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Best Epilator in India 2019 (For Face, Underarms, Legs and Bikini)


Did you know that on an average a woman spends about Rs 10 lakhs or more on hair removal in a lifetime?

Not to forget the hours that waxing can take. But what if I told you there is a more affordable, portable, and gentler option?

Oh, yes you can now not smoothness just like waxing from the comfort of your home. All you need is the best epilator in India.

But which brand and model should you go for? And what are the important features? We’ll cover that and much more in this buying guide so you get your money’s worth.

Best Epilator for Arms, Underarms, Bikini Region and Legs

Braun Silk Epil 9-961E: With a wider surface and longer and wider tweezers, this epilator digs deep and removes hair waxing other cheaper epilators cannot while the Pulsating Active Vibrations keep pain to a minimum. Plus, it also has a smart light, is water-resistant for up to 5m and has attachments like a massage head, 2 exfoliator brushes for glowing, smooth skin so you can wear all kinds of dresses.

Best Epilator in India for Face

Braun Face 851: But if you are looking for something just for the face, the mini epilator can remove hair as small as 0.02mm and even deep cleans the face with its excellent exfoliating brushes.

A Trimmer on a Budget

Veet Sensitive Touch: Are you on a tight budget? The Veet Sensitive touch is available for less than Rs 2000 and has attachments ideal for trimming hair from the bikini region, underarms and face.

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Top 3 Epilators in India for 2019

In-Depth Epilator Reviews

#1: Braun Silk Epil 9-961E

Braun Silk Epil 9-961E Skin Spa Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator, White/Blue
  • Best 2-in-1 epilation and exfoliation system: Fastest and most precise epilation with an innovative sonic exfoliation brush vs other Braun epilators
  • The 40 percent wider epilation head removes more hair in one stroke, even the shortest that waxing cannot catch vs other Braun epilators. Cordless wet and dry use - Virtually painless with regular use. Recharging Time in min: 60
  • With 6 extras: an exfoliation brush head, a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap and a facial cap. Charging time 1 hour = upto 40 min of run time & having 2 years of manufacturer warranty

The Braun Silk Epil 9-961E isn’t your average epilator, it is a pamper hamper in itself. It does not just remove hair but also tones and exfoliates the skin with its multiple attachments.

More about it below.

What we like

Remember all that pain and burning sensation waxing can cause?

Equipped with Pulsating Active Vibrations, the Silk Epil 9-961E soothes the skin, in turn, reducing the pain and burning making the ideal epilator for people with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, it also has gentle speed settings so first-timers can use it and put to bed their demons of waxing and razors

Also, the epilator has a 40% wider surface so it can clear out more area in a single stroke so you can have the whole process done in half the time than other models.

Furthermore, it has a special MicroGrip Tweezer Technology which helps remove even the shortest of hair that waxing and trimmer cannot catch. But how?

That is because the tweezers here are longer for better plucking and wider for better hair feeding (so you can easily go on without epilating again for a month or more).

And even when the hair returns, you will realize that it is much softer and not so noticeable further reducing the need to epilate or wax in the future.

But those benefits aren’t just limited to the legs or arms.

It is also great for clearing the underarms, arms and bikini regions. And making it easy to reach the hard to reach places is the pivoting head.

It perfectly adjusts as per the curves and contours of the body so you can remove even the smallest of hairs from every corner (ladies, it is time to break-free and wear those strapless and sleeveless dresses with utmost confidence).

And in case you still feel roughness from hair, use the precision cap which increases contact with the skin for even better efficiency especially in sensitive areas.

But that is not all. There are other attachments as well

The epilator also comes with 2 brushes for exfoliating the skin. If you are looking to exfoliate sensitive areas like the chest, you can go with the gentle exfoliating brush in purple.

But if you want a deep exfoliation and remove even the smallest in-grown hair and dead skin cells, the deep brush provides a 4x more effective treatment than scrubbing with over 3000 micro vibrations.

Note: Exfoliation is the removal of the old dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. This helps even out skin tone, increase blood circulation, etc. for a brighter, smoother skin.

If you want to shave off the hair rather than epilate in sensitive areas, you will be happy to know it has a shaver attachment as well.

Similarly, there is also a trimmer attachment. This is ideal if you plan to epilate areas with longer hair as trimming them down will further reduce pain and burning.

But my favorite attachment (and most likely will be yours too) is the massage head and it does exactly as the name suggests, massages various parts of your body.

This increased blood circulation after massage gives you a more rejuvenated and glowing skin all around.

Other Benefits

The Braun Silk Epil 9-961E is water-resistant up to 5m. This means you can even epilate in the shower or while relaxing in the bathtub with some warm to make the process almost painless.

It gives you about 40-minutes of run-time which ample time to epilate your entire body and when the battery runs out, it charges in just an hour.

It also has a smart light allows for a more thorough epilation as it highlighting the tiniest of hairs which are easy to miss out but clearly visible when you step out in sunlight.

And when you are done, you can use the cleaning brush to rid the epilator on any excess hairs for better durability and efficiency.


Truth be told, there really isn’t anything to fault except its premium price tag.

Plus, while it is more effective than trimming or shaving, it does not remove facial hair as accurately as the Braun Mini Facial epilator (about which you can read below).


  • The Pulsating Active Vibrations soothe skin to prevent pain
  • With 40% wider surface, the epilation is quick
  • The longer and wider tweezers ensure better results compared to waxing
  • It comes with multiple attachments like the shaver, trimmer, massager, precision cap, etc. for better results
  • The pivoting head allows it to contour to body curves so you can use it for face, underarms, etc.
  • It has a long 40-minutes battery life and charges in just 1 hour
  • It is waterproof as thus ideal for both wet and dry use
  • The 2 exfoliating brushes give you a cleaner, brighter skin
  • Smart light allows for a more precise epilation by highlighting every hair
  • The cleaning brush helps remove excess hair for smoother results each time


  • Expensive but worth its price
  • Not so effective when it comes to epilating the face

Truth be told, with all its awesome features that completely eliminate the need for waxing and keep your body hair-free for weeks, it is well worth every rupee.

#2: Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 (A Cheaper Alternate)

Braun Epilator for women- Silk Epil 7 7-561 Women's Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator Electric Hair...
  • Most efficient on short hairs. Our most gentle on skin
  • 40 Close-Grip tweezers remove efficiently hairs as fine as a grain of sand (0.5mm) for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin
  • Cordless Wet & Dry use – Virtually painless with regular use

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 is a good alternative.

Even this epilator has the special tweezers technology which helps remove hair as small as 0.5mm so you can go on for weeks wearing pretty much anything you want.

It also has a run-time of 40-45 minutes and charges really quickly. Plus, there is smart light so you do not miss out on even a single hair.

This epilator too works on almost every region of the body except the face and has a pivoting head so it contours the body well and covers every curve with excellent efficiency.

Speed control ensures you can ease into the who process and enjoy a pain-free experience.

Furthermore, there is also a carry bag along and the attachments you get are as follows:

  • Shaver head
  • Trimmer cap
  • A high-frequency massage cap,
  • Sensitive area cap,
  • Facial cap
  • An Efficiency cap

So that is pretty much everything you get with the Braun Silk Epil 9-961E except for the exfoliating brushes.

This is the only drawbacks of the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 when compared to the Braun Silk Epil 9-961E but that means it also costs you about 4k less which makes it quite a bargain.

#3: Braun Face 851 (Best Epilator for Face)

If you are looking for a durable and efficient epilator that has been tailor-made for the face, the Braun Mini Facial Hair Remover is just what you need and here is why we believe so.

Braun Face 851 Women's Miniature Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, with 4 Facial Cleansing Brushes...
  • Facial epilator: sleek and compact design for precise epilation. 10 micro-openings catch even the finest hair 0.02mm
  • Facial cleansing brush: gently cleanses skin pore-deep with micro-oscillations. Tested with dermatologists for daily use on sensitive skin. Cleanses 6x more effectively than manual cleansing
  • Includes 4 different brushes to cover all of your skin care needs and provide a complete skin care regimen: normal brush, extra sensitive brush, exfoliation brush and beauty sponge

Hair Removal

With 10 Micro openings and around 200 plucking rotations every second, the Braun Face 851 can rid your face of hair as small as 0.02mm deep down from the root itself.

So you not only can avoid the painful experience of using tweezers but also get the job done on the double with greater efficiency (it is so good, you won’t have to epilate again for another 4-5 weeks).

And you can use it with either hand and move it in either direction as the openings rotate in both left or right directions.

Plus, it has been tried, tested and approved by dermatologists to be 100% on sensitive skin (so you do not just have to take our word for it).

But that is not where the buck stops.

The Face 851 also includes multiple brushes meant for cleaning your face about 6x better than hand washing.

You can either go with the normal 8mm bristle brush which is great for makeup removal and general cleaning of the face.

Or if you have sensitive skin like mine the is design especially for us. With 14mm bristles and hundreds of micro-oscillations per minute, it remains gentle and yet gives the skin a deep clean.

And once a week you can exfoliate your skin with the exfoliate attachments which helps keep your face glowing and improves skin tone by removing all dead cells.

Furthermore, applying moisturizers and creams is about to get a whole lot more relaxing with the beauty sponge brush or can also be for an even foundation (so you look for flawless best at every occasion).

Other Benefits

The Face 851 is also water-resistant and so you can even use on wet skin while showering in warm water for a more pleasant experience.

And it is so compact, it is almost like carrying a pen and thus fits into even the smallest of handbag so you can take it along with you anywhere and everywhere.

You also get a pouch to safely store the epilator and all the brushes together so you never lose anything.

Further adding to the convenience of using it is the cordless operation. Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and charging as this baby runs on 1 AA batteries (provided in the pack).

Lastly, when you are done with all the hair removal, you can use the cleaning brush to remove hair on the tweezers so the epilator continues to perform at optimum levels.


As you already know, this epilator has been designed especially for the face and while it will work decently on the underarms, you cannot epilate your arms and legs with it.

Also, since it runs on batteries you will have to carry additional batteries on your business trips and vacations which add to the cost.

Lastly, talking about price, this epilator costs about 10k but if face care is your priority, it is a no brainer.


  • Removes hair as small as 0.02mm with the 10 Micro openings
  • Its efficiency means you have to only epilate once is 4-5 weeks
  • It is less painful and quicker than using tweezers
  • Approved by dermatologists for people with sensitive skin
  • It also helps remove makeup and clean face with special brushes
  • There is also an exfoliating brush for a deep clean
  • The sponge brush helps apply foundation evenly and also massage the moisturizers and creams onto the face
  • It is mini design means you can easily carry it anywhere
  • You also get a case for safe storage when not in use
  • It is water-resistant and can be used in the shower
  • It runs on 1 AA battery so you do not have to worry about charging or wires
  • Cleaning brush ensures durability and smooth functioning 


  • It is on the expensive side
  • Not suitable for epilating arms and legs
  • You will need to carry extra batteries

All in all, the epilator in itself is a facial spa. So if you use the cleaning brush regularly and exfoliate the skin once every week, your expensive visits to the parlor for facial are about to reduce significantly.

#4: Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer (Budget Pick)

If you are looking for something compact on the cheap, the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer is available for less than Rs 2,000.

But don’t just buy it for its low cost, it has plenty more to impress any user.

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer for Face, Underarms and Bikini line – Battery & Carry Pouch...
  • Gentle hair removal and precise shaping for your delicate body parts, ideal for upper lip, side burns and eyebrows
  • Waterproof: Can be used in shower; For perfect eyebrows use the small head and add the comb, Place the device over your eyebrow and move it against the direction of hair growth
  • Quick and Gentle: Easily remove any unwanted hair in one go


One of the biggest advantages of using this Veet Trimmer is that even at this cheap price, you get a multi-purpose trimmer.

This means you can use it not just on the face but also your bikini area, underarms, upper lip, etc. irrespective of whether you have sensitive skin or not.


Your eyebrows can either make or break your look so whether you prefer it arched, thin, retro, etc. those picture perfect eyebrows will no longer need long hours at the parlor.


Well, thanks to the pivoting head which perfectly contours to the curves around the eyebrows and features a 16mm or 6mm blade of either side for precise shaping.

But if you are just looking for a trim, there is also a 2mm or 4mm hair attachment that will give you a uniform eyebrow in seconds.

But what if it isn’t a date but a poolside party or a holiday at the beach?

Well, to get bikini ready you have the special Bikini head which will trim any unwanted hair from your bikini region and underarms in an instant.

Or you can also go with either the 4mm or 2mm attachments for better length definition.

Oh, and you can do it all while in the shower as well since the trimmer is water-resistant

Other Benefits

Also, the trimmer is super compact and comes with a carry case as well so you can have all your trimming and shaping done on the go.

Plus, you do not have to worry about wires and chargers since the trimmer operates on a single AA battery. As long as you carry spares, you should no trouble at all.

The trimmer itself is quite smooth and gentle and definitely a better option over waxing or using razors that can cut or aren’t accurate enough.


Firstly, it isn’t exactly an epilator but a trimmer which means it does not pull out the hair from the root but rather just trims to a minimal.

Now, the problem here is that you will need to trim it on a regular basis and the hair will regrow faster.

Also, using the trimmer on arms and legs can take a really long time since it has a smaller surface area. Plus, you will likely end up with a rougher/poky surface (something you really want to avoid on a first date).

Lastly, it isn’t the most durable of trimmers and you do not even get a warranty.


  • It is the most pocket-friendly trimmer a woman can buy
  • It is quite precise and gentle and thus ideal for use on sensitive skin
  • Comes with multiple attachments that help shape and trim the eyebrows
  • Similarly, there are attachments for smooth trimming of the underarms and bikini region
  • It is water-resistant and thus can be used on wet skin
  • It runs on 1 AA battery so there is no hassle of charging
  • Its compact build and free carry case allows for easy trimming on the go


  • It does not come with a warranty
  • It only trims the hair which means it regrows faster
  • Not suitable for trimming hair on arms and legs as it takes longer
  • It also will make the hands and legs rough

Well clearly, the trimmer has its set of flaws but if you are looking to skip the frequent parlor visits for little grooming and want something on the cheap, the Veet Trimmer is definitely worth the consideration.


As you can see, epilators come with tons of attachments and functions with each varying in price which can make the purchase decision really tough.

This is why it is important you check out detailed reviews so you know exactly why one epilator costs so much more and yet is worth that cost.

And we are sure this guide will help you the best epilator in India based on your budget and needs.

If you have any more questions regarding an epilator, get in touch with me through the comments section below and I will happy to help you out.

Best Epilator in India 2019 (For Face, Underarms, Legs and Bikini)
Best Epilator in India 2019 (For Face, Underarms, Legs and Bikini) 1

Did you know that on an average a woman spends about Rs 10 lakhs or more on hair removal in a lifetime? Not to forget the hours that waxing can take. But w

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