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Best Headphones/Earphones Under 1,000 in India for 2021


Whether you are gaming, passing your time in the metro, relaxing at a coffee shop or watching a movie or simply trying to ignore the crazy world, one gadget that is common in every situation is your headphone.

And since your headphones are such an integral part of your everyday life, we want you to have only the very best of models without having to pay over the odds

This is why our team tried and tested over 25 headphones and compiled this list of the best headphones and earphones under 1,000 in India for 2021 (so you get the best bang for your buck).

Best Headphone Under 1,000 in India

Sony MDR-ZX110A: Whether you want a headphone on the cheap for gaming, watching movies or to listen to songs with deep rich bass and excellent treble, the Sony MDR-ZX110A is the perfect all in one headphone. With the in-built mic, taking calls is easy peasy while the high-end earbuds mean you can use the headphones for hours with any pain. They also fold up for hassle-free storage.

Best Earphone Under 1,000 in India

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II: If you would prefer in the ear headphones over the rest and are willing to sacrifice on a mic for better sound quality, note that the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is an absolute beast. At this price range, there is no better earphone for music lovers that prefer a punchy bass.

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Top 3 Headphone/Earphones Under 1,000 for 2021

In-Depth Reviews of Headphones Under 1,000

#1: Sony MDR-ZX110A

From the best home theatres to top-notch Bluetooth speakers, it is no surprise Sony rules the roost when it comes to budget headphones as well.

And if you have a thing for high bass, this is just the headphone you need.

Sony MDR-ZX110 Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (Black)
  • 30mm dynamic driver unit for clear sound
  • High energy neodymium magnets deliver powerful sound
  • Slim, folding design for easy portability, Impedance (Ohm): 24 ohm (1 KHz) and Sensitivities (dB/mW): 98 dB/mW

What we like

Ever wondered how a headphone generates great bass? Well, this comes down to the frequency response.

And with 30mm drivers, this Sony headphone produces a wider ranged frequency range of 12Hz-20,000KHz.

But you were told a human ear can only hear 20Hz-20,000KHz, right?

That’s correct but this wider range means you get to feel and hear some of those nuances in the music that other headphones would have missed out on (a bass and treble so good you will feel it in your bones at full volume).

Furthermore, the headphone has an impedance of 24 ohms. Now, what does that mean?

This means the headphones are perfect to use with your low-powered sources like Smartphone and laptops to listen to music or stream Netflix at home or while enjoying a cup of coffee at the closest Starbucks.

The cushioned ear pads in tandem with the self-adjusting headband give you absolute comfort so you can listen to favorite songs back to back without any hassle.

And when you are busy listening to those songs or are lost deep into your thoughts no outside noise shall burst the bubble for you thanks to the closed-back design which cuts out ambient noise.

Also, it throws back the beats and bass so you hear even the slightest of sounds at higher volumes with great clarity.

It also has a sensitivity of 98 dB/mw so you get an excellent volume (enough to get you off your feet and grooving).

Lastly, further making this any traveler’s favorite earphones are its swiveling earphones can be folded flat and take up the slightest of room in your bag.


  • Impedance: 24 ohm
  • Driver: 30mm
  • Frequency: 12Hz-22,000KHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
  • Mic: No


One drawback here is that the drivers could have been more powerful like 40mm though we are nitpicking here.

Also, gold plating on the 3.5mm jack would have been ideal as it prevents any corrosion and extends the life of the headphones.

Also, it does not have a mic which means it is not ideal for gaming and nor can you take calls with it.


  • It has a better frequency response at 12Hz-22,000KHz so get the best of bass and treble
  • The impedance level of 24ohm means you can use on all MP3/MP4 players and smartphones
  • The cushioned ear pads and self-adjusting headband gives you the ideal fit for long-term use
  • The Closed-back design keeps out all kinds of ambient noise
  • There is plenty of volume in the bank to get you off your feet and dancing
  • The swivel earpieces can be folded flat and thus fit into all kinds of bags 
  • Earbuds do not tear off easily and will easily withstand the daily wear and tear for years


  • More powerful drivers would have further improved sound
  • You do not get a mic
  • It does not have a gold plated jack

What really makes these Sony headphones stand out even with those little drawbacks is the sound quality. So if you are a music freak like us, this is a buy you won’t regret.

#2: JBL C300SI

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When it comes to sound quality, whether it is headphones, earphones or even Bluetooth speakers, JBL perfectly combines cost-effective gadgets with top-notch quality.

And their C300SI is just another example of it.

What we like

You want immersive sound with deep bass and JBL, like always, does not disappoint.

This mainly comes down to the high-powered 40mm dynamic drivers that produce a good frequency range of 20Hz-20,000kHz.

This means that you get a good balance of bass, mid-range, and treble giving you an immersive sound that is sure to have you headbanging to most tunes.

Next up, since you are likely to be wearing your headphones for hours it is important that they sit comfortably on the ears, right?

Since the earcups are self-adjusting they perfectly with on the ears without hassle ensuring you get a snug fit.

Plus, since the earcups are built using premium materials and have the right amount of padding, they are ultralight and can be worn for hours together without fatigue (those long plane or train rides are about to get a whole lot entertaining).

Compared to the Sony, the JBL C300SI has a higher impedance level of 32 ohms. So does that mean bad news?

Note really. You can still use it with your smartphone or a laptop and enjoy the same quality.

But using it on an even lower-powered device can result in variation in sound quality.

Plus, the headphones have a sensitivity range of 94±5dB which means that even at the highest volume, your ears won’t bleed

Lastly, the gold plating on the 3.5mm jack protects it from any kind of corrosion so sound quality does not degrade even after years of use.


  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20,000KHz
  • Sensitivity: 94±5dB
  • Mic: No
  • Warranty: 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty


One of the major drawbacks of this over the ear headphone is that it does not come with a mic. This means you cannot take calls or play multiplayer games a mic is required for both.

Furthermore, these headphones do not fold so they aren’t the easiest put in a bag.

Lastly, the noise cancellation with these headphones is average.

Though on the bright side of that, it is safe for use on the road and public places as it does not cut out the environment noise.


  • The 40mm Dynamic drivers deliver a frequency of 20Hz-20,000KHz
  • This means you get immersive sound with a good bass
  • The self-adjusting earcups provide a comfortable fit
  • With high-quality materials used in the making, the earcups are ideal for long hours of use
  • The impedance of 32 ohms means it can be used with laptops and mobiles
  • The gold plating on the 3.5mm audio jack prevents any kind of corrosion for increased durability
  • The lower noise cancellation means you never lose track of your surroundings
  • It generates a good volume at 94±5dB


  • It does not have a mic so you cannot take calls or use it for multiplayer gaming
  • Noise cancellation is average
  • The headphones cannot be folded

Off course the JBL C300SI has its drawbacks but if you are a music freak and want headphones with emphasis on sound-quality alone, these headphones are well worth the money.

#3: Boat BassHeads 900

boAt BassHeads 900 On-Ear Wired Headphone with Super Extra Bass, in-line Mic, Snug Fit and...
  • Super Extra Bass: Enjoy powerful, dynamic sound with punchy bass and clear, natural vocals with the responsive 40mm Neodymium drivers, balanced sound for a complete listening experience from 20 - 20,000 Hz, Driver size: 40mm ; Impedance: 32ohms ; Rated Power: 3mW ; Noise Isolation: Passive
  • Feather Light: The sleek, lightweight and compact design makes portability extremely convenient
  • Snug Fit: The on-ear headphones with swivel earcups offers flexible wearing and a comfortable fit for everyone

Boat is another brand that has become synonymous with cheap yet quality headphones/earphones.

And where the JBL lacks, the Boat BassHeads 900 makes up. Read all about it below.

What we like

Powering up the headphones are the 40mm Neodymium drivers that generate a frequency response of 20Hz to 20,000KHz.

It is the most common frequency you will find in headphones and creates a really engaging feel with the perfect level of bass and treble.

Its impedance of 32 ohms is at par with the JBL and means it is perfectly compatible with your mobile, tablet, laptop or stereo.

Although one advantage that the Boat has over JBL is the higher sensitivity i.e. 101±3dB. So if you like your music loud and clear, it is just what the doctor ordered for.

Another feature where the Boat trumps the JBL is portability. Since these headphones can be folded and weigh a mere 150g, they fit into any bag without the risk of breaking.

Also, the passive noise cancellation is pretty good which means you can focus on the task at hand without being disturbed by the surrounding noises.

Lastly, with the in-line mic, you can easily take/reject calls while on the go with just the press of a button.

And since the songs automatically resume after the all it completely eliminates the hassle of having to take your mobile from the pocket or handbag.


  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20,000KHz
  • Sensitivity: 101±3dB
  • Mic: Yes


Many customers find the earbuds to be tight initially, though it should loosen up with time giving you a good fit thanks to the swivel cords and cushioning provided.

Also, the 3.5mm jack does not have a gold coating and thus is prone to corrosion, in turn, reducing the durability of the headphones.

At higher volumes, you might also notice some distortion depending on the device you use it with.


  • With 40mm Neodymium drivers, you get a good frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000KHz
  • With that, you can enjoy the bass and treble alike without them either being too overpowering
  • As you start to use the headphones, the swivel cord provides a good fit
  • It is compatible with most mobiles, laptops, etc. as it has an impedance of 32 ohms
  • The passive noise cancellation helps lower cost and keep out any disturbances
  • It is the ideal headphone for people who like their music loud as it has a sensitivity of 101±3dB
  • It is ultralight at 150g and folds up for easy carrying
  • With the in-line mic, you can accept/reject calls with the press of a button


  • If you increase the volume to the maximum you might hear some sound distortion
  • Earbuds take time to loosen up so it can uncomfortable initially
  • The 3.5mm jack does not have a gold coating

#4: Panasonic RP-HF100M-A

Last of the headphones on this list is the Panasonic RP-HF100M-A and is well worth the consideration. But why?

Well, check out its best features to know why.

Panasonic RP-HF100M-A Wired On Ear Headphone with Mic (Blue)
  • Clear, powerful, balanced bass and treble (10Hz-23kHz) with dual 30mm neodymium drivers.
  • Lightweight, mobile headphone design for enjoying music outdoors and in.
  • Two easy-fold methods for ultra-compact fit in bags, purses and packs.

What we like 

The Panasonic RP-HF100M-A isn’t just portable, it is ultra-portable (yup, you heard that right).

As with the JBL and Sony, the earbuds of the Panasonic headphone also swivel inward to make it compact.

But if that wasn’t enough, you can further fold the earphones by turning the earbuds up inside of the headband.

Now, that’s portability hard to find in this price range as it means you can fit these headphones even in your purse or handbag.

And talking about the swivel movement of the earbuds, they also help you get a comfortable fit for long hours of use without straining the ears.

But while that feature is quite handy, a headphone is all about sound quality, right? Thankfully, Panasonic does not disappoint in that respect either.

In fact, on most fronts, it goes toe to toe with the Sony MDR-ZX110A.

With 30mm neodymium drivers, the headphone gives a frequency response better than most headphones with this price range i.e. 10Hz-23kHz.

So just like with Sony, the sound has that extra oomph to make it even more immersive.

And ensuring you get that expected quality on multiple devices is the 24-ohm impedance rating (your phone or iPod, it work with them all).

Plus, it has got a sensitivity range of 103dB/mW which makes it another great alternative for people that love their music loud. And no, it does not distort even at the highest volumes.

And lastly, the in-line mic makes it a breeze to talk on the phone while your mobile safely sits in your pocket.


  • Impedance: 26 ohm
  • Driver: 30mm
  • Frequency: 10Hz-23,000KHz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB/mW
  • Mic: Yes


You are probably why did we place a headphone so good at number 4, right? Well, that is because durability is one of this headphone’s weakest point.

Not only is the headband of cheaper plastic, but even the cushioning around the earbuds tends to tear with regular use.

Lastly, the noise cancellation ability of the headphones is average and the gold coating on the 3.5mm would have been ideal


  • The better 10Hz-23kHz frequency response means you get even better bass and treble.
  • The headphone has a double fold feature which makes it so compact it will fit in your purse
  • Further making it easy to carry is it’s low weight i.e. just 186g
  • The swivel movement of the earbuds also ensures they easily fit on to the ear
  • It has a lower impedance of 26 ohms which means it works with not just smartphones or laptops but also iPods
  • With a sensitivity of 103dB/mW, you get mindblowing loud sound without any distortion at the highest level
  • The mic you can accept calls with a press of a button talk hands-free for utmost convenience


  • Use of low-quality plastic reduces the durability
  • Earbud cushioning tears off with regular use
  • No gold coating on the 3.5mm jack
  • Noise cancellation is below par
Best Headphones/Earphones Under 1,000 in India for 2021
Best Headphones/Earphones Under 1,000 in India for 2021 1

Whether you are gaming, passing your time in the metro, relaxing at a coffee shop or watching a movie or simply trying to ignore the crazy world, one gadge

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