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Best Dishwasher in India for Home and Commerical Use 2021


Well, shopping for a new dishwasher is a bit complicated because you don’t have to consider only its performance, but will it match to your kitchen cabinets, will it really make things easier, does it have water-efficient features and much more.

Best Dishwasher in India for Home Use

Bosch 12 Place Dishwasher: Don’t want to stuck washing utensils after a long tiring day at work? Or because the maid never turns up? With a 12 place setting, smart features like a delayed start, auto cleaning, half load, and energy & water efficient running, the dishwasher will leave you with plenty of time to rest, watch the TV series you have been missing out on or have some quality time with your family.

Budget Dishwasher for Homes in India

BPL 12 Place Dishwasher:  Don’t want to pay the big bucks? With a little sacrifice on design and certain fancy frills, the BPL gives you the same capacity and cleaning efficiency as the Bosch at less than 30k.

Best Dishwasher for Commercial Use

LG 14 Place Dishwasher: Need something for commercial space? With 14 Place setting that lets you clean tons of utensils at once, an adjustable smart rack to fit the bigger pots, wash cycles for quick efficient cleaning and the inverter technology that makes it energy efficient, this LG Dishwasher is just the dishwasher your cafe/restaurant or bakery needs.

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Best Dishwasher in India (Our Top 3 Picks)

In-Depth Dishwasher Reviews

#1: Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Best Dishwasher in India for Home Use)

Don’t you just hate it when the only thing welcoming you into the kitchen is hoard full of dirty utensils after a tiring day at the office? Say hello to the Bosch Dishwasher.

Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)
  • 13 Place Setting: Suitable for families with up to 4 -5 members with Adjustable Cutlery box.
  • IndianKitchenKaDishwasher - This Bosch dishwasher is designed for Indian Kitchens as it can easily fit all type of utensils and clean them. No need to manually pre-rinse utensils before loading in dishwasher.
  • Intensive Kadhai Programme– Perfected for cleaning greasy Indian Utensils & Oily masala stains. Noise Level : 52dB


Left all your day’s utensils to be cleaned at once? Or did you have a weekend get together? With the large capacity of the Bosch, you can have most of it cleaned up in one go.

That is because its tray can fit in plates, cups, glasses, the kadhai, cooker, stainless steel utensils or even plastic cookware (pretty much everything you would be using in a day).


And you don’t even need to be standing around it pushing buttons to ensure proper cleaning thanks to the Auto Program.

The program sets the right temperature, water flow, and energy use using a load sensor to remove those stubborn masala stains or oil remains and give you spic and span and dry cookware in quick-time without pre-rinsing (the perfect set it and forget it dishwasher).

But what about days when you only have a few plates and glasses to clean? Simple, run the dishwasher on the half load setting.

In total, you have an option of choosing from 6 wash programs which also includes a quick wash for sparkling clean utensils in under 60 minutes.


You want your dishwasher to be both energy and water efficient and this dishwasher is just that. It uses only 9.5-liters of water with a full load compared to the 60-liters you would have wasted otherwise.

The Eco Silence Drive technology makes the dishwasher energy efficient (because we all hate high electricity bills, don’t we?).

Other Features

With the Delay timer, you can have the dishwasher run while you busy buying groceries, picking up your kids from the school or even enjoy a cozy sleep.

The dishwasher’s ability to heat water up to 70-degrees means it can kill 99.9% of the germs making it safe to clean even your baby’s bottle or plate, spoons, etc.

There is also a child-safe lock so your little ones do not tamper with the settings. And lastly, if you think the utensils need more drying, just run the extra dry feature (useful especially with plastics).


While the Polinox tub (a stronger, heat-resistant plastic) is better than regular plastic tubs it is not as durable or odor-free like the stainless steel tubs and will need regular cleaning.

The dishwasher operates at 52dB. Now while that is not enough noise to wake up an infant while asleep, we would have preferred a silent one.


  • 12 Place capacity is ample cleaning room for everyday cookers, kadhais plates, glassware etc.
  • With auto mode, temperature, water, and energy needed are auto adjusted using the load sensor
  • Timer delay lets you run the dishwasher anytime during the day
  • It is energy and water efficient (needs just 9.5-liters of water)
  • With temperature as high as 70-degrees it kills around 99% of germs
  • The child-safe lock ensures no fidgeting with the settings
  • It has 6 wash programs for different needs like a quick wash etc.
  • You can run the dishwasher even on half load
  • Extra Dry feature is useful when washing plastics


  • Polinox tub is not as durable as a stainless steel tub but nonetheless performs well
  • A little noisy but not enough to wake anyone while sleeping

#2: LG Free-Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (Best Dishwasher in India for Commercial Use)

Looking for an easier solution to washing the heavy load of dishes in a joint family or at your café/ restaurant? It is the LG 14 place dishwasher to the rescue and here’s why.

LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FW, White color)
  • 14 place setting Dishwasher
  • True Steam, Noise Level: 45db
  • QaudWash

Large Capacity

In case you didn’t know, the 14 place setting means the dishwasher can fit in a whopping 14 glasses, plates, saucers, etc. (cleaning those tons of utensils just got a whole lot effortless and quicker).

But what about the bigger kadhai’s, pots, coffee mugs or spatulas used in restaurants? That is where the Smart Rack System comes in handy.

Just fold down the tines and you will have all the space you need. Not forget, even the rack’s height can be adjusted in seconds (so you have ample space for all your bigger pots).

Energy and Water Efficient

In commercial spaces, I am guessing you are going to have it running all day long which in most likelihood will eat off a chunk on your income due to higher electricity or water bills, right?

Well, not with this one.

That is because of its inverter drive motor which limits the spray intensity as per the load, in turn, allowing for efficient energy and water transfer.

Another excellent feature of this motor is the silent operation and hence it is no distraction at all.


There are multiple washing programs like the gentle mode, Eco Mode, Auto Mode, and Quick Wash (for anytime you the less greasy pots cleaned in a flash).

For intensive cleaning, you can also opt for extra hot or Dual Wash while the Triple Filter function rids the plates and bowls of any leftover food particles. Basically, there is a program for every situation.

You can also have the dishwasher working its magic while you are away enjoying a movie or coffee etc. with a time delay that can be set between 1-19 hours.

Other Features

From diagnosing problems by simply placing the mobile close to the dishwasher to even adjusting certain settings, all of it just a press of a few buttons away thanks to the SmartThinQ App.

Keeping the dishwasher odor free and resistant to stains while making it a solid pick is the stainless steel tub (this beast will last you for years to come).

Lastly, the crystal clear display gives you all the required info related to the timer, washing mode, etc. so there is no guesswork in the cleaning.


While there isn’t much to fault about the dishwasher, it does cost a premium so but is it worth it? Damn, yes it is.


  • 14 Place setting allows you room 14 saucers, glasses, plates etc.
  • The height of the rack and tines can be adjusted to fit in larger pots and dishes
  • Inverter drive motor ensures energy and water efficient functioning
  • It also keeps the dishwasher silent
  • Comes with multiple modes for a quick clean or more intensive cleaning
  • With time delay you can set the dishwasher to run for a later duration
  • Smart Dial System helps diagnose problems and even book service visit in a few easy clicks
  • Stainless steel tub remains odor-free and is more durable than plastic tubs
  • The LED display gives you all relevant info about the wash cycle


  • It is on the expensive side but worth every rupee if you need a commercial dishwasher

#3: BPL 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (Budget Pick)

Are you looking for a dishwasher that is a little cheaper? At less than 30k, the BPL dishwasher gives you most features you would expect in more expensive models.

BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (D812S27A, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)
  • 12 Place Setting : Suitable for families with up to 6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork.
  • 8 wash programs, ECO Champion – Low power & Low water consumption
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year comprehensive warranty on product


The dishwasher is ideal for a standard Indian family of 4-5 with its 12 place setting that can easily fit in the daily use kadhai, cooker, plates, cups, saucers, coffee mug, etc.


One of the standout features if this dishwasher is that it comes with 8 wash programs making it one of the most versatile units on the list.

So whether you want to give the kadhai or cooker a hot intensive wash, dual wash or are in a hurry and need the washing done in less than an hour, you will always have a mode to get the job done.

Efficiency and Noise

With a decibel level of less than 50, the dishwasher is as silent as one can be. So whether you run the washer at night or early morning, you can get shining new utensils without disturbing anybody’s sleep.

Also, the Eco Champion technology limits the amount of water and power used by the dishwasher as per the load so you can keep your bills in check (uses just 10-liters of water).

Other Features

No home has the same amount of utensils every day. In fact, on some days there may hardly be any. Luckily, you need not leave them for later and can run the machine with even a few utensils using the half load feature.

To maintain hygiene and kill around 99% of bacteria plaguing your cookware, the dishwasher can heat up the water 70-degrees.

Its LED display helps you keep track of the wash, detergent levels, time remaining, etc. and is bright and clear (so nothing is ever to a ‘guess’).


The BPL dishwasher lacks a few fancy frills like a delay timer so you can only run the washer when you are around.

Secondly, the washer isn’t that great when it comes to cleaning non-stick and aluminum utensils.


  • Comes with a 12 Place setting which allows for cleaning of plenty of utensils
  • 8 Wash programs provide it excellent versatility
  • Eco Champion technology limits water and power used as per the load
  • You can also run the dishwasher on half load
  • Kills 99% of bacteria by heating water up to 70-degrees
  • It is a silent dishwasher with decibel less than 50
  • LED Display is bright and clear


  • Not suitable for non-stick or aluminum utensils
  • No Delay Timer

Well, all things aside, at less than 30k, the BPL dishwasher is definitely the best dishwasher in India for buyers on a stricter budget.

#4: IFB Neptune VX (Best Dishwasher for Hard Water)

Do you ever wonder why IFB is such a highly rated brand in the Indian consumer market? That is because their products are feature-rich and available at a reasonable price range just like the Neptune VX dishwasher.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)
  • Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call IFB support directly on 180030005678 and 18604255678 and provide the product's model name
  • Energy Consumption: 0.9 kWh
  • 12 place settings capacity


The 12 place setting is the standard capacity of most dishwashers in India and is the ideal size of a family with 2 adults and 2-3 children.

You can give 12 plates, mugs, glassware, forks, spoons, etc. all a good wash without wasting tons of water and time that manual washing takes.

And so you do not have any trouble fitting in the bigger utensils like your cooker or other party kadhai’s, the height of the shelves is adjustable.


There are 8 total wash programs that help you make the most of the dishwasher but the one that stands out is the Jet Wash Mode.

Now you can clean lightly soiled utensils cleans in just 18 freaking minutes (it is like the flash of dishwashers).

And you do not even need a full load in the washer to get it up and running. Hit the Half Load Button and you are good to go.

Special Feature

Is hard water ruining your utensils? Do your utensils come out with detergent residue?

Thankfully, IFB has a solution since it comes with a water softening device that can soften water up to 60dh (hard water problems, well, no more).

There is also a 1-24-hour time delay which means if you can have the dishes loaded, you can set them to be cleaned any time of the day.

Steam drying gives you spotless and dry plates and glasses that you can be immediately stored rather than having to wipe them for quicker drying.

Efficiency and Noise

It also happens to be one of the most energy and water efficient dishwashers you will come across as it consumes just a mere 0.9kw/h and needs to 9-liters for every full cycle.

Not just that, it is also one of the most silent dishwashers at 49dB.

Other Features

The dishwasher doesn’t just clean your utensils it also sanitizes them by heating water to about 70-degrees.


On the downsides, the IFB dishwasher lacks durability than LG or Bosch offer while complaints about their inefficient customer support are also quite common.


  • 12-place setting is ideal for a family of 4-5
  • Comes with 8 wash programs
  • Jet Wash Mode cleans lightly soiled utensils in just 18 minutes
  • You can also run the dishwasher with a half load
  • It comes with a water softening device that can soften 60dh of water
  • Requires only 9-liters of water per load for thorough cleaning
  • Consumes only 0.8kw/h which makes it highly energy efficient
  • It also creates little noise and has a 49dB noise level
  • Time delay lets you set washing for any time of the day
  • Steam gives you spotless and dry utensils in minutes
  • It also sanitizes the utensils by heating water to about 70-degrees


  • Poor customer support
  • Lacks durability that LG or Bosch offer

#5: Koryo KDW636DS (Best Countertop Dishwasher in India)

Do you need a smaller dishwasher that can fit right on your countertop but does not compromise on cleaning? Korya by Big Bazaar may just have the dishwasher you need.

Koryo 6 Place Settings Dishwasher KDW636DS
  • 6 Place Setting, 7 Wash programs
  • Counter Top Design, No Spcial Plumbing Required
  • Warranty: 1 year Comprehensive Warranty on Product


The 6 place setting makes this a dishwasher that best suits all couples or for families that have a smaller dish load to wash.

Efficiency and Noise

With the Koryo, you do not just get a cost-effective dishwasher in itself but saves to a pocketful on water and electricity bills as well. How?

Since it only consumes 5-liters of water in a day. Don’t believe us? Well, it has an A+ Class Efficiency Rating based in the European Union’s Standards (you have got to believe that now).

And as for the electricity, just 0.5 units in a day. As for the noise, with 49dB is sure is not going to be waking anyone up from sleep.


Did you just happen to burn a little food at the bottom? Or are the utensils too greasy? That is where is intensive mode comes in handy (no stains too bad for this one).

Furthermore, it also has an in-built water heater not just for the stubborn stains and greasiness but also for the killer bacteria’s and viruses.

Similarly, there also Normal, Eco, 90-minutes and a Rapid Mode in case you want lightly soiled dishes cleaned on the double.

Also, to give you the comfort of being able to wash utensils from anywhere anytime, the washer has been equipped with a 24-hour Time Delay.

Other Features

Like I mentioned above, this is one of the most compact dishwashers you will come across and can be placed right on your countertop (the perfect solution for those on rent).

Lastly, since the dishwasher has a steel build, even for a low costing washer, it sure as hell will last you for years to come.


On the downsides, if you happen a larger wash load, it will take you more cycles to clean.

Secondly, the dishwasher is only ideal for plates and glasses and cannot fit in bigger cookers or kadhai’s which will have to be hand washed as the racks are not adjustable and wash areas is smaller.


  • Uses only 5-liters of water for cleaning
  • Also, requires just 0.5 units of electricity which makes it an eco-friendly dishwasher
  • Comes with 5 wash programs for various needs like an intensive wash, speed wash, etc.
  • The 24-hour time delay allows you to run the dishwasher at your convenience
  • It is compact and thus easily fits on to the countertop
  • Ideal for couples living on rent as it is easy to move around
  • Steel build gives it excellent durability


  • Not suitable for 4-5 member families
  • Does not have adjustable racks
  • No space for larger cookers and kadhai’s

#6: Siemens SN26L201IN 12 Place Dishwasher

Last but definitely not the least, it is the Siemens on the list and here’s why we rate this so highly.

Siemens Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN26L201IN, White)
  • Free Standing Dishwasher
  • 12 place settings
  • Speedier dishwasher that reduce upto 60% of wash cycle


So you already know this too is a 12 place dishwasher which means any family of 3-4 can use it only a daily basis for all their dirty utensils.

And you do not have to leave the bulkier utensils out either thanks to the adjustable racks. But that is not what makes this unique.


The standout feature here is the Aqua Sensor and Load Sensor. So how do these help?

By saving you buckets loads of water so the washing is not just easy on the pocket but also eco-friendly.

And it does so by automatically detecting the dirt on the utensils and adjusting water needed based on that. Plus, it can detect detergent and start itself as well (yup, it is really that smart).

Similarly, the iQDrive motor keeps the dishwasher energy efficient and also gives it excellent durability so get the most value for money.


There are also 6 washing programs and 3 so whether you want the dishes done quickly or need to give them an intensive clean, there is a mode for it all.

Also, if you do not happen to have tons of utensils to clean just simply hit the half load mode and save yourself the time and effort of having to hand wash them.

Not at home? Just set the time delay for any time in the next 24-hours. It will also rid the plates and glasses of 99% of bacteria by heating up water to 70-degrees.


Well, the washer can be a little noisy and will cost you in excess of Rs. 30,000.


  • 12 place setting and adjustable racks give you ample room for all kinds of utensils
  • The Aqua Sensor and Load Sensor dispense water based on the dirt thus saving water
  • The iQDrive motor is energy efficient and long-lasting
  • Consumes just 9.5-liters of water and 1kw/h of electricity
  • It has 6 wash programs for quick, intensive or even half load cleaning
  • Heats water up to kill 99% of bacteria’s
  • Time delay means the dishwasher can be set to run even with no one around


  • It is expensive
  • It can be a little noisy

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Why Should You Buy a Dishwasher?

Dishwashers, which were once considered to be a luxury appliance has now become a must-have kitchen appliance almost everywhere.

And why not, these dishwashers come with so many benefits that you cannot resist buying one for your kitchen as well. Don’t know about the benefits? Have a look.

Safer Option

Washing dishes in a dishwasher is much safer than you do them in the sink. There’s a less risk of breakage that not only lessens the chance for being cut by broken dishes but also preserves your favorite dish set.

Out of Sight

When you keep the dirty dishes out of sight in your dishwasher, it not only makes it convenient but also keeps your kitchen and counter cleaner.


These machines are more sanitary because your dishes go through several cycles of burning hot water that sanitizes them while cleaning. In fact, you cannot even put your hands in dishwater because it is as hot as the water used in a dishwasher.

Less Environmental Impact

They are absolutely environment-friendly because it uses low or no-phosphate dishwasher detergent, which is used less as compared to liquid detergent.

Also, a dishwasher uses minimal electricity and water juxtaposed to washing dishes by hand, thus, saves on your utility bills.

Time Saver

Running late for work? Just put your dishes in the dishwasher and forget about cleaning them after returning. And you would be amazed to know that washing dishes in a dishwasher saves 230 hours of your time than washing them with your hands.

7 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying

So now are aware of the benefits of buying a dishwasher. If you’re planning to buy one, you just can’t their benefits but there are some important factors that are important to be taken into considerations. Let’s check out those factors.

Delayed Start Control

The feature allows you to set your dishwasher to start working automatically after a time delay. And the best part of the feature is you can let it start at night on a cheaper energy tariff.

Flexible Racks and Baskets

If you’re going for a basic model then you might get less in the way of gadgets but high-end models come with adjustable or removable lower baskets and upper basket whose height you can adjust accordingly.

That way you can make most of the mixed loads. With every new brand, you’ll see a different way of moving the baskets. Choose one that suits your preferences.

Hidden Controls

Want to have the best and sleeker look for your kitchen? There are many freestanding models that come with hidden top-edge controls. If you don’t like an integrated machine, a dishwasher with hidden controls is the best option.

Child- Safety Lock

Having this feature is yet another important factor you need to consider because the lock will prevent the doors from being opened during the washing process.

Rinse and Hold Cycle

This cycle or feature will allow you to rinse the dirty dishes if you’re not actually ready to start a full cycle. This is one of the great advantages as the cycle can reduce odors and also, it will prevent the food from setting while you add enough dirty dishes for a full cycle.

Drying Cycle

If you choose a full-sized dishwasher, they come with a drying cycle. And the cycle usually includes two different methods- Hot air drying (element) that uses a bit more electricity and heats the air to dry items in the dishwasher and Residual Heat (hot rinse) that uses the residual heat from the final rinse to dry your dishes.

Energy Efficiency

Having a dishwasher means it uses less power and water than the traditional way of doing dishes. And usually, the more costly the machine is the better energy efficiency it will have and in fact, a number of models even have sophisticated energy-saving features.

Types of Dishwashers

After learning the benefits and important factors of a dishwasher, its time you need to know about the major types of dishwashers so that you can select one that can meet your requirements.

Built-in under the Counter

 Starting with the most common type of dishwasher that is installed directly under your kitchen counter. And since the fitting is done permanently, thus, make it the most convenient setting.

You need not connect the faucet to the appliance. And because of this wonderful setting your kitchen sink always remains free even if the machine is running. The option is considered the best if you have your own house.

Portable Free-Standing Dishwashers

In a country like India, not everyone is lucky enough to have their own house. So, if you’re living in a rented house, you can have this portable dishwasher as a not-so-permanent solution.

The only thing you need to have this portable option for your kitchen is a good space for parking.

You simply need to take your machine near the sink, connect the hook-up to the faucet and let the machine do its work. In fact, you can use it as an extra countertop workspace when not in use.

Dish Drawers

You can surely consider this option if you have a small nuclear family. And if you want a larger one, you can go for double drawer type instead of a single one. And the best part of having the double drawer system is that they both work independently for each other.

Countertop Dishwasher

This dishwasher is somewhat similar to that portable one in many ways. The one and the only difference between both is you need to put it on the counter near the sink. Again, you need to connect the hook-up with the faucet and start it in the normal mode.

Right after you select the type of a dishwasher, it is your duty to look and compare the top dishwasher brands in the country. And some of the best brands include Bosch, IFB, Siemens, LG, and Whirlpool.

So, we have now gone through the guide to buying the best dishwasher and I hope that buying and installing the right one should not be a headache.

Best Dishwasher in India for Home and Commerical Use 2021
Best Dishwasher in India for Home and Commerical Use 2021 1

Well, shopping for a new dishwasher is a bit complicated because you don’t have to consider only its performance, but will it match to your kitchen cabinet

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