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About ProductExpert

Our Method

I am sure most of you are wondering as to how we go about selecting the products we recommend. The first and foremost step is to read and compare the various sellers on Amazon.in for each category like Home and Kitchen, Electronics, etc. This way we bring to you products from sellers that are known to deliver quality products on time.

Once we narrow down the search to about 25-50 products we take into account existing user reviews as well as the specification of each product along with the brand value and the upgrades that come with it. We thoroughly read through all reviews and even get in touch with users with video reviews to get an in-depth take on each product and pros and cons.

Obviously, you do not want a list of 50 products. This is why we try to narrow it down to about 5-10 of the very best products based on features and your budget. While all the products are not personally tested we do ensure extensive research into the working of the product and user reviews to ensure you make a buying decision you will not regret.

Who are we?

We are a team of 5 people and our goal here is to provide you with a one-stop solution to all the questions you have regarding products in India whether it is a mobile, refrigerator, vacuum or even something as small as an LED light. And the reason we prefer to narrow it down to 5 products is that I find it really confusing when there are 10-15 or worse 50 products on a list.

We don’t just want to help you make buying decision but also give you detailed knowledge about the product so you know all the features you are paying for and how to get the most out of them.

Why should you trust us?

All of our reviews are unbiased. We are not affiliated to any of the brands we recommend or have been given commissions to list their products at higher positions. These positions are decided based on functionality, price-point and customer services.

Yes, we do make some money through the Amazon Affiliate program but that does not affect our articles as we would be given commissions for any listed product (so there is no reason to fool).

More importantly, we want to build trust amongst the readers and help them save money and get the best possible deals. Your trust is paramount and is the fuel to our engine.