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Best Fat Burner in India 2021 (DO NOT Buy Before Reading)


I get it, you are not a gym freak or maybe you work 8-10 hours and then simply do not have the physical and mental strength and stamina to workout everyday

But does that mean there is no other way to fasten your weight loss?

What if I told you there is? What many of you may not know that is that weight loss 75% diet and only 25% exercise.

And while rigorous exercise can help, you can even lose weight even with little or none of it with the best fat burners in India.

Those are fat burners that come with the right composition of ingredients and no side effects. So how do find one? Just read the guide below.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

MuscleTech Hydroxycut: It might cost you a few extra bucks but is well worth every rupee as it comes with the most potent bunch of ingredients like Caffeine anhydrous, green coffee extract, coleus extract, and L-theanine that give you results within weeks by increasing metabolic functioning. Other ingredients like Blue ScullcapRed Sage Extract and Guayusa improve general health.

A Far Burner on a Budget

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans: If you are looking for something on the cheap to support your workout, these green coffee beans will help you regulate the weight and lose that last few pounds that are so hard to shed. They are unroasted and thus contain a higher content of Chlorogenic acid which speeds up metabolism and also lowers BP, sugar level, etc.

Top 3 Fat Burners in India

In-Depth Fat Burner Reviews

#1: Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen (Best Fat Burner for Men and Women)

If you are damn serious about your weight loss and happy to spend big on a reliable and effective fat burner, this fat burner by Muscletech is the answer to your prayers.

Muscletech is one of the most trusted supplement brands around the globe amongst fitness trainers and enthusiast thus it is no surprise you find it at #1.

MuscleTech Performance Series Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen | With Caffeine, Green Coffee, Coleus and...
  • Effective Weight Management: MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen may help you to lose weight. It comprises of 250mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 200mg Green Coffee, Coleus 100mg and 20mg Guayusa. A perfect supplement for weight loss.
  • A Unique Combination: The powerful formula delivers 500mg L-Ornithine HCI and 50mg Blue Scullcap, a one-of-a-kind sensory experience, and may help boost energy levels. It provides you with an unrivalled thermogenic experience.
  • Redefine Your Physique: Hydroxycut Next Gen may help to boost energy, enhance mental focus, may help to reduce weight and reduce appetite.

What we like

What makes Hydroxycut such a lethal fat burner is the special blend of the most effective ingredients all of which are 100% natural and have no side effects.

And it isn’t just us saying it. Check this study where users lost about 9kgs in a mere 3 months.

So what are these special ingredients?

It contains Caffeine anhydrous, green coffee extract, coleus extract, and L-theanine. These are the most effective bunch of Thermogenic ingredients you will find in a fat burner.

In case you didn’t know, thermogenic ingredients increase heat by stimulating metabolic functioning, in turn, resulting in weight loss which is completely natural.

The caffeine Anhydrous, Green tea extract, and Yohimbe also boost stamina and focus (just team that up with some workout and you have a winning formula).

Similarly, ingredients like Blue Scullcap can also fight off cancer cells while Red Sage Extract and Guayusa improve sensory functions so isn’t just all about weight loss but improving overall health as well.

How to take it and Dosage

The container has 100 capsules which can be easily consumed with water just like any other medicine. For the first 2 days take 1 capsule on each day and then increase to 2 capsules per day (morning and evening).

Maintain the right dosage and you should see results within a month or even quicker if you add a 10-15-minute along with it


The only small drawback of this fat burner is that it is on the expensive side.


  • It is made using 100% natural ingredients
  • There have been no reported side effects
  • Contains Thermogenic ingredients that work by increasing metabolic functioning to burn fat
  • It also increases stamina, focus and improves overall health thanks to the unique blend of ingredients
  • Gives you results in the fastest possible time


  • It is on the expensive side

You want a slimmer, sexy you and this fat burner delivers just that within a few months which is mainly down to its potent ingredient combination.

Truth be told, you DO NOT want to miss out of this if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

#3: Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans (Budget Pick)

Don’t want to spend big? Or simply cannot trust the pills? Well, then this fat burner by Sinew available for less than Rs 200 is just what you are looking for.

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans Powder for Weight Loss - 200 g
  • Made from Premium unroasted Green Coffee Beans supports weight management goals &boosts metabolism.
  • Decoction of Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans Powder acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • 100% veg, pure & consists of Chlorogenic Acid, which is the main active ingredient

What we like

It is no secret that Green Coffee beans are lethal to body fat and Sinew offer you just that in its purest, most-natural natural state without any additives or flavors that might hamper the quality.

And when I say pure, I mean coffee beans that have not been roasted which means they have a higher content of Chlorogenic acid.

This makes it an even more potent green coffee been. That is because Chlorogenic acid does not just burn fat but also keeps cravings to a minimum so you do not stress eat at the wrong times.

It is also known to reduce blood sugar, BP and cholesterol. Plus, it contains a high amount of antioxidants which can help fight off cancer cells and improve general health.


All you need to do is let a few coffee beans rest in warm water for about 20-25 minutes and then strain it before you drink.

Have it once a day for starters and then you can add another cup after dinner.


One of the few drawbacks with this fat burner is that it only contains green coffee extract.

Now, while that is a really effective ingredient, it alone isn’t enough if you are quite heavy and want to lose weight quickly.

But if you are looking for a drink that will help you manage weight and shed those last few pounds along with a good workout, this just perfect (not to forget pocket-friendly as well).


  • It is made of unroasted coffee beans which makes it very potent
  • The higher amount of Chlorogenic acid improves metabolism to burn fat
  • This will also kill cravings so you eat less junk
  • It also helps regulate BP, cholesterol, Blood sugar, etc.
  • It is the cheapest fat burner in India
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Not suitable for really obese people as weight loss will be really slow
  • Lacks some of the potent ingredients other fat burners come with

#4: FARGANIC Keto Capsules

These Keto Capsules by FARGANIC are another top-notch fat burner not just in India but also the 32 countries that are exported to and here’s why.

Farganic Keto Capsules for Weight Loss Natural & Advanced Fat Burner Supplement. 60 Capsules.Green...
  • Brand Trust: Behind this Keto there is Trusted Brand " Farganic " as compared to other unbranded Keto Products in Market.
  • Free From Harmful BHB: BHB is harmful element and is banned from FSSAI in india. This is Natural and its amazing G3 Formula helps in weight loss programme and provides you strength and stamina.
  • Exported to 32 Countries: Farganic Products are currently exported to above 32 countries with strong brand image with global trust.

What we like

First and foremost, it contains a whopping 900 mg Green Tea Extract 300 mg Green Coffee Extract, two ingredients that are synonymous with weight loss.

But the unique part about these Keto capsules is the 300mg Garcinia Cambogia Extract which is one of the most talked about weight loss supplements across the globe.

Since the ingredients are derived from nature, you can be sure that there won’t be any side effects (no nausea, no constipation will be ruining your day).

And in case you had any doubts, you will be happy to know that it also has an FSSAI license and that is not so easy to get.

The ingredients all work together to induce Ketosis which is the process of burning stored fat in the body for energy when there no carbs present by boosting metabolic functioning.

Garcinia Cambogia is also known to be an effective hunger suppresser. So when you do not feel hungry at odd hours, you will no longer be eating junk.

Apart from that, you will also find yourself to be calmer, happy and more energetic since it lowers stress by also suppressing cortisol and increases serotonin, the happy hormone.

Not to forget, you will back in shape and looking the very best of you (and that I believe is reason enough to keep smiling).


There are 60 capsules in the container and it is recommended that you take two pills a day which means one bottle should easily last you a whole month.

Each capsule should be taken 40-45 minutes before breakfast and lunch along with some warm water and lemon (another fat burning combo I am pretty sure you already know about).


Even this fat burning supplement is quite expensive and you will be buying one every month.

The best alternative would be by a pack of 2-3 bottles or more once you are sure about them and would like to go all in (after all, weight loss is all about dedication and commitment).

Also, Garcinia Cambogia has varying results when it comes to weight loss. S if you do not see results, you can increase the dosage slightly or even better, take an early morning walk.


  • It is made using all natural ingredients and no side effects
  • Farganic is a brand trusted in 32 countries which makes it a reliable fat burner
  • It has Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia
  • These ingredients help reduce hunger at odd hours and improve metabolism
  • You will also feel happier as it increases the production of serotonin
  • The brand has an FSSAI license and thus safe for consumption
  • Buying packs of multiple boxes will help you save money


  • Garcinia Cambogia does not work on everyone
  • It will cost you over Rs 1,500
Best Fat Burner in India 2021 (DO NOT Buy Before Reading)
Best Fat Burner in India 2021 (DO NOT Buy Before Reading) 1

I get it, you are not a gym freak or maybe you work 8-10 hours and then simply do not have the physical and mental strength and stamina to workout everyday

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