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Best Hair Dryer in India 2021 (Make Everyday GOOD HAIR Day)


Want to know the secret behind that fab, sophisticated hairstyle of your favorite celebrity?

Yes, a good hairdryer. If you want to achieve the same look, then it’s time to invest in the best hair dryer in India and in this guide, we will tell exactly how and what brands to look for.

Best Hair Dryer in India with Cool Air

Wahl 5439-024: If you are serious about your hairstyle or in the personal care industry, this professional-grade hair dryer is everything you could have asked for. With 2000W of power, variable speed, and heat control, there is no hair type this dryer won’t work on. Not to forget, the Tourmaline Technology and Cool Shot, add shine and protect hair from heat damage.

A Hair Dryer on a Budget

Chaoba 2800: However, if you have limited funds, the no-frill Chaoba Hair Dryer should get the job done well enough on all kinds of hair with its variable speed & heat settings and 2000 Watts of power.

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Top 3 Hair Dryers for 2021

In-Depth Hair Dryer Reviews for Indians

#1: Wahl 5439-024 Professional Hair Dryer (Best Hair Dryer in India with Cool Air)

Wahl has a habit of making top-notch personal care products. From hair trimmers to hair dryers, this a brand hard to miss out on and for anyone in need of a hair dryer, the Wahl 5439 is a must.

Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional 2000 Watts Styling Hair Dryer- Black
  • Power Required (Volts) : 220 - 240 V. Foldable : No
  • For drying your hair instantly without losing its shine, the 2000 W Wahl SuperDry Hair Dryer is must-have
  • It has three variable heat settings and 2 speed settings to be of optimum use ; Modes: Not Applicable


In a hurry? Then you will want a quick and powerful hair dryer, right? Well, that is exactly what the Wahl 5439 is. But how?

It is a 2000-Watt hair dryer capable of generating a higher amount of heat even at a lower setting that can dry any hair type within a few minutes (perfect if you have thick or dense hair).

Speed and Heat Settings

Further, making the dryer ideal for any hair type are the 2-speed settings and 3-heat settings which gives you full control over the drying.

This versatility also makes this dryer a perfect fit in any salon or for a professional in the grooming business (you can even use it to dry pets).

Hair Protection

Equipped with the Tourmaline Technology, the dryer releases negative ions onto the hair that gives it the attractive shine we know you so love. Also, protects the hair from damage caused by high heat such as frizz or split ends.

Another standout feature of the dryer is the cold shot button. But what makes this feature so important?

Well, it too plays its role in protecting the hair from high heat but more importantly, it adds to the shine and sets the style well enough to last you the whole day (get ready for loads of ‘how do you maintain that hairstyle all day long’ compliments).


The dryer comes with 2 concentrators for more targeted drying if needed.

There is also a diffuser that distributes hot air better so your curls dry faster and you can style them better without them getting of frizzy (forget the hassle of straightening, let’s make curls the new sexy).


Not only is the dryer on the heavier side as it weighs 1.2kg (nothing you cannot lift though) it also does not fold so traveling with it can be difficult,

It will also cost you the big bucks but it is money well spent. If you take your hairstyle seriously, this dryer, you do not want to miss out on.


  • With 2000W of power, the dryer is the ideal dryer for all hair types (both thick and thin)
  • And more so because you get full control over the drying with the 2-speed settings and 3-heat settings
  • Tourmaline Technology gives the hair a nice shine and protects it from heat damage
  • With the Cool Shot Button, you get a shine and a style that lasts all day long
  • The concentrators are perfect for targeted and faster drying
  • The diffuser keeps out the frizz and is perfect for styling curly hair
  • With high-end features, the dryer is suited for both home and professional use


  • It will cost you the big bucks
  • The dryer is on the heavier side and thus can be difficult to handle at first
  • Since it cannot be folded, storage is difficult especially if you travel often

#2: Vega Pro-Xpert Hair Dryer

With the Vega Pro-Xpert Hair Dryers, Vega has created a model that perfectly combines both technology and style and just like the Wahl, is also ideal for any hair type.

Wattage and settings

Making the Vega Pro the perfect hair dryer for anybody’s styling armory is the 2000-Watt power which can dry any hair type both thick and thin within minutes.

And so you can vary the speed and heat as per what suits your hair, the dryer has 2-speed and heat settings (you have all the control you need).

Hair Protecting and Styling

This dryer too features the Tourmaline technology responsible for dispensing negative ions and infrared heat that negates damage high heat can do like frizz or split ends while boosting shine.

Also, you do not want to lose hairstyle that took so long to get done falling apart in the middle of the day right? Thanks to cool shot that you can put those worries to rest.


If you want to focus the drying on a particular area of the head or specific hair strands for straightening it, you will find the 2 concentrators very handy.

Oh, and if you have curls, no issues. You can still enjoy fizz-free hair and quicker drying with the magic of a diffuser that distributes hair air deeper and to a wider area. Not to forget, it also boosts texture to give your curls a nice lift.

Warranty and Storage

It comes with a 2-year warranty.

While it cannot be folded, you can easily hang it using the hook near the handle of the dryer.


Storing the dryer will need more space as compared to those that fold-up but you can always hang it anywhere using the hook.

It is also on the expensive side and will cost you around Rs. 2,000 but yet, not as durable as the Wahl


  • 2000W of power ensures quick drying for all hair types
  • You get 2-speed and heat settings so you can vary it according to your hair type
  • Tourmaline technology prevents damage and boosts shine
  • Cool shot keeps the style intact
  • The 2 concentrators are great for precise heating
  • Diffusers help dry curly hair efficiently while giving it a good volume
  • With the hook, you can hang the dryer anywhere for easy storage


  • Not ideal for traveling as it takes up more room than foldable dryers
  • On the expensive side
  • Not as durable as the Wahl hair dryer

#3: Chaoba 2800 Professional Hair Dryer (Budget Pick)

Are you looking for a simple and compact hair dryer on the cheap? Chaoba might just have the solution for you.

CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer (Black)
  • Artistic Ergonomical Design & Professional Heating Uni. Toggle the button to change between Hot and Cold
  • Patented heat shielding technology - Cold nozzle body even after long usage
  • Three Heat Setting and Two Speed Setting ; Cord length: 2m

Wattage and Settings

This dryer too is a 2000-watt dryer which means there is plenty of power in the bank to give you a quick and efficient drying experience even if you have thicker than normal hair.

The 2-speed and heat settings give you the power to style for hair just the way you want it at a setting best suited to your hair.


Considering it is one of the cheapest hair dryers on the list, it is quite surprising that it comes with the cool shot feature.

A feature that is quite handy if you like your hard work on styling your hair to stick all through the day without losing the shine.

Attachments and Other Features

The 2 concentrators are great for precise drying, especially helpful for when you are straightening your hair without an iron.

And in case you do forget to switch off your dryer, don’t worry, it will not short circuit or burn out because of the overheat protector that turns it off once it starts to overheat.

Lastly, with the hook on the handle, putting the dryer away is easy when not needed. Just hang it anywhere and you are good to go.


There is no Tourmaline technology in the dryer so you do not want to be using it for too long as it can cause it to frizz due to overheating.

It also not foldable so not exactly travel-friendly until and unless you have ample room in your bag.

And the most disappointing of all is that it does not comes with any warranty.


  • It is the most cost-effective dryer on the list
  • It is powerful enough to quickly dry even thick hair
  • Comes with 2-speed and heat settings to help you style at the right settings
  • The cool shot feature helps maintain set style for long hours
  • 2 Concentrators help with precise drying if need be
  • Overheat protector turns off the dryer automatically in case of overheating
  • With the hook, you can have the dryer hanged anywhere in the house


  • No warranty
  • Cannot be folded and thus difficult to carry on travels
  • Using it for too long can cause hair to frizz

But considering it is powerful enough for quick drying and also comes with the cool shot feature, the Chaoba hair dryer is the best hair dryer in India for any budget buyer.

#4: SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer

The hair dryer from Syska doesn’t just look stylish but pep up your style quotient as well with is amazing drying and styling features.

SYSKA 1200 Watts Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air- White
  • Syska HD1610 hair dryer comes with heat balance technology for instant heating up and fast drying
  • Gentle drying for everyday styling; Over-heating protection and concentrator maintains moisture of hair
  • 2 years warranty

Motor and Settings

The 1200W dryer may not be power-packed but like the Wahl or Vega Pro but there is ample power for a quick-drying session if you do not have really thick hair

And it in case the noise of the dryers gives you a headache, you will be happy to know that it is one of the quietest dryers on the list. This is mainly down to the large wind inlet that lowers air swirl to keep things quiet.

Also, so you can run it on your hair at a speed you like, there are 2-speed settings.

Styling and Hair Protection

As you may already know, the cool shot feature will keep your hair looking the just as gorgeous as it did when you set it.

The Syska Dryer has also been equipped with the Heat Balancing Technology which evenly distributes hot hair throughout the hair to prevent damage due to overheating (say goodbye to frizzy hair or split ends after drying).

Storage and Other Features

To keep you looking at your best even when you are constantly on the look, Skyska has made it super easy to carry the dryer as it is foldable and thus fits into any backpack or even handbag.

And when at home, just hang it at the around your dressing table using the hook for quick and easy access.

Lastly, it also comes with overheat protection which shuts the dryer down in case it has been running for too long and is prone to damage.


While the concentrator is narrow enough, it would still be ideal to have narrower concentrator attachments like with the previous picks.

Similarly, without a diffuser, it can be difficult to dry curly hair quickly.

The dryer is also not powerful enough to give you quick drying in case you have thick hair and does not come with adjustable heat settings.


  • It has a quieter operation than most other cheaper hair dryers
  • 2-Speed settings so you can run the dry as per your needs and comfort
  • The cool shot feature will keep the hairstyle game strong 24-hours
  • Heat-balancing technology distributes heat evenly to prevent damage from heat
  • It is foldable and lightweight and thus easy to carry around
  • You can also hang it anywhere using the hook for quick access
  • Overheat protector ensures the dryer does not malfunction due to overheating


  • Not powerful enough for thick hair
  • Not concentrator or diffuser attachments
  • No adjustable heat settings

#5: Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Another one of India’s favorite brands, the Philips HP8100/46 lives up to the expectation of being reliable and cost-effective choice.

No products found.

Wattage and Speed

With 1000-watts of power, the dryer gives a consistent and smooth airflow so anyone with thin hair can style their hair just the way they like it.

And to further help you with that are the 2 heat settings as well

Hair Protection and Styling

Armed with the ThermoProtect, the dryer gives out just the right amount of hot hair so as to not make it frizzy or cause spilt ends.

Storage and Other Features

Though not foldable, its low-key design and lightweight build mean that you can put it away into any drawer or just hang it around so you do not have to untangle and all.

The concentrator also narrowly built so even though there are no special attachments you can still focus-dry your hair.


The low wattage of the dryers means it will take longer to dry up denser hair.

Drying up curly hair is going to be tougher as you do not get a diffuser nor concentrator attachments.

It also lacks a cool shot so you will want to use some spray etc. to maintain your hairstyle.

And lastly, the dryer cannot be folded either but with the compact build, it is still relatively easy to storeor travel with.


  • The dryer is quiet and gives a good stream of hot air to help you dry and style your hair
  • The 2-heat settings also come in handy for the same
  • ThermoProtect feature keeps hair frizz-free by restricting heat to required levels
  • Lightweight and compact build makes storage easy
  • You can also hang it using the hook
  • The narrowly built concentrator is good for precise drying


  • Does not come with a cool shot
  • No diffuser or concentrator attachments
  • Lack of power means drying dense hair can be time-taking
  • It cannot be folded

The Philips HP8100/46 may not be the most feature-rich of dryers but packs the basic necessities and a strong build into a reasonable, cost-effective dryer.

Who Should Use a Hair Dryer?

One great thing about hair dryer is that it is not only for girls. Even boys can include this excellent tool in their grooming routine. Never mind the hair paste or pomade and the undesired piecey-ness or greasy hair look it gives.

A blow dryer helps with the styling. If you want to maintain a sleek, strengthen the look of your hair or even bold new heights, it could be your best companion too.

In order to achieve the best results, you should use the blow dryer at a temperature not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius and at a minimum distance of 15 cm.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Hair Dryer

While not necessary, hair dryers make drying and styling a breeze. It is more than just a luxury. Know the top five benefits of owning one for your grooming routine.

Dries Hair Fast

One obvious benefit of a hair dryer is the ability to dry your hair quicker than hand towels. Your drying time is reduced, giving you more time to spend on other important things.

Easier Hair Styling

Hair dryers usually have an array of accessories so you’ll find it a lot easier choosing the style you want to achieve.

Less Frizz

A hair that is susceptible to static could get superior help from this tool as well. The native ions reduce fly-a-ways and neutralize static changes to create a frizz-free, smooth finish.

Softer, Glossier Hair

Various types of hair dryers, like ionic dryers, leave your hair shiny and smooth.


In addition to drying and styling the hair, a blow dryer also serves multiple functions, such as cleaning real and artificial plants, getting rid of label stickers, and removing crayon marks. How cool is that?

8 Features of a Good Hair Dryer

Having the right hair dryer can surely turn your frizzy hair into a smooth one. Here are some of the important things you need to look for when buying a blow dryer.

Hair Type

Choose a product according to the type of your hair. For instance, people with thick and curly hairs can invest in an ionic dryer.


Ceramic is the most popular material today because it uses infrared heat, which does not damage hair. Though, there are other sturdy options to look through.


The average weight of a blow dryer is between one to three pounds. If you intend to bring them during travel, choose the lightest ones.

Temperature Range

Pick a model that can provide you with numerous temperature settings, such as a cool shot option. The more settings your dryer has, the more flexibility you have for drying and styling.

Heating Elements

As possible, look for a product with heating elements that are made of ceramic. This promotes uniform drying and uniform heat.


Usually, cheaper products are the noisiest. Make sure to try the hairdryer with the help of a sales assistant before buying.


For coarse, thick hair, the ideal wattage or power is 1700 to 1900. While those with thin hairs should opt for a hair dryer with a lower wattage.


Among the attachments available include concentrators, diffusers, and picks. Though, you can choose to buy them separately.

 5 Types of Hair Dryers

Let us now look into the different types of hair dryers.

Ionic Dryer: It is ideal for curly and thick hair and works with negative ion technology. Ionic dryers emit either negative or positive ions to get rid of moisture and frizz for smooth

Porcelain/Ceramic Dryer: Here, the heating material is made up of porcelain or ceramic clay material. The even heat it produces helps cover hair cuticle, control frizz, and reduce static. Good for dry and thin hairs.

Titanium Dryer: Those with voluminous and dense hair might consider titanium dryer as it offers steady temperature and good heating. High heat is emitted, which automatically cuts down your time, around 50 times faster than other types.

Tourmaline Dryer: It helps to maintain healthy, shiny hair and causes less damage. It is safe and supplies heat very equally and gently, 50 times faster similar to that of titanium dryer.

Infrared Dryer: This type of hair dryer makes use of ultraviolet (UV) rays to deeply penetrate into the shaft. It tends to dry hair quicker with less follicle damage. Infrared dryers are popular for keeping a steady temperature.

Don’t allow yourself to be lured by the bells and whistles when buying a hairdryer. Choose a model with features that suit your preference and type. Not everyone needs a top-rated hair dryer that costs more money. An inexpensive product can also work for normal hair with simple needs.

So, venture out and create that stunning hair look!

Best Hair Dryer in India 2021 (Make Everyday GOOD HAIR Day)
Best Hair Dryer in India 2021 (Make Everyday GOOD HAIR Day) 1

Want to know the secret behind that fab, sophisticated hairstyle of your favorite celebrity? Yes, a good hairdryer. If you want to achieve the same look, t

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