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Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021 (The Ultimate Premium Vacuums)


If you are looking for premium quality home appliances in India, Dyson one brand that hands down stands out from the pack.

Yup, you need to break the bank with these but Dyson appliances like vacuums, air purifiers offer durability and more important convenience unmatched by cheaper brands.

Their vacuums are sleek, sexy and multi-functional. So if those are the features you seek in a vacuum cleaner, then here are the best Dyson vacuum cleaner in India for 2021

Top 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in India

In-Depth Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

#1: Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

The Dyson V10 Absolute simply put, is the God of Vacuum Cleaners. It is almost like having a mini transformer at home. So what makes this vacuum cleaner so powerful and effective? Let’s find out.

Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum (Copper), Standard
  • Technlology to deep clean your home properly
  • Fade-free suction ; Charge time: 3.5hrs ; Run time: 60 mins ; Charging Time: 3.5 Hours Hours
  • The Soft Roller Cleaner Head picks up fine dust and large debris from hard floors simultaneously

Best Features

The one big advantage that the V10 Absolute has over other Dyson vacuums is its long run time.

With it, you can 60-minutes of uninterrupted cleaning which is ample time to rid your home of all cobwebs, dirt, dust and even pet hair (and it does not matter how bad they shed).

And to help the vacuum to do all that cleaning within 60-minutes it has been equipped with a powerful V10 motor which delivers about 130AW of fade-free suction.

Even with all that power and run-time, the vacuum won’t give the user headache since it has been equipped with vibration absorbing material that cuts noise down to minimal.

But it isn’t just dirt and dust the vacuum cleans. The 14 cyclones also remove pollens and bacteria while the special filtration system eliminates 99.97% particles (some so small not even visible to the naked eye).

There are also multiple modes that make it the ideal vacuum cleaner for all kinds of floorings.

And if you want to clean under the sofa, the car or various upholsteries it quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum within minutes.

For that, you are also provided with 7 attachments which include the following:

  1. Combination Tool
  2. Crevice Tool
  3. Mini Motorised Tool
  4. Mini Soft Dusting Brush
  5. Mattress (Upholstery) Tool
  6. Up Top Adaptor
  7. Extension Hose

So getting into those nooks and crannies around the home should be a breeze.

And when you are done with the cleaning all the debris and dust can be emptied out into the bin without a touch thanks to the special point and shoot mechanism (after all, isn’t vacuuming all about the hygiene?).

Recharging the vacuum is easy peasy as well. Just drop onto the wall-mounted dock and voila, it would be up and running again in 4-5 hours.


Firstly, the vacuum isn’t ideal for cleaning wet surfaces so will still be needing the mop occasionally

Secondly, it will cost you over Rs. 40k which makes it one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners in India

But if you are obsessive about cleaning and want every corner of the house to be spic and span, this is the ultimate vacuum cleaner and worth every rupee.


  • Gives a run-time of 60-minutes on a single charge
  • It is easy and quick to recharge with the wall-mounted dock
  • The powerful motor generates a suction of 130AW capable of cleaning all kinds of dust, debris and even pet hair
  • It also removes 0.3micron particles thus making it asthma and allergy friendly certified vacuum
  • Comes with 3 suction modes which make it perfect for all floors and carpets
  • Converts into a hand vacuum within seconds so you can clean every corner of the house with ease or even the car
  • Also, there are 7 attachments for the same and for the upholsteries, mattress and so on.
  • All the dirt and debris can be emptied out into the bin without touching with the point and shoot mechanism


  • Does not clean wet surfaces
  • It is on the expensive side

#2: Dyson V8 Absolute+

Next in line is the Dyson V8 Absolute+ which has also made it on our list of the best vacuum cleaners in India. So what is so special about this mode?

No products found.

Best Features

Like the V10 even the V8 is efficient at cleaning all sorts of flooring since hereto you get multiple modes while the soft roller cleaner does a great job of removing all the fine dust and particles.

You can convert this one into a handheld vacuum cleaner as well and yup, it takes only seconds once you get the hang of it.

And once you have converted it into a handheld vacuum, you use the multiple attachments like the Flexi crevice tool, mattress brush, etc. to clean upholsteries or the car.

It is also ultralight at 2.5kgs so you can easily lift it up and remove cobwebs from the ceiling and fans (festive cleaning just got a whole lot easier).

But what about pet hair?

Well, considering you have a dog with minimal hair shedding like a poodle, Dachshund or pug the direct drive head bristles dig deep into the carpet and effectively remove all the pet hair.

A similar function is performed by the stiff nylon bristles that work their magic on mattress, sofas, and curtains (so yeah, you can welcome your dog on the bed 😉 ).

Also, making the house a home even for those suffering of allergies and asthma is the 15 cyclonic technology and captures the minutest of dust, pollen, and germs.

One standout feature of the Absolute+ is the Max Mode. Here the vacuum delivers 7-minutes of intense suction for the most difficult of areas in the house.

Once again you do not have to worry about touching the bag or filter etc. Point and shoot the dust directly into the bin

As for the charging, it takes about 1-2 hours and can be conveniently done using the wall-mount charger.


If you compare it to the V10, the Absolute+ is as powerful as that since it has a suction of 115AW compared to the 130AW of the V10 so cleaning ability does vary.

Also, running time is lower as it gives you just 45-minutes. Though if you are quick enough, that is ample time to clean the home or even the car.

Apart from that, even this vacuum isn’t good for wet floors but it still is a cheaper alternative to the V10.


  • This also converts into a handheld vacuum
  • Weighs just 2.5kgs and thus makes it easy to clean ceiling and fans
  • Works pretty well of carpets, mattresses, and upholsteries thanks to the various attachments
  • Cleans the smallest of dust particles, pollens bacteria, etc. with its filter and 15 cyclonic
  • Charges easily with the docking station
  • Max mode gives 7-minutes of high suction for intense vacuuming


  • Cannot clean wet surfaces
  • Not ideal for homes with pets that shed heavily as it has a lower suction power
  • Run-time is less than the V10

#3: Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 is one of a kind handheld vacuum cleaner and also one of the cheapest Dyson Vacuum cleaners on the list. So what makes this so special? Find out below.

Best Features

Being the handheld vacuum cleaner the V6 is perfectly equipped for cleaning cars, boats, upholsteries, mattresses, gaps under the sofa, beds, etc.

And unlike most handheld vacuum cleaners, it is super powerful and can generate a strong suction. That in tandem with the multiple attachments turn this little fella into a beast.

So what are these attachments?

For starters, there is the combination tool which clears the larger debris with its durable bristles so if you happen to drop crumbles around, this is the attachment to use.

Then there is an extension hose so you can remove dirt from hard to reach areas like under the seat, near the brakes, etc.

Similarly, the crevice tool is perfect for those tight corners the hose won’t reach to while the mini soft brush is perfect for clearing the dashboard of all dirt and debris.

And in case you find tougher stains that require a suction boost, switch to the max mode to get 20-minutes of high-powered suction.

Plus, charging the vacuum is less of a hassle as well. How? Because now you charge your vacuum while you drive with the special 12V charging accessory.

It is also equipped with a 2-tier Radial Cyclone that generates 15 cyclones clearing all sorts of microparticles and germs from the car as well.

Also, the whole vacuum is so compact that it easily fits in the trunk of your car so you can use anywhere anytime.

Or, you can even go for the special baby + Child variant which is tailor-made for households with pets and kits (so you never have to separate your furry pals from the family).


Well, the vacuum does not clean floors and neither works on wet surfaces.

Secondly, it is a premium handheld vacuum cleaner.

While it does offer some awesome benefits, if you read our handheld vacuum cleaner guide, you’ll know you can get a basic model for as low as Rs. 1000.


  • It is one of the most powerful and convenient to use handheld vacuum cleaners
  • Makes light work of cleaning cars, mattresses, upholsteries
  • The combination tool with its harder bristles removes all large debris from the floor and seats
  • With the extension hose, it is easier to clean under the seat and brakes
  • The crevice tool can reach other far-out corners of the car
  • The mini soft brush cleans the dashboard with ease
  • For tougher stains use the 20mins max power mode
  • The vacuum can be charged in the car itself
  • It generates 15 cyclones thus removing microscopic dirt and germs from the car


  • It costs you over 25k
  • Does not clean floors and wet surfaces
Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021 (The Ultimate Premium Vacuums)
Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021 (The Ultimate Premium Vacuums) 1

If you are looking for premium quality home appliances in India, Dyson one brand that hands down stands out from the pack. Yup, you need to break the bank

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