mattresses come with a height of 10-inches but it can also vary from less than 5-inches to more than 15-inches.

Your preferred thickness of mattress may depend on your body weight. Usually,  lighter individuals prefer shorter mattresses while heavier people are likely to go for thicker mattresses because of the comfort level it offers as they do not completely sink into it.


Well, technically, the expected lifespan of a mattress mainly depends on the type of material used. Most mattresses, in general, will easily last you for 7 years considering you maintain them well (yup, even the cheaper ones) but let’s go a little deeper into it.

Memory foam and foam mattresses have the longest life and thus should last you for 10-12 years or even more if cleaned and aired regularly.

Next up are Latex and Air Bed mattresses which have a durability of 8-10 years and last in the pecking order are Coir mattresses which last for about 6-7 years.

Conforming Ability

There are some mattresses available in the market that conform closely to the person’s body, in turn, perfectly aligning the spine and avoiding pressure points from developing whereas others offer little to no conforming.

A mattress’s conforming ability is directly linked to its topmost layers and models with thicker top layers like in the case of memory foam or latex mattresses have the best conforming ability. Though keep in mind that these can cost significantly higher.


Sleeper weight and sleep position are two main factors that determine the right firmness of your mattress. If you love to sleep on your side, softer mattresses are tailor-made for you whereas if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, go for firmer mattresses.

And when it comes to weight, lighter individuals usually prefer softer mattresses as they are easily adaptable and provide relief to the pressure points in the body.

On the other side, heavier individuals tend to choose firmer mattresses to avoid excessive sinkage.

If you and your partners cannot agree upon whether to go for a firmer or softer mattress, you will be happy to know that there are mattresses the come with different firmness of each side as well (in marriage, that is how you settle issues 😉 ).

Noise Potential

If you’re planning to have an airbed mattress, let me tell you in advance that they have the highest noise potential as compared to any other mattress due to the electrical components and their adjustable air chambers.

Also, innerspring and hybrids can also be a little noisy due to creaks and squeaks from their steel coils. So, if you want complete silence, foam and latex mattresses are the best choice.

Types of Mattresses available

Now that you know what you need to look for in your mattress, it’s time to learn about the common types of mattresses available in the market.

Foam Mattress

Also known as all-foam mattresses come with an amazingly comfortable system that features at least one layer of memory foam or polyfoam. And their support core is always made from high-density polyfoam.

So, if you’re interested in buying this one make sure you always consider 3 important factors before buying- type of foam used, foam density, and indentation load deflection. And, foam mattresses are not going to leave your side for 7 years.


  • They are available in a wide range and have a low average price-point.
  • The mattress has good motion isolation.
  • They are really adaptable and provide above average pain and pressure relief.
  • Will produce no noise.


  • This type of mattress has high odor potential.
  • Are vulnerable to early indentations and sagging.
  • They even have weak edge support.

Latex Mattress

We all are familiar with a substance called latex extracted from the sap of rubber trees. You must have heard about it in your science books.

This mattress features the same substance as one of its layers, which is mainly natural or synthetic. In fact, the support core is made of latex or maybe of high-density polyfoam.

So, if want to have such kind of mattress, make sure you check its latex processing method and indentation load deflection. The average lifespan of this mattress is about 8.5 years.


  • This mattress has longer than average lifespan.
  • Have an impressive conforming ability and will provide some pain and pressure relief.
  • This kind of mattress has good motion isolation and produces no noise.


  • The mattress comes with a high average price point.
  • Have weak edge support.
  • They are a bit heavy and difficult to move.

Innerspring Mattress

With most innerspring mattresses you’ll find one or two layers of polyfoam in their comfort system. And talking about the support core, it has uniformly spaced steel coils and also a polyfoam base layer in most of the cases.

Before you choose an innerspring mattress for yourself always consider a few important factors like coil type, coil gauge, coil count, and pitch. The average lifespan of these mattresses is about 5.5 years.


  • They are available in a wide range and have a low-average price point.
  • These mattresses have strong edge support.
  • Since they have better airflow in their support core, sleeps cooler.


  • The lifespan of these mattresses is below average.
  • Have high noise potential.
  • They come with minimal conforming ability and pressure relief.

Hybrid Mattress

If you really want to have this type of mattress, just see that it has a 2-inch memory foam/latex in its comfort system and a pocketed coil support core.

If it is so, only then you’re buying a true hybrid mattress. Besides this, some of the other important factors you need to consider are- Density, gauge, coil count, and indentation load deflection. The average lifespan of a hybrid mattress is 6 years.


  • The mattress has a closer conforming ability and provides more pressure and pain relief than the innerspring mattress.
  • They have a better than average motion isolation.
  • The mattress comes with strong edge support.


  • Talking about the price, they have a high average price point.
  • If the model comes with memory foam, you might face odor and heat retention issues.
  • They have a shorter than average lifespan.

Airbed Mattress

If airbed mattress is your first choice, they’ll either come with a thin foam comfort layer or no comfort layer (there’s no in between). With the support core, you’ll get at least 2 separate air chambers.

You can easily inflate or deflate them to adjust the firmness and support of your mattress.

Again, before you buy one ensure that you’re taking these factors into considerations- customization range, trench, and controls. The average lifespan of these mattresses is 8 years.


  • If maintained properly, they have a long lifespan.
  • You can adjust the firmness and support according to your preference.
  • They have a close conforming ability and will provide above-average pain and pressure relief.
  • They are apt for all the sleep positions and sleeper body types.


  • These mattresses have a high average price point and are not available easily.
  • Are vulnerable to breakdowns and malfunctions. If it comes to repairing, you may need to pay a large amount.
  • Have high-noise potential.

Best Mattress Brands in India

Besides, what you need to look in a mattress and which type of mattress you should buy, the next thing is to choose the best brand of a mattress. So, if you’re confused about which brand will be best suitable for your lifestyle, make a choice from my list given below:

  • Kurl-on new Spinekare coir mattress
  • Wink and nod
  • The flo mattress
  • Amore pocketed spring mattress
  • Wakefit dual comfort mattress
  • House of bed cuddly mattress
  • Sleepyhead mattress
  • Hush nirvana

These were some of the best brands available in the country. You can check and compare them online to get the best one for you.

Lastly, I would only say that before you try your hands on any of the mattresses, just make sure and IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT that you know why you’re buying or replacing a new mattress, evaluate your mattress’s performance, and check from where you’re buying or ordering the mattress.

Best Mattress in India 2021 (A MUST READ Buyer's Guide)
Best Mattress in India 2021 (A MUST READ Buyer's Guide) 1

Planning to buy your next mattress? Read our expert reviews and comparisons of the best mattresses in India for 2021 before you purchase your next mattress

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