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Best CCTV Cameras in India (In-Depth Reviews for 2019)


Gone are the days when hiring a watchman was the only solution to make sure your shop or house is safe.

Surveillance is and will always remain a huge part of society and thus, security cameras have become a need of the hour to protect your home or other commercial space from any mishap.

And to help you find the right make and model, we covered the best CCTV cameras in India for 2019 so your loved ones and precious belongings are just as safe even when you are not around.

CCTV Camera for Home in India

Foscam FI9821W V2Equipped with a motion sensor that sends you an email or FTP anytime motion is detected, night vision and wide-angle viewing of 70-degree, the Foscam is just what you need to watch over your pet, baby and other personal belongings.

CCTV Camera for Commercial Spaces

Hikvision Combo KIT: If you need a CCTV Camera to protect your shop, warehouse, office, etc. from theft, this combo kit that includes 8CH HD DVR Camera. 6 Bullet Cameras and 2 Dome Cameras is the ultimate CCTV solution for you. It records in HD, has night vision, comes with a 2GB HDD and can be viewed even using your mobile.

Budget CCTV Camera

ThinkValue T8855: Need Something on a budget? The ThinkValue too offers HD recording, night vision, 2-way audio and can be viewed and controlled via the mobile as well. 

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Top 3 CCTV Camera Reviews for 2019

In-Depth CCTV Camera Reviews

#1: Hikvision Combo Kit (Best CCTV for Commercial Use)

Burglaries and robberies are common in workplaces like warehouses, shops, retail stores, etc. But we don’t want you to fret over that all night. So here is the ultimate security combo kit.

HIKVISION Full HD 5MP Cameras Combo KIT 8CH HD DVR+ 6 Bullet Cameras + 2 Dome Cameras+2TB Hard DISC+...
  • Hikvision 8CH Turbo HD DVR 1Pcs, Hikvision DS-2CE5AH0T-ITPF Dome Camera 2 Pcs, Hikvision DS-2CE1AH0T-ITPF Bullet Camera 6 Pcs. 2 TB Seagate/WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive 1Pcs, CCTV Copper Cable 1 Bundle, Bnc 16 Pcs, Dc 8 Pcs, 8CH Power Supply 1Pcs
  • DVR supports H.264, H.264+ & Dual-stream video compression. Support HD-TVI, IPC, AHD and analog cameras with adaptive access. Support Cloud storage (One Drive, Google Drive or Drop Box).
  • HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution. HDMI output at up to 4K (3840x2160) resolution for long transmission distance over coax cable. Up to 4ch synchronous playback at 1080p resolution. Playback at up to 256X speed.

What we like

With 6 bullet cameras and 2 dome cameras, inside, outside or even the garage, there is no place of your business you won’t have your eyes during the day and night.

To make this possible all cameras have been equipped with a night vision and motion sensor. So far so good, right? Wait, there is more.

They are also equipped with Smart IR and EXIR Technology. So how do these fancy terms help?

The Smart IR technology ensures the infrared LEDs do not whiten out images in the dark while EXIR ensures the light spreads evenly through a longer range (sneaking past these bad boys ain’t that easy).

Nothing beats HD viewing so then why shouldn’t your most important recordings be that clear and sharp too, right?

Just attach the HDMI cable and you can get Full-HD or even 4K viewing with a playback speed of up to 256X speed (trust me, it hardly gets any clearer than this).

But recording in Full-HD or 4K means you would need tons of disk space. Luckily, you also get a 2TB hard disk within the kit. But is 2TB really enough?

Actually, it is and the reason for that is the H.264 compression used for the recording which allows you to store 5 times more videos.

Lastly, the cameras are weatherproof (dust, rain, snow or heat, the cameras stand strong through thick and thin) and since you get every wire, cable, etc. needed for installation, you do not have to spend a rupee extra.


The only real drawback here is that the combo will cost you the big bucks. But then, wouldn’t having your workplace or warehouse robbed and have no clue as to who did it be a higher cost to pay?


  • Comes with 6 bullet cameras and 2 dome cameras
  • Cameras are equipped with night vision and motion sensor
  • Smart IR technology prevents images from being whitened out by infrared LEDs
  • EXIR Tech ensure even distribution of light and longer range
  • All recordings are made in Full-HD or even 4K
  • Recording can be viewed from any laptop or smartphone
  • The 2TB hard disk provides ample room for storing all recording and images
  • Use of H.264 compression keeps recording size to a minimum
  • All cameras are weatherproof
  • You the wires and cables needed are included in the package


  • The combo is an expensive investment

#2: Foscam FI9821W V2 (Best CCTV Camera for Home)

So you want to keep an eye on your newborn, your old parents or even your dog as he tears into your new boots or the sofa, right?  Well, with the Foscam, no movement will ever go unnoticed. But how? Let’s find out

Foscam FI9821W V2 Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p H.264 Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt IP Camera with IR-Cut...
  • The FI9821W V2 comes equipped with a faster chipset than its predecessor, offering better performance. HD quality, 1280 x 720 Resolution
  • Features like Two-Way Audio and Multiple Camera Setup Are Now Accessible On Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • H.264 Video Compression & Free Manufacturer's DDNS Included. Completely Redesigned WebUI, Wider Viewing Angle of 70°

What we like

Firstly, we have excellent motion detection technology to thank for it. This automatically pans the camera once it detects any movement even in the farthest of corners as it has a 70-degree wide angle viewing

Not just that, it even notifies you of the detection via both an email and FTP (as I said, nothing ever goes unnoticed).

Oh BTW, did you know that around 2000 break-ins were reported between 8 pm to 2 am alone? But no worries, the camera will be your eyes even in dark with its excellent night vision.

Plus, all that streaming can be viewed on mobile (iPhone and Android), tablet, Laptop (Mac and Windows), etc. and that too in 1280 x 720p HD along with voice (it isn’t just your eyes but ears as well).

But it doesn’t just record the voice. Since the camera is equipped with 2-way audio, it even lets you interact with the maid, your parents, etc.

Not impressed yet? Give it a moment.

With the Foscam’s Blue Iris Professional video recording software, you can turn any laptop or PC into the ultimate recording station within minutes.

Plus, you also get access to cloud storage where all the videos and images are stored safely and can be viewed using the web browser or the Foscam mobile app anytime, anywhere. But there is more to the app than just that.

Using the app, you can also adjust settings or set up motion detection zones? What does that? You can set up zones where you want the camera to lay extra emphasis for motion.

Lastly, since all of these recordings will be stored using the H.264 compression, you can now store 5x times more the videos on the HDD or SD Card than ever before.


There is very little to fault about the camera itself except that is on the expensive side and a full-HD display would have been even better

when it comes to home cameras but if you really care about your precious belongings or your loved ones, really, do not think twice.


  • You are alerted of any motion detection via FTP and Email
  • The camera also has excellent night vision
  • It records and also allows you voice interaction using the 2-way audio
  • All recordings are made in 1280×720 HD
  • Any laptop can be turned into a full-time recording station with the Blue Iris recording software
  • All recording made on the cloud can be viewed using the browser or Foscam app
  • The app also lets you adjust settings, set motion zones, schedule recordings, etc.
  • You can store 5x more recordings since videos use H.264 compression which saves space


  • The Blue Iris recording software needs to be bought separately
  • The camera itself the expensive side
  • The display is not full-HD

#3: ThinkValue T8855 2MP CCTV Camera (Budget Pick)

Want something a little cheaper? Well, there is more to the ThinkValue than just its low cost that is going to leave happy and secure feeling.

ThinkValue T8855 Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Supports Upto 128 GBB SD Card)
  • CLOUD RECORDING: Keep recordings safe on FTP server even if camera is stolen / broken . Supports Multiple platform - Android ,IOS , Windows PC
  • Simple and easy Wi-Fi setup: Quick Wi-Fi setup(Does not support 5G Wi-Fi network)) via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP
  • Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi

What we like

The ThinkValue T885 goes toe-to-toe with some of our top picks when it comes to convenience and feature as it too comes with a very simple installation that will take you no more than 5-10 minutes with Wi-Fi and the mobile app.

And yes, you have the power over the rotation (both vertical and horizontal) right at your fingertips once you have installed the app and configured the camera.

Now, you can either have it record 24*7 or use the Alarm Recording Mode.

Here the camera only starts recording once any motion is detected (so you have plenty of space in the bank for more recordings) and sends you an email and app notification about the detection as well.

But that is not the only feature that lets you get more about of the 128GB SD Card allows. All recording use H.264 compression to keep those videos at minimum size.

And this really important as well because the recordings made are at 1080p (Full-HD) for clear viewing even of distant objects which, in turn, makes them considerably large otherwise.

It also has a decent night vision for 16ft. but more importantly, it lets you connect with people as it supports 2-way audio.


Night vision of the camera can capture clear images only up to 16ft which decent if you are placing the camera in a smaller space.

Also, it is not great for outdoor use as it does not have the durability required and is neither waterproof.

Buying more SD cards for continuous recording can be costly but that is where the Alarm Recording Mode comes in handy.


  • Takes no more than 20-25 minutes for installation with app and Wi-Fi
  • You can control rotation and view recordings with mobile
  • Alarm mode switches on recording only when motion is detected to help save space
  • Further, recording sizes are smaller as the H.264 compression is used
  • All recordings are in Full-HD for clear display
  • Night vision covers a decent 16ft.
  • Allows you to communicate with 2-way audio


  • Night vision only covers up to 16ft
  • Not suitable for outdoor use as it lacks durability
  • Supports only 128GB SD Card

#4: ProElite POD04 PTZ  1.3MP CCTV Camera (For Outdoor Use)

Want to know who is driving up in your driveway? Or want to keep an eye around the pool? Bullet cameras are tailor-made for outdoor use and it does not get any better than the ProElite POD04 PTZ.

ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera CCTV...
  • You should have WiFi router or wifi dongle for camera to work. Once camera is configured to wifi then you can watch live video or Sd card recorded videos in your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in world. Camera also has AP function which means camera can creates its own Wifi Hotspot and you can connect your phone wifi to camera wifi directly. Installation is very very simple, just download free app from app store in your Android or iPhone and configure camera to wifi without any wires.
  • Metal Housing PTZ Camera: This Outdoor IP Camera is made of metal housing, you can use it indoor or outdoor as you like. Waterproof rating is IP66. It can pan tilt and zoom, Horizontal 0- 260°, Vertical -5-60°, 2.8-12mm F1.4 optical auto zoom lens
  • ROTATE CAMERA: Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in world thanks to inbuilt rotating motor.

What we like

One of the reasons bullet cameras like the ProLite perform seamlessly outdoors is because they are weather-resistant. How do we know? It comes with an IP66 waterproof rating.

Also, it has metal housing which gives it excellent durability and ensures it can withstand the rigors of the outdoor (nothing is breaking this baby that easily).

To make sure no corner of your driveway or the yard has blind spots, the camera can be tilted, panned and even has a 4X zoom thanks to the auto zoom lens, all controllable via the mobile.

And you get equally clear viewing even in the dark as the camera comes with infrared LEDs which make its night vision impeccable to up to 150ft.

To ensure you do not run out of space, the ProLite not only records video using H.264 compression but also has Alarm Recording Mode. So what does that do?

It only starts recording when motion is detected but if need be you can also turn on the 24*7 recording.

And I think the one feature you will absolutely love about this is the AP function where the camera can create its own hotspot (now have Wi-Fi connection even on the outdoors).

Installation is hassle-free. Download the app, connect to the Wi-Fi and voila, you are good to go.

Now, you can have it mounted at any convenient spot in minutes using the screws and mount, all provided with the package and stream videos onto your phone at 960p.


Firstly, it supports only a 128GB SD Card which means space might be an issue and since it does not support 2-way audio, you cannot communicate using the camera.

Also, it is on the expensive side but is it worth it? If you need a surveillance system for the outdoor, then damn yes, this is hands down the best CCTV Camera in India.


  • Metal housing provides it excellent durability
  • It is weatherproof and thus ideal for outdoor use
  • Comes with a 4X zoom, pan, and tilt to leave no blind spots
  • With infrared lights, it can cover 150ft in the dark
  • Uses H.264 compression to help you save more recordings
  • With alarm Recording Mode, you can set the recording for only when motion is detected
  • It can create its own Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Installation takes only a few minutes and you get the mounts, screws, etc. all in the package
  • Recording can be viewed in 960p through your mobile
  • You can also control the rotation of the camera using the phone


  • Supports only 128GB SD Card
  • On the expensive side
  • There is no 2-way audio connection so you cannot communicate using the camera

#5: D3D Wireless Wireless  CCTV Camera

Last but not least is another one of our favorite budget CCTV cameras that is great for indoor use be it an office or home.

D3D D8810 HD WiFi CCTV Indoor (White)
  • No need of dvr or hard disk, Just plug the camera with power supply and monitor the live view on your mobile phone and pc, All videos and images are saved in SD card
  • Cloud recording: Keep recordings safe on ftp server even if camera is stolen / broken
  • Ir night vision : Hd night vision with inbuilt ir lens, Motion detection: Will send alerts whenever any motion is detected

What we like

When a CCTV Camera allows you 360-degree control using an app on the smartphone and is available for around Rs 3,000, you know you already have a bargain

But wait there is more. With the app, you can also zoom in/out, take snapshots of the recording, change resolution, flip image, etc. (there is plenty this one can do)

Talking about resolution, the 720P recording and images will be crisp and clear so you not only have a comfortable viewing experience but never miss out on any details either.

And what really puts the cherry on the cake are IR night vision and motion detection features that even sends you an email notification upon any detection.

Miss your parents, kids or even your pet?  With the 2-way audio you can always drop an ‘I miss you’ with the just the click of a button.

Okay, so I know 128GB isn’t a lot but since the recordings use the H.264 compression, there is ample that you can store even in that kind of space.

That’s great but what of my recordings if the camera broke down or malfunctioned? All of the recording and images are backed up on the cloud through FTP (lost data? Well, no more).

And lastly, installation should take you no more than 10-15 minutes or less (no wires, no DVR, nothing, just Wi-Fi and an app needed).


On the downsides, it can only fit a 128GB SD Card and additional purchases will cost you more. Plus, it does not allow you to set up motion detection zones.

Also, full-HD recordings would have been even better but nonetheless, the camera does an amazing job especially if you are looking for the best CCTV Camera in India on a budget.


  • Helps you connect with your loved ones with 2-way audio
  • The app lets you zoom, rotate 360-degrees, view, etc. using your mobile
  • All recordings are made in 720P
  • You are sent notification up motion detection
  • The camera also has an excellent night vision
  • Use of H.264 compression for videos helps to store more data
  • All recording and images are backed up on the cloud so you never lose anything
  • Easy installation (can be done in minutes)


  • Does not record in Full-HD
  • Buying additional SD cards for storage can be expensive
  • You cannot set up special motion detect zones

CCTV Camera Buying Guide for India

Choosing the best option in any product can be difficult but if you already know what features to look for then there’s no pain in the selection process. And since we are here to get the right CCTV security camera, these are some of the main features you need to look before buying.

Motion Detection: Having a camera with motion detection would be much better because that way it will send notifications whenever the camera observes motion within its field of view.

Field of view: This feature refers to your camera’s ability to capture the images based in width. And since the feature is so important it will decide the number of cameras you’ll need for your house or apartment and their placement.

Sound: Another important feature that refers to your camera receiving sound via a microphone that emits sound via speaker or both. And if your camera comes with both it can double as intercoms.

Wi-Fi Capability: Get a security camera with wifi and it will communicate wirelessly to any network. Also, these cameras are easy-to-install. And the best advantage of having wifi camera is that no one can disable it just by cutting a few wires.

Night Vision: If you’re buying a camera, which is dependent on a light then it might affect its performance. But with night vision, the camera makes sure that it is doing its job in the best way even in the dim light that makes your house, shop, or other commercial stores even more secure.

Here’s Why You Need a CCTV Security Camera

With the advancement in technology, CCTV security camera has definitely become a boon to society. It has surely brought a revolution in making your homes and commercial spaces even more secure. And due to their varied uses and a number of benefits, they are placed in almost all places nowadays. Some of the benefits of CCTV cameras are:

  • The foremost and critical importance of using a CCTV camera is that it provides enhanced security with excellent clarity, which is even easy to access.
  • For safety and security purposes, these cameras are must in every supermarket, retail store, and other shopping complexes.
  • They not just prevent any burglary but also alert you by alarming about the breach of security.
  • Another best part of installing a security camera is that they do not get damaged easily by dust or any other severe climatic condition.
  • Do you have any small baby in your house? You can keep an eye on your babysitter using CCTV security cameras and they will give the utmost satisfaction about your concerns about your baby.
  • Some crucial situations like fire, burglary, and other security breaches at the office can be easily recorded using these cameras, which might help you in future investigation purposes.

Types of CCTV cameras

Getting a CCTV camera is not just about correct lenses, correct sensor, and correct output resolution but the type of CCTV camera also matters. So, if you’re confused or not aware of which would be the best for you, run through some of these types of camera and see which one is suitable for your venue.

  • Dark Fighter Technology Camera: As the name suggests “Dark Fighter” thus, you need not worry if you’re living in any low-light conditions still your camera can pick-up colored images. Thanks to the camera’s wide range of capabilities, it can be used both in the day and night and will definitely offer optimal performance. In fact, the cameras are equipped with ½” CMOS progressive scan sensors that mean it will allow the device to get high-quality images and won’t even require any extra light source. So, if you want your house or store to remain safe at night well, get a dark fighter technology camera.

Additionally, other benefits of having the camera are that it includes a few smart features like line crossing, face detection, and audio, can be used for multiple purposes, and high definition.

  • ANPR/LPR Cameras: Want to get a simple and efficient solution for car parking, tolling or for hotel overstay management?ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) AND LPR (License Plate Camera) are the best options when it comes to read and store the data on registration plates. In a high traffic area, these devices are considered the best as they help to obtain copious information to keep an area secure.

Some other benefits of the camera include information storage, can even identify any car that has been banned from any premise, and most importantly they allow a business to run smoothly.

  • Internal and External Dome Camera: These are the most common type of cameras used for indoor and outdoor security. The best part of the camera is that no onlooker can identify where the camera is facing, which makes it the best part of the design. Other benefits of the camera include easy installation, IR night vision, and vandal-resistant features.
  • Bullet Camera: Want something best for the outdoor use; bullet camera is the perfect choice for you. They are long and cylindrical in shape and are mainly used for long-distance viewing. Well, these cameras are installed in such a protective manner that no natural element, dirt or dust can damage your product.

Bullet cameras can be easily installed with a mounting bracket, and they already come fitted with either varifocal or fixed lenses. That depends on the requirements of its intended application. Other benefits of a bullet camera include IR night vision, high-quality image resolution, and compact size aids installation.

  • C-mount Camera: The best part of having the aC-mount camera is that it can cover a distance beyond 40ft because of the special lenses the camera use. On the other hand, standard CCTV lenses can only cover a distance up to 35-40ft. It comes with detachable lenses and allows fora simple lens change to fit various applications. Additionally, the camera can support changes in technology and are very effective for indoor use. The only downside of having the camera is its bulky size, which makes the camera noticeable.
  • PTZ Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera: These cameras have the ability to move left or right i.e. panning and up and down i.e. tilting. In fact, the cameras allow the lens to be zoomed closer or farther. Usually, the cameras are used in cases where a live guard operates the security systems. Other benefits of the camera include high-quality image resolution, X36 optical room, and 200m IR night vision.

Getting the best product not only include what features to look, which type to choose but you only need to check the best brand that makes you even more convinced about the product.

10 best brands for CCTV cameras in India are:

  1. Hikivison
  2. Foscam
  3. ProElite
  4. D3D
  5. Think Value
  6. Royallite
  7. Mi
  8. Sricam
  9. YI
  10. SpyOn

So, before you go with any of the above brands, check and compare them online and make a smart choice. Getting a CCTV camera would never be a difficult task if you keep these points in your mind.

Best CCTV Cameras in India (In-Depth Reviews for 2019)
Best CCTV Cameras in India (In-Depth Reviews for 2019) 1

Gone are the days when hiring a watchman was the only solution to make sure your shop or house is safe. Surveillance is and will always remain a huge part

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